Playing Model RC Airplane is a “Noble” Activity

Just press some buttons by your fingers, the model RC airplane has crashed into the sky. Sometimes it flies turning a somersault while sometimes it drops in direct. That looks like a special show in the sky. When on holiday, we can see many RC enthusiasts at different ages that are focused on their model RC performance outside. Yeah, that is called model aircraft sports.

As we all know, since the birth of the first plane in the world, any kinds of aircraft are starts with the production and test of the model of the design and manufacture. Since the appearance of the plane, countries such as America, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union were raising a sport of playing model RC airplane. These countries are using the model airplane to teach the knowledge to their students in the early education.

RC model airplane is famous for its free flight, easy to control or made by self. While it is also an airplane activity full of science, and was called to be the best noble outside activity.

Although, the model aircraft is far more from the real plane in appearance, but essentially, they are like most manned aircraft which are composed of six parts including wing, tail, body, landing gear, and engine and control system. Therefore, model airplane has also become the world’s most advanced aviation technology. Due to this technology has been involved in aerodynamics, materials science, mechanical, manufacturing process, engine principle, mechanical structure combustion chemistry, woodworking, fitter technology and radio technology, etc.

Modern model aircraft can be divided into five big classes: free flight, line control, wireless remote control, simulation and electric etc. According to the blank time, flying speed, flight distance, stunts, and fighting to adjust the winner. Why model aircraft is so popular and welcomed by different age’s player to play is because it is a fashion, health, educational activities combined with science, exercise, to check the ability of response, practice and psychological quality.

Of course, like manned aircraft there also will be some accidents happen

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during flying. Such as crashing, in order to repair and adjust the aircraft, we should always take some days or even several months. Even in normal operating, we should also check carefully on the model aircraft.

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How to Choose the Best Materials Suitable for You when Making Model RC Airplanes?

There are a lot of people are fond of playing model RC airplane, some of them like to buy the RTF (ready to fly) airplane from a store, while some people may prefer to make it by themselves. With so many materials for us to choose, how can we know what is the best for us as each of them has some special functions?

Just follow me here to have a good look at these materials:

1. EPO foam plastic, it will not produce fragmentation and detritus when happened with crash, that’s to say, it has an excellent impact resistance, especially for repeated performance of the drop impact.

2. Polypropylene foam material (EPP), the EPP products has excellent anti-seismic energy absorption performance, and after the deformation it will recovery fast, has good heat resistance, oil resistance, insulating and stays with its light weight, which can greatly reduce the goods weight. It is a kind of environmental protection material, not only can be recycled, but also can be natural degradation, will not cause white pollution.

3. Foam polystyrene board (EPS), EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material, has a great performance of heat insulation. It has collected with the functions of Thermal insulation, waterproof, fire prevention and decorative.

4. KT Board, board body wide and light, won’t metamorphism easily and easy to process, you can also print, painting directly.

5. Depron Classic, many people think that depron will be the first choice for the lightweight model RC airplane because it is lightweight and moisture proof.

6. Light Wood
The light wood has the appearance similar to white pine or basswood. The buoyancy is about twice of Cork, has good elasticity and good insulation. This tree is twice lighter than the cork wood, while it’s great in heat and sound insulation, good volume stability, uniform texture, easy to process. Light Wood not only light and with white wood, but also can be insect-resistant ant.

7. Balsa wood
Balsa wood is a light natural wood; it is used only less due to the expensive price. It is a man-made board as similar as the sandwich structure. The honeycomb structure in the balsa has effectively reduced the vibration and noise; what’s more, it also enhances the strength.

8. Air layer board
Air layer plate’s production is mainly made of birch and basswood, which have the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance, small bending angle and good vibration resistance, and it is the optimization of aviation model making.

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