The Difference between Bike Light and Flashlight

Bike light is a very important tool for the bike riders to ride at night. A few years ago, bike light was developed as a professional product. While before the professional bike come out, many people use the flashlight to make strong brightness.

However, the function of flashlight is limit and they are mainly designed using for climbing, hiking, emergency lighting at home and others. Strong LED light flashlight has its unique characteristics. It concentrates the light by smooth focusing cup, and to make the brightness with strong light shot from the center. Even some light can reach to a distance of 20 meters. For example, if you are riding on a small road, and there is a strong light shoot into the eyes of the driver, so that he cannot see clearly about your position, that may be leading to some bad accidents.

While for the night riders, they need the bicycle light with high anti-seismic property and strong enough power to guide them. Even in the rainy day, the bicycle light requires a high anti-seismic property and good waterproof to ride in the night so that to make sure you can get a safe ride.

Another main feature of bicycle light is its free hand design. As all we can see, a bicycle light is very easy to install on a bike and you can adjust its direction and position effortlessly. Thus, it insures one can ride more safely in the darkness.

Most of the strong light flashlights are use the 18650 batteries, due to it do not have a high require on the seismic performance, and used the spring to fix the battery, once there has something happened on the battery, then the light will suddenly get dark. All the above have shown that the strong light flashlights are not the best choice for night riding.

For a smart bicycle light, it should have some features of waterproof and long time power supply. Most of the bicycle lights in the market are designed to continue working for four to five hours. And they are made of some special materials so that it can be durable for a long time.

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Some Questions Hot Discussed about DLE30 Gasoline Engine

There are some players who have bought DLE30 gasoline engines from, but they do not know how to install it into their RC airplane. Or some of them find that there are some problems happened during the installing the engine. Read about Introducing the DLE-30 Gas Engine

Here let have a look at what they said:


“Sandydr: So, I am putting together my first gas engines plane (Slipstream Beaver) and have a few quite basic questions which I am looking for help with. I use gas Zenoah engines on my boats (Also view 26CC Pull Starter for RC Boat Engines GW26i Zenoah CRRCPRO), but this is the first time using electronic ignition and a DLE 30.”

1. Trying to keep the spark plug cap from the spark plug, but it just falls out. Is there some sort of retaining clip that I am missing, or is it just brute force to push it further in?

2. My choke is really close to the firewall. I was planning to attach it to a servo, but I think the hole required so the clevis moves freely would be too big. Are there any suggestions on how to control the choke?

3. So there is a hole in the firewall which is facing the carb. Is it ok to put the gas line, servo lines through this hole? Or should I make a new one to keep the air flow around the carb clear?

4. I was planning on putting the EI module under the carb. Is this ok?
Sorry for if these questions are basic, but I don’t know anyone locally with a gas engine plane, so I am ‘winging it’… Thanks, Sandy”

Yeah, I think this situation is happened for someone else too. Sometimes, we should keep the ignition away from heat that many are mounted above or to the side of the engine. We can make new holes in the servo rods and fuel lines on our airplane. And we can also buy new carb arms and re-position them, or you could also mod the choke arm yourself as many people always do.

Another way is that you can place the CDI unit inside on your airplane as there wasn’t any place to put it up front. If the CDI module is small enough, you can place it on the firewall above the engine; or to put a little plywood shelf there and use Velcro to attach the CDU module to the firewall and shelf.

There are also some new ways to solve this problem; you may try it by yourself!

As the popular of DLE30 gasoline engine, one can easily get the answer from some top reputation RC hobby forums such as RC goup, rcuniverse and flyinggiants. If you still can’t solve your problem, feel free to contact our customer service and

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Playing Model RC Airplane is a “Noble” Activity

Just press some buttons by your fingers, the model RC airplane has crashed into the sky. Sometimes it flies turning a somersault while sometimes it drops in direct. That looks like a special show in the sky. When on holiday, we can see many RC enthusiasts at different ages that are focused on their model RC performance outside. Yeah, that is called model aircraft sports.

As we all know, since the birth of the first plane in the world, any kinds of aircraft are starts with the production and test of the model of the design and manufacture. Since the appearance of the plane, countries such as America, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union were raising a sport of playing model RC airplane. These countries are using the model airplane to teach the knowledge to their students in the early education.

RC model airplane is famous for its free flight, easy to control or made by self. While it is also an airplane activity full of science, and was called to be the best noble outside activity.

Although, the model aircraft is far more from the real plane in appearance, but essentially, they are like most manned aircraft which are composed of six parts including wing, tail, body, landing gear, and engine and control system. Therefore, model airplane has also become the world’s most advanced aviation technology. Due to this technology has been involved in aerodynamics, materials science, mechanical, manufacturing process, engine principle, mechanical structure combustion chemistry, woodworking, fitter technology and radio technology, etc.

Modern model aircraft can be divided into five big classes: free flight, line control, wireless remote control, simulation and electric etc. According to the blank time, flying speed, flight distance, stunts, and fighting to adjust the winner. Why model aircraft is so popular and welcomed by different age’s player to play is because it is a fashion, health, educational activities combined with science, exercise, to check the ability of response, practice and psychological quality.

Of course, like manned aircraft there also will be some accidents happen

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during flying. Such as crashing, in order to repair and adjust the aircraft, we should always take some days or even several months. Even in normal operating, we should also check carefully on the model aircraft.

Feel free to leave your comment and share what you think with us.


Survey: DLE 30cc and DLE 55cc Engine, Which One Do You Prefer?

From the latest survey of users’ satisfaction of the United Kingdom, DEL 30cc RC airplane engine has gained higher votes than DLE 55cc, and become the best engine in
The inner UK Customer Satisfaction Index of mBuyNow shows that in a full mark of 100 points satisfaction scales, DLE 30cc has won a mark of 82 points which is higher than the DLE 55cc that with 78 points.

DLE30 gas engine
DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine

DLE55 Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine
DLE55 Engine Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine

This survey is made not a long time later with the release of DLE30cc engine; it seems that there is a bit unfair for the DLE 55 cc RC engine. The result also shows that DLE 30cc can get such a high mark is due to two main reasons. One is that due to the price of DLE 30cc is lower than DLE 55cc, and another reason is that there are more people who like to play the airplane with the 30cc gas engine because it is lightweight and with strong power.

Performance Comparision
RC Engine DLE30 DLE55
Performance 3.7HP/8500rpm 5.5HP/7500rpm
Idle Speed 1600rpm/min 1350rpm/min
Static Thrust 8.5Kg@100 meters Altitude
7.5Kg@1800 meters Altitude
14.2Kg@100 meters Altitude
12.50Kg@1800 meters Altitude
Aircraft Propeller 18×8; 18×10; 19×8; 20×8 22 x 8, 22 x 10, 23 x 8, and 23 x 10
Parameter Comparision
Exhaust Amount 30.5 cm³ 55 cm³
Diameter x stroke 30.5mm x 30mm 45mm x 35mm
Ratio of Compression 7.6:1 7.6:1
Ratio of lubricating capacity 30:1 1:30 to 1:45
Engine type  N/A single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled

But in fact that there are also a lot of RC enthusiasts choose to buy the DLE 55cc engines with higher prices; it did not make a big effect on the sales of this engine. And continues to release new engines to attract more customers.

As for me, I like DLE30cc Gas engine more. Because its output for size -3.7HP@ 8500rpm can satisfy for me and the light weight is also a very important element for me to take into consideration. This item with high quality and has won great praise from the RC hobbyists, made for flight design can ensure the best power to weight ratio on the performance of our RC aircraft.

While what do you think about them? Which one do you like better? Share your opinion in the follow comment box.