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Feb 25, 2014

HID Light VS LED Light, Which one is much better?

Many of us must be familiar with LED light now. They now can be found everywhere in our daily life. LED flashlight torch, LED diving light, LED bicycle light and other outdoor lighting system such as the camping hand-free light, headlight, waterproof LED flood light and much more.

LED high technology has changed our life a lot, one of the advantages referring to the most by people is energy saving.

What is LED lighting technology?

LED bicycle front light
LED is short for Light-Emitting Diodes, it is the most important part for lighting system. In other words, LED is the source of lighting. By utilizing small diodes and connecting to a circuit, it releases a large number of photons outward.

The theory of emitting light is the two regions of semi-conductor chip named p and n. The p region is dominated by positive electric charges and the n region is dominated by negative electric charges. Between the two part, there is a barrier that is used to control the flow of electrons. Once the sufficient voltage is applied to the semi-conductor chip, the electrons are able to cross the junction into the p region. And then the p and n combine and emitting light.

What are the applications of LED technology?

There is no doubt that LED has changed our life a lot. We can see them at home and outside. They are also widely used on channel letters, signboards, logos, advertising boxes, landscapes and stage decorations etc.

When saying LEDs, many people may think about the incandescent. But, LEDs have so much more advantages than incandescent. They are much more energy saving, no filament, smaller, brighter, more reliable, longer life-span, even can display with different colors.

So what about the HID lighting?

With the development of high technology, the HID light appears in the market. Many of us are looking forward it can bright us more like the LED lighting. However, some of us may have heard of HID, but not very clearly about the difference between the two technologies. Here, we’d like to provide a quick look for it.

HID means High Intensity Discharge. HID lights require ballast which is used to regulate the voltage supplied to the capsule of gas. This looks a little similar to light bulb, right? In all High Intensity Discharge lamps, light is produced by passing a current through a metal vapor.

What are the applications?

HID diving light AGM
Just like the LEDs, HID is become one part of our life. We can find them in flashlight torch, diving light and industry.

What are the differences of LED light and HID light?

There is no denying that LED seems have successfully gained a larger market. LED lighting system is very durable and tends to last many thousands of hours. While for HID, the most application is diving as they are much brighter than current LED configurations and they are much easier to focus. Superior intensity and tight focus are very important for diver when they are diving underwater and finding their buddy quickly.

What are the top sellers on Mbuynow?

3 Modes T6 LED Bicycle Head Light HeadLamp UK Charger
Super Power Bicycle Headlight SSC P7 Headlamp Outdoor 900LM
300LM CREE Q5 Zoomable Headlamp with Strong/ Weak/ Flash Modes
AGM HID Dive Light Underwater LED Torch 65W FH-08
HID Torch AGM Super Bright Flashlight Long Irradiation 7800mAh Battery
35W Torch HID Xenon Bulb Flashlight Waterproof

Super Deals on DLE61cc and CRRC GP50R 50cc Gas Engines at Mbuynow.com

Get the best deals on RC airplane engines at mbuynow’s special offer through the whole January. There has brought two latest engines out with the amazing prices for these RC hobbyists, the latest models and super low prices from the brands you trust most.

All shoppers can enjoy the free shipping for shipping these gas engines to your destination no matter where you are, and you do not need to pay for the custom tax too.

Featured with several large and famous gasoline engine manufactories, mbuynow.com is able to offer all these products at a price as lowest as the factory price. All these products are promised to be genuine and come from the original equipment manufacturers. However, due to mbuynow.com has built a long-term cooperate with these large factories, they can always get the products at a price lower than any other retailers, on another hand, this online store is focus on providing the best products directly from factory to the end users, and no middlemen during doing the business, so they are offering low prices in the market.

Recently, mbuynow.com has brought in two new RC gasoline engines: DLE61cc and CRRC GP50R. Both of them are new to the market, and they are made of the most advanced technologies, also the special designs and wonderful performances are attracting these RC hobbyists who seeking for different experiences.

DLE 61cc Single Cylinder Gas Engine
DLE 61cc Single Cylinder Gas Engine
CRRC PRO GP50R 50cc Petrol Engine
CRRC PRO GP50R 50cc Petrol Engine

DLE 61cc Gas Engine with Muffler, Standoffs, and Electronic Ignition: £273.00

DLE electronic ignition – Electronic ignition is the no-hassle answer to simpler starts, higher performance and minimal RF noise. Loaded with “extras!” – With DLE, accessories are an added value instead of an extra cost.

Displacement: 61 cc
Output: 6.0 hp @ 7,500 rpm
Idle Speed: 1500rpm / min
Ratio of Compression: 7.6: 1
Ratio of Lubricating Capacity: 30: 1
Sparking Plug: NGK CM6
Ignition Volt: 4.8 – 8.4v
Exhaust Amount: 61 cm3
Static Thrust: 15Kg / 100 meters altitude
Static Thrust: 13Kg / 1800 meters altitude
Propeller: 22×10; 23×8; 23X10; 24X8
Diameter x Stroke: 45 x 35mm
Engine: 1.56 kg
Muffler: 80 g / 85 g
Ignition Module: 211 g
Requires: Unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propellers

CRRC PRO GP50R 50cc Petrol Engine with muffler and CD-Ignition: £199.99

This gasoline engine is specially designed for the RC model aircraft, with the excellent quality and durable materials, it can do a wonderful performance for the RC hobbyists who want to enjoy a different flying. Featured with the CNC machined crankcase, new designed crankcase’s capacity &compression ratio, adjustable position of induction magnet, new prop assembly, new prop assembly and new CDI, this engine is welcomed by many RC hobbyist.

Displacement: 50.8cc
Maximum Output: 5.4 HP @ 7800 rpm
Bore x Stroke (mm): 43mm x 35mm
RPM range: 1300-7600 rpm
Carburetor: Walbro (Diaphragm& Butterfly Valve)
Weight: 1888g (Including CDI and Muffler)
Ignition: 4.8v Auto Timing Ignition
Fuel mix (ratio of gasoline and oil): 25 to 35:1
Lubrication Oil: 2 cycle engine oil.
Propeller: 22 x 10, 22 x 8, 23x 8, 24×6 (2-blade prop)
Cooling System: Air Cooled.

Enjoy free shipping worldwide on all small gasoline engines at mbuynow.com

Free shipping on all small gasoline engines at mbuynow.com, this is the sale you’ve been waiting for to refresh, renew and restock your model airplane with several new items to make it work better.

Mbuynow.com releases its main sales of all products are sent with free shipping around the world with no limited amount, and most of the products listed in this online store are up to 30-50% off, especially for the small gasoline engines. You’ll find tops and best sellers gas engines selling at a super deal at this store, these engines are come from the original factories and they are supplied by the factory directly with the lowest prices.

These engines with different displacements, different specifications and suitable for its special airplanes, RC hobbyists can find the best engine suitable for their airplanes there among the AGM, DLE, GF, GP and GF etc.

Brand New AGM 30cc Gas Engine for RC Aircraft Models with Accessories: £118.00
DLE 61cc Gas Engine with Muffler, Standoffs, and Electronic Ignition: £273.00
DLE 60cc Engine DLE60 Twin Cylinders Gasoline Engine with Two Mufflers: £269.99
DLE Engines DLE-55RA 55cc Rear Exhaust Gas Engine with Muffler: £269.99
DLE-222 Engine 4-Cylinder Gasoline Engine with DLE Carburetors 222cc: £1,199.99
GP26R 26cc Engine Piston Two Stroke Petrol/Gasoline Engine for Airplane CRRC£149.99
DLE170 Engine 170cc RC Model Gasoline Twin Engine w/ CD-Ignition and Muffler: £560.00
DLE-35RA Gas Engine 35cc Rear Exhaust w/CD-Ignition, Muffler and Standoffs: £210.00
DLE Engine DLE111 RC Model Gasoline Twin Engine w/CD-Ignition and Muffler: £360.00
DLE20 Gasoline Engine w/CD-Ignition and Muffler 20cc/2.5hp @ 9,000rpm: £150.00
DLE55 Engine Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine w/ CD-Ignition and Muffler: £230.00
DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine with Muffler and Electronic Ignition: £129.99

The above gas engines are the best popular engines in the RC market and which has many users, and prices of them are all cheaper compared with other online stores, what’s more, purchasing any of them from mbuynow.com, you can enjoy the free shipping service no matter which country you are located in.

Best cell phone batteries for your mobile for under £10 and free shipping

For most of the people who use mobile for a long time will find that only one battery is not enough, normally, the battery’s power will be used up after 4-5 hours, and we must have to charger it, otherwise, the mobile cannot work at that time. So prepare a battery for replacement when the original battery was used up.

There are a few large capacity cell phone batteries which suitable for the latest and popular mobiles, whether you are using the latest iphone 5s, or the Samsung; you can also find a battery which compatible with your mobile at mbuynow.com. Besides, most of these batteries are selling for under £10 and they are also included in the free shipping service that offered by this online store.

To find the best cell phone battery for your mobile, you should choose them from the product categories which divided into several brands like iphone, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, HTC, Sony and more. Among them, iphone and Samsung batteries are the best welcomed due to the users of them are much than others.








iPhone 4S 1800mAh 3.7v Lithium-ion Replacement Battery: £4.50
Hot 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for iphone 5:  £6.81
Brand new 3.7V 1800mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery for iPhone 4: £6.11

Samsung I9100 Galaxy SⅡ Cell phone Battery with Black Back Cover: £6.50
Samsung I9100 Galaxy SⅡ Cell phone Battery with White Back Cover: £6.50
Extended 6500mAh Battery & White Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9190: £9.10
Extended Battery 5200mAh with Black Back Cover Set for Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000: £7.91
3800mAh Extended Phone Battery for Samsung GALAXY S II GT-I9100: £6.71
Samsung i9100 Battery Charger with USB Cable and Spare Battery: £8.20
2650mAh Phone Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: £5.50
3500mAh Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini/I8190 Replacement Battery with White Back Shell Cover: £7.91
Compact 2800mAh Battery Spare Replacement for Samsung S4 i9500: £7.31
2000mAh Super Quality Cell Phone Battery for Samsung SII i9100:£3.80

All these cell phone batteries are come with free shipping service worldwide, and mbuynow.com will deliver the goods according to the nearest distance from their warehouse to make sure customers can get them ASAP.

Enjoy free shipping on all electronics at mbuynow.com

Enjoy free shipping at mbuynow.com and save on cell phone batteries, laser pointers, radio control hobbies, flashlights & LED lights, cell phones, radio receivers, toys and games, other electronics and more. Whether you’re choosing items for the New Year’s gifts or for yourself to have it in use, or even buy wholesale with us and then sell them to customers in your local place, this is your chance to save big. You can choose your favorite products at this store.

The cell phone batteries with the large capacity and advanced technologies, excellent materials, which can be said to be the best replacement of the original mobiles. Cell phone batteries are offering with factory prices and the latest models for your mobile like iphone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the NFC Samsung Galaxy Note 3. These batteries are compatible with several mobiles which can be used for replacement when your original battery is out of stock.

Laser pointers, flashlights & LED lights are also offering at super low prices at mbuynow.com, shoppers can find the best items suitable for their uses. Most of the products are selling up to 30-50% off, and also including free shipping for all goods no matter where you are.

When it’s time to curl up with a good small gas engine or some other RC accessories, choose the mbuynow’s radio control hobbies. This category collects most of the engines and RC airplane accessories for your selection.

More electronics on sale include:

2000mAh Super Quality Cell Phone Battery for Samsung SII i9100: £3.80
New 3900mAh rechargeable NFC Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005/SM-N9000/SM-N9002: £10.21
Hot 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for iphone 5: £6.81
3 in 1 Mini Laser Pointer LED Flashlight with Keychain 0.5mW: £1.49
4 in 1 Multi-functional Red Laser LED Ball Point Stylus Pen: £2.99
Rechargeable H8 85W Flashlight Li-ion Battery 7800mAh: £35.99
AGM HID Dive Light Underwater LED Torch 65W FH-08: £135.00
Brand New AGM 30cc Gas Engine for RC Aircraft Models with Accessories: £118

No matter how many items you have purchased at this online store, mbuynow.com will always offer free shipping to send all products to you where express delivery can get to once you have selected this special shipping method.

Mbuynow announces free shipping service for all orders worldwide

The online store mbuynow.com recently announced a good news for all the customers, that all orders made at this store will be sent out with free shipping once you have select this selection. No doubt that is a big discount for shoppers who buy small items from there.

Collected with more than thousands products, mbuynow.com selling its products to everywhere around the world with low price and good customer service. Also there are many product lines covers different industries including the cell phone batteries, laser pointers, radio control hobbies, flashlights & LED lights, cell phones, radio receivers, toys and games, and other electronics etc. Among these products, cell phone batteries and laser pointers are the most popular and welcomed products since they are supplied directly from the factory and also selling at factory prices.

The free shipping service does not have a limited MOQ, normally, it will takes 3-15 days to get to your address based on your destination, all customers can select it at the selection of shipping methods, and mbuynow.com will arrange the shipment according to their warehouse and products stock. For these people who do not need to receive the good in urgent, you can choose this special service to save some money for you.






Except for the free shipping, mbuynow.com also publishes some promotions and special offers following the holidays. There will be some products selling for super deals and with coupon codes to use to save money. For example, there are also holding some Christmas promotions for shoppers to enjoy themselves: Extra 8% off for orders over £100 and 5% off for bundle sale. All orders over £100 can enjoy a discount of 8% off during Dec.15 to Dec.31 by using the coupon code of HAPPY8. While for the bundle sale, all shoppers can get any product with a power bank together to get an extra 5% off for the total amount. The two discounts are not available at the time same.

If you are interested in any cell phone battery, laser pointers, radio receivers or other products at mbuynow.com, you can add them into your shopping cart and to enjoy the free shipping service.

Cell Phone Extended Battery VS Power Bank

Have you ever faced the problem: do I need a battery or a power bank to keep my phone last much longer? Or which is much more budget?

The answers are based on your needs. If your old battery drain the power quickly and can’t last as long as you expect, you’d better replace a new one. It is nightmares for using a mobile phone that always runs out suddenly. As we know, it will make things more convenient if we have both of them. However, sometimes you may just be able to choose one, such as you don’t have enough budgets, or want to make use of everything. So here are some comparisons of the two gadgets for your reference.

Generally, power bank will have a higher capacity than an extended battery. Nowadays, the highest capacity for sell in the market is 300000mAh. However, the capacity of an extended battery is lower than 8000mAh. In other words, you can power your phone for several times when using a power bank.

Size and weight
There is no doubt that replacement battery is lighter and smaller than a power bank. And we can put it into our pocket and carry whatever you want. While there is still some power banks are designed as small as extended batteries.

The prices are based on your phone’s model and the capacity of a battery. In general, an extended battery will cost you a few pounds to dozens of pounds; while the prices of power banks are more than ten pounds to dozens of pounds.

A universal power bank is multi-function device, they always come with several connectors for powering up different devices; include different cell phone brands as well as different models of mobile phones, PSPs, digital cameras and much more. Therefore, the all in 1 power bank is well worth the money you pay.

While for urgent use, an extended battery plays an important role. You just need to spend few seconds to replace the full charger battery into your phone, even no waiting then it can keep working for you. In other words, battery is more convenient.

How to make use of them?
If you are going to a long business trip or go camping with your friends, the power bank become very useful. All of you can awake your

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phones since it is applicable for any models. However, as it mentioned above, a new extended battery will help you get rid from the troubles of frequent charging and it is the best choice for carry it everywhere.

Mobile Phone Replacement Battery from Mbuynow
Mbuynow has a complete selection of cell phone batteries for different brand and models that can be used to replace your old original phone batteries or make a backup for your long trips, among other uses.

Simply choose based on the mobile phone brand and model then your search results will quickly be narrowed in order to match your needs.

Mbuynow now has launched replacement batteries for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Sony mobile phone and much more brands and models will be available. Check out Mbuynow cell phone battery free shipping now>>

If you are looking for power bank for your cell phone, there is also can be found on Mbuynow.

Here are the hottest selling power banks on 2013:

13200mAh Power Bank External Battery Charger for Mobile Phone/PSP (6 colors to choose from)

Power bank E40JA
Power bank E40JA 4000mAh w/ iPhone, Micro-USB,mini-USB,Nokia, PSP Conectors

Have a Deep Look at NFC and NFC Battery

As we all know, Bluetooth and WIFI have brought us a lot of convenient for many years. We can send and receive files at a very high speed between two digital devices. However, most of you may have not heard of NFC yet. Here, we list some common question for you all.

What is NFC?
NFC is short for near field communication and it is a new short-range wireless communication technology for digital device. Here, we mainly refer to smart phone.

Nowadays, NFC is being built into almost every new smart phone with the exception of the Apple iPhone. Especially for Samsung users, they may have noticed this new function. And we can find that most of the extended batteries w/ NFC function are serve for Samsung smart phones in the market.

NFC provides a simple, touch-based solution for mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. Its identification and interconnection function allow those devices exchanging information in a short-range. The most amazing thing is that a normal communication can be happen between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip.

NFC is very small; it consists of two parts which include an integrated chip (soldered onto the logic board) and an NFC Antenna.

About the NFC Battery
NFC battery is not meaning that the NFC feature sits in the battery, but the antenna does. The true is that NFC circuitry itself is in the phone, but the antenna is in the battery. Ore more simply: A battery that equip with an NFC antenna will allow your handset to communicate with other devices and accessories equipped with NFC technology.

What can we get benefit from NFC technology?
First, this feature helps to exchanging information conveniently without the need of network just like the Bluetooth. Usually, Bluetooth function can identify and make a pair within 100m. For NFC, it can provide comparatively middling or low data transmission speed.

The disadvantages of NFC battery
What we have to face is that this NFC feature will drain your battery greatly. That’s to say, your phone may not be able to last as long as you expected. However, we’d like to suggest you to disable this function if you don’t want to use it which can help your battery last longer.

How to open NFC in a mobile phone?
The setting is very easy to find. Just as every smart phone, all the system setting can be found in the “setting” option.

NFC is widely used in commerce, Bluethooth and Wi-Fi connections, social networking, Identity and access tokens, smartphone automation and NFC tags. For more information, please learn from the Wikipedia.

NFC battery recommendation
Rechargeable 3900mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 N9005Rechargeable 3900mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 N9005

New 3900mAh rechargeable NFC Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005/SM-N9000/SM-N9002 New 3900mAh rechargeable NFC Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005/SM-N9000/SM-N9002

What other people say about NFC?
What’s NFC?

NFC is a battery problem to be solved

Turn Off NFC on your Android Phone to Save Battery and Make it More Secure

Why is the NFC in the Galaxy Nexus battery?

Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer

Smartphone has become one of the necessity in our daily life, and we are usually cannot live without it. But no matter how many advanced technologies and new designs on the new mobile, the standby time of the mobile is still a big problem.






Here I’d like to show some tips to make your mobile battery use for a longer time:

1. Open the saving power mode when you not use it, you may just turn the luminance of the screen a little bit dark, that will save some power for you. Even if you have opened the mobile at this mode, you can also receive calls and massages. There will not do a big effect on your normal use of the mobile.

2. Close the mobile signal searching function. If you do not close that function, your mobile will search the signal near you automatically. And that will also consume the power of your mobile.

3. You should charge your mobile battery with full power before you go out, and make sure the battery is full charge and full discharge so that to use it for a long time.

4. Close the unnecessary functions on your mobile including the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared capabilities, because that functions will also use the power of your mobile.

5. Prepare a new cell phone battery for replacement, when we go out for business, travel or something else, we should always bring another mobile battery along with us. That can be used to replace the old one when the power use up.

6. A power bank will stock and supply power anytime and anywhere for you, that is really a way for you to charge your power quickly and convenient.

Note: In order to make your cell phone battery use for a longer time, you should take good care of them. New Lithium-ion battery must be fully charged and fully discharged 2-3 times before being fully conditioned. You should remember that a new Lithium-ion battery’s full performance and longevity are only achieved after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles.

Mbuynow.com collects many Smartphone batteries for series mobile models including the iphone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Sony. Among them, the Samsung batteries and iphone batteries are the most popular in the market. These batteries are welcomed by the users by the great quality and price.