Mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals: Cell phone batteries, laser pointers and more

As many shoppers who have bought some goods from Black Friday 2013 sales, some of them may lose that holiday shopping due to some reasons. But you do not need to worry about that, here comes Cyber Monday 2013 deals.

Mbuynow.com has taken some deals today for the Cyber Monday 2013 deals on the cell phone batteries, laser pointers, RC hobbies and more. These deals were continuing selling the same price as on the Black Friday sale, they are offering this promotion for shoppers to get these goods at the super low price. Their deals include a cell phone battery special sale activity and a Thanksgiving sale with several items selling up to 30-50% off.

There are a series of deals on cell phone batteries including the iphone 4s battery for £4.50 and free shipping worldwide, and Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII battery plus black/white case for £6.50. They are also offering a coupon of cell phone batteries with different brands like iphone, Samsung, HTC and so on for 30% off.








Other mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals include a 5mw 532nm green laser pointer for £39.99 and a Tecsun FM stereo digital radio receiver for £36.99. They continue offering a free gift for order over £100, £200 or even £300, for the second item, it is available for the second item to enjoy an extra 5% off if you have ordered more than two items.

Mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals means that the shoppers will have the same opportunity to get the best deals as the Thanksgiving Day. And all orders less than 15kg are probably enjoy the free shipping service once the shoppers have selected this option. These deals are sure to deliver within 48 hours once the shoppers have finished their orders, and they will be sent out from the nearest warehouse of this online store so that to make sure those shoppers can get them as soon as possible.

For these people who are in need of a cell phone battery for your mobile, or want to buy a laser pointer to have your speech or even lack of some RC hobbies for your model RC airplane, it is your time to hit the mbuynow’s Cyber Monday 2013 sales this year.

Mbuynow.com overstocks clearance for this Thanksgiving Day

Join and shopping with mbuynow.com, you can save 30-50% on the very best cell phone batteries, laser pointers, RC hobby products and more! As a big one-stop shop, mbuynow.com is one of the biggest online stores who selling the products including cell phone batteries, laser pointers, RC hobbies and other toys products.

Now, in order to thanks all the supports of the customers, this online store is doing an amazing program to offer more discounts to these old and new customers. The first step is to decline the price of these products online, and here comes with 30% – 50% off on the products. You may see that there are three parts which is divided by the discounts like the products up to 30% off are displayed on a special area; meanwhile, these products up to 45% off are also taken a place on the special area; what’s more, some products even up to 50% off on its price. For the above discount products, you may also enjoy an extra 5% discount if you purchase more than two items for once, and except for the first item, other products can always enjoy an extra discount.

After you have added these products you like into the shopping cart, you’ll also be given a special gift for free from this online store. For orders over £100, you can select a free gift from the gift list to choose a fire starter, a toy of gun, or even a laser pointer. Orders over £200, you’re able to choose one amazing gift among these gifts; and orders over £300, the gift you get will be better.

This event is only last for one week, and any order made during this period can enjoy the free shipping service from this online store, and all the products are under half a year or one year warranty, some of the special goods are accept the 30 days money back guarantee, so you do not need to worry anything about shopping with mbuynow.com. Just go there to add these products you like into your pocket since it is the holiday shopping season and all goods sold here are cheaper than ever before.

7 Thanksgiving Day Laser Pointers for Under £10

When we think about buying some small gadgets to send as a gift for our friends since Thanksgiving Day is near the way. There are several laser pointers for you to send it as a little gift to your partners, they are not so expensive, but they are really practical and can be used on various occasions:

Red Laser 1mW Star Pointer 650nm Red Beam Safety Guide    £2.99

When you need a small tool to emphasize your words or draw ones attentions, this small gadget may help you in this. With a button on tail, just pressing it you will get straight red wave. You can point it to anywhere you want. While please remember that do not direct it into human eyes as laser may do harm to them.

This laser pointer is also lightweight and easy to carry out; you can just put it into your pocket and use it whenever you need.

1mW Star Laser Pointer

1mW Green Presentation Laser Pointer Pen with Optional Star Cap   £9.99

This green laser pointer is designed with double features. On one hand, you can add a metal key chain on it; on the other hand, there is an optional star cap to mount. When you put on the cap, the pattern will various in different patterns, and when you take it off, it will change into a straight green wave.

Presentation Laser Pointer Pen

Laser Pointer Green Beam Camouflage Coating with Star Caps   £9.99

With this green light laser pointer, all wonder and beauty of the night sky can show in your room. What’s more, you can also use this laser to target any protection screens, video monitors and any other presentation graphics to get your presentation more vivid and effective.

Green Beam laser pointer

1mW Green Beam Safety Laser Pen 2 in 1 Star Pointer   £4.99

This 2 in 1 Green Laser Star Projector Pen is one of the amazing new product every year people excited about it, it is widely used as the decoration for the home, cafe, bar and so on. It is very small and easy to carry, no set up needed, you can put it anywhere anytime you want, especially for party, it makes the party fascinating.

2 in 1 star laser pointer

4 in 1 Red Light Laser Pointer PDA Stylus LED Metal Ball Point Pen   £3.38

This 4-in-1 pen combines a ball point pen, PDA stylus, laser pointer and LED flashlight in one convenient package. This classic aluminum styling suitable for students and business environments, and it is also ideal for presentations, teachers, lecturers, coaches, engineers, inspectors, designers.

4 in 1 laser pointer

Wireless Presenter Red Laser Pointer Flip Pen 1mW   £6.99

It works through walls and the controlling distance is up to 10 meters away, so you never have to stand beside of your computer. It is usb plug and easy to play, no driver required, just plug the receiver into the usb port on a PC and it works within seconds.

Red Laser Pointer

Mini 3 in 1 Red Beam Laser Pointer LED Torch (Green, silver, black, purple, red, blue)   £1.49

This mini laser torch is such a proper one for you with different color on its coat. With less than 0.5mW laser beam, it won’t hurt you under normal circumstance. Just avoid to pointing it to human or animal eyes, with this right usage you can have fun with it eventually.

Red Beam Laser Pointer


If you are instersted in laser pointers, please visit the page on http://www.mbuynow.com/c/laser-pointers-pens-108, choose the one you like and enjoy FREE SHIPPING by Mbuynow.com

Laser Pointer: Must Read for New Users

Improper use of the laser will hurt to person, so it is necessary for us to learn carefully about the tips of using powerful laser pointer before we use:

Laser safe use instructions:

1. Laser shouldn’t point to your eyes or any other’s eyes at any time, even if the laser was closed, it will also possibility to be opened by accident.

2. Laser cannot illuminate any reflective surface or smooth surface, because laser has a wonderful reflective and will produce reflection when irradiated to the reflective surface. Once the light exposure to people’s eyes, that will lead to damage to us.

3. Laser is not a toy, it cannot use by Children, people who do not have a complete intelligence, and someone who do not know exactly about that, in such a case, it is probably to cause damage for us.

4. You should wear special goggles when you using laser, especially for the invisible laser.

5. Laser cannot irradiate to the transportation tools like vehicle, airplane with someone at.

6. Be attentive to the safety of laser battery, prevent others to remove the battery and lead to burning of short circuit or accidents happened by a battery explosion.

7. Do not use a laser to make fun of the other in

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8. High-power laser, especially for these burning, you must use it safe, do not illuminate others and light these inflammables and explosives items.

The general use of civilian laser:

1: General instructions: such as workshop, warehouse, assembly, construction area, etc. At these cases, we usually use small power laser pointers.

2: Outdoor signal indicator: We can use the laser pointer to act as the laser signal outside in darkness, especially for the bicycle riders to use it working as a signal to communicate with each other when climbing. If you’ve lost, you can ask for help with the laser pointers to make light.

3: Parallel instructions: Laser light is aggregate light, laser straight over short distances; the light can be used as the horizontal guide.

4: General entertainment interests: especially in high power, laser is used for entertainment, be sure to the above tips of security.

Mini Party Handheld Laser Light is Available for Order

mBuyNow, the leading of radio control hobbies and electronics supplier has release a 3 in 1 mini party handheld laser light at its website.

Handheld Laser Light

The mini handheld light is disco laser playing fun you can take anywhere any time. Comes with ultra portable design and durable body, every step of development has been refined and reworked to the finest detail. Even the manufacturing process has been orchestrated to yield the beautiful quality that this product deserves.

Build with Disco laser II model, this mini handheld laser light has been certified or complies with RoHS/CE/CDRH/FDA.

This portable disco laser is very powerful laser pointer and can create the most different dynamic circles/curves which are different function from other pointers and projectors. Additional, it has long distance operation range for drawing attention and amusement which make it become a super cool romance environment creator for party/bar/disco etc.

Power by 2 x AAA batteries, it produces really impressive patterns, and the best part, you just need to rotate button to change them: changeable laser beams and patterns. They do really produce interesting effects.

Disco Laser Light

All laser beams should be treated as potentially dangerous. For this reason, do not look into the laser beam directly nor see it for long time with bare eyes. And furthermore, please storage the laser in dry environment and keep it away from children.