Are Two-Stroke Engines Better than Four-Stroke Engines?

Four-stroke and two-stroke are also called four-cycle and two-cycle, respectively. Most of dirt bike, motorcycle or RC enthusiasts are confused about which one has a better performance.

The two types of engine are found in virtually all heavy duty applications such as trucks, ships, locomotives, power generation, and stationary power. But most small engines are two-stroke as they care compact, no need for radiator as they are air cooled, have no sump for oil which can operate upside down or on an angle.

The 4-stroke engine uses a system of valves to control gasoline combustion within the engine block. These valves help lower the heat within the engine block by allowing hot air to escape and keeping engine shafts well lubricated.

The four-stroke has more moving parts so it’s more difficult to reach high rpm without engine failure. 6000 rpm would be the upper limit. For example, a motorcycle with a two stroke engine has a higher acceleration but the 4 one will win after a couple of miles.

Then which one is better for hobby use.

Have a look at what they say.
Paul, “2 strokes are a lot of fun!! They create wacky crazy high horsepower for a small displacement engine, and when they get into the high RPM”

Revitup, “2 stroke…yeah, definitely 2 stroke. More power = more fun! Cc to cc 4 strokes can’t touch a 2 stroke. It is that plain and simple!”

Brandon, “2-strokes are better in speed and acceleration, but 4-strokes you have more control when riding with other riders 2-strokes are for the track when practicing or something.4-strokes are really considered better to be rode in motocross a 2-stroke is out of control and not the kind of handling you want for a bike my opinion 4-strokes are better.”

GW26i Gasoline Engine 2 stroke engine

Michael, “4 stroke engines do tend to ‘waste fire’ the spark plug at the end of the exhaust stroke but this would not cause an explosion, but again here the idea of ‘waste firing’ has nothing to do with the 4 stroke cycle, rather it is a result of the simple design of a motor.”

However, shalem said, the winner is obviously the engine which has been given more time and technology in its development. But nobody knows when the honest “internal combustion” engine is going to get replaced by the next new breakthrough in “Automobile Engineering”.

Should you buy a two-stroke or four-stroke engine? Do you have a favorite one? Feel free to share in the comment.

4 Stroke Engine Advantages and Disadvantages

You may have heard a lot about two and four stroke engines. Last article, we have learned about

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the advantages and disadvantages of two-stroke engine. There are strong opinions in pro and con of each of the engine types. So, in this post, we will talk about the 4 stroke engine.

Just keep reading…

Four stroke engine is also called four cycle engine. It uses the piston completes four separate strokes—intake, compression, power, and exhaust. Two-stroke engines are light weight and groovy power band, but the fact is that 4-stroke engines are preferred for almost every road-going vehicle on the planet.

More torque
This is the most important reasons why people choose a 4-stroke engine. The two-stroke boasts its speed and power, but the four-stroke shows extra torque. It is more reliable and quitter.

Last longer
Four stroke engines last longer and use much, much less oil. Compared to two-stroke engines, the four stroke engine is durable for use. The more times an engine goes around, the quicker it will wear out. As 2-strokes must rev to very high RPM to make any power, most applications using them are geared toward maintaining that RPM. Thus, they can’t live as long as four-stroke engine.

Run much cleaner than 2 strokes
A 2 stroke makes a lot of exhaust smoke because it burns oil mixed with fuel. On the contrary, four-stroke engines have a dedicated oiling system that’s kept largely separate from the combustion chamber, which help to ensure that the only thing burning in the engine is gasoline.

More efficient use of gas
If you have picked up both of them, you may obviously realize the problem. The intake and exhaust accounted 360 °crank angle, the exhaust top dead center the piston upward, the residual gas is exhaust forcibly. When a mixture of fuel and air is forced by atmospheric pressure into the cylinder, the piston down to the intake bottom dead center, the incoming fresh mixture almost combust. Substantially, there is no wasted fresh mixture. However, for two-stroke engine, the fresh mixture is escaping with exhaust gases during exhaust stroke.

Two-stroke engines do not have valves, simplifying their construction. However, there are more parts to worry about in a four-stroke engine which results in harder to troubleshoot.

Half as powerful as two stroke engines
For equivalent engines, the four stroke ones fire once every two revolutions, while two stroke engines are more powerful because every revolution of the engine includes a power stroke.

More expensive than 2 stroke
A four-stroke engine is much more expensive and complex than a two-stroke one. It has more complied with more parts so they often require repairs more often and it is usually more expensive.