A Good Bicycle Light will Do More Helpful for You

Just in case that some people do not know exactly about how to adjust a bicycle light, I would like to share my own experience to all of you, hope that can help you anyway.

Measure a flashlight, we may take these elements into consideration such as: the luminance, luminous flux, long shots, scattering, range, stability, water-repellency, portability, versatility, calorific value, etc. You can do your own choice according to your needs to choose the right flashlight.

1. LED
The higher level of led, luminous efficiency is higher, the greater electric current of the same led, then the effect of the brightness, so it is not enough to increase the light of the power at the same level.

2. Luminous flux and brightness
Luminous flux and brightness do not have a relation between them. The lights are decided by the luminous flux and area. So we cannot judge the flashlight only by the brightness.

3. Drive
Drive is the core of the LED flashlight to work, and some special functions are also controlled by it like brightness, shift and so on.

4. Heat and Lumens depreciation
If the LED lamps have worked for a long time under high heat, then it will increase the speed of lumens for depreciation. The brightness will become weaker than before, so in order to get a long time operating time, we should choose these materials with good heat dissipation.

5. Light cup and light spot
Generally, the bigger of the light cup, the deeper of the light cup the smaller of the light spot, then it can shot for a longer distance.

6. Range, batteries, light quantity, calorific value
What we used most common is the 18650 battery, that with the diameter of 18mm and length 65mm. Some lights are powered by AAA battery. The main reason why you need to take the battery into consideration is that once your light power off, which type of batteries will much easier to get.

300LM CREE Q5 Mini Flashlight Bike Light

7. Waterproof and durability
Nowadays, most bicycle lights feature waterproof function, while some may not. A water-resistant lighting system allows you riding in the rain and also gives out enough light.

8. Color temperature
Color temperature is another important when choosing LED units and usually expressed with k. Most riders prefer to 4000K-6000K. The color temperature directly affects the way your eyes will perceive light at night. So, for some riders, they think 6000K is too high.

9. Control modes
Either the front bike light or the back side light, the most satisfyingly is they have different modes of working. For example, you switch to a lower light mode when it’s not too dark. Availability of multiple modes means that you can easily manage the battery power and choose whether you’d have a focused beam with wider reach in a straight line or a wider beam that lets you keep a check on the surrounding areas on deserted roads.

All in all, there are so many factors affect a good bicycle light. While a compact, durable and high-intensity road bike light is a must gadget for anyone cycling on the road in dim-light conditions.

New Bike can Charge for Mobile Phone and Bike Light

According to the daily mail, a new innovation bicycle made by kitchen countertop materials can charge for iPhone, camera, or even to recharge electric cars.

This new bicycle is a pro-environment products which coming from Dezien Company, and it can store the kinetic energy into the built-in battery and then to charge for the mobile phone and electric cars.

This new suspension bike can connect with other devices through the USB port hiding in the bike torch, and it will stock the energy produced by the footstep. Besides, there is a touch screen display in the bicycle showing how much electric power does the bicycle has produced. And it is also can be regarded as a monitor to judge the heart rate of the rider. What’s more, a Wi-Fi installation set for the bike.

This transcendental masterpiece is produced by three designers of Dezien Company. Their inner battery can charge during the bike working, and then collect the energy from the footstep into battery, after that you can connect to your mobile phone, camera, and other electric products to charge from the bike via the USB port.

With that set, you do not need to wrong about lacking in power of your mobile phones, your camera, or even your bike light. Guess that, when you go a long distance by bike, and your bike light was lack of power now, what will you do? Normally, we can do nothing but to wait for someone else to help us. But if you’re driving this new suspension bike, you can charge the bike light at any time once it is lacking in power. This battery can in stock energy for you from your footstep, that’s to say, your bicycle light will always be light.

With such a bike, we do not need to take many things when we go out, like the mobile charger, camera charger, and others. Only a USB line will satisfy all your needs. Is that sounding great? Do you want to have such a multi-function bike for yourself? Just take it now!

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Frequently Asked Question of RC Model Aircraft

As the new RC modelers may have a lot of questions when they begin to play radio control hobbies especially RC model aircraft novices, here I have listed some questions which players always asked:

Q: How weight does the RC model aircraft has?

A: The weight of the RC model aircraft depends on the mode of the airplane, and also based on the weight and size of the engine and electrical devices. Generally, 450 level helicopters are about 1000g.

Q: What fuel oil does the oil engine RC helicopter use for? Can we mix the oil by ourselves?

A: Normally, the oil RC model is using the professional oil, if you don’t want to buy it from the model store, you can buy it from the local chemical reagent shop. And then to mix it according to the proportion of 4:1, 4 for methanol fuel and one castor oil to act as the lubricant.

Q: What are the composition and material of the remote control helicopter?

A: The complexity of the RC helicopter is far higher than that of model aircraft fixed wing, rack, remote control, engine, gyroscope, and the steering gear; Material is stainless steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, ABS, nylon, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. While the toy helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft is mainly using the engineering plastics.

Q: Are the metal remote control helicopter more resistant to fall off?

A: There will be a lot of vibration in flight, which requires different material components to cooperate. Once falling, the nylon material can give the impact to minimize, but the metal will fuselage somewhere if variant, that will be repaired.

Q: How long does a new beginner can learn to fly, and will not fall off?

A: This question will vary from person to person, individual power ability and the ability to respond is very important, here I recommend beginners to prepare a practice frame, then the aircraft can play a particularly large blade of protection.

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Have You Prepared Well before You Playing RC Model Airplane?

Every time I saw some RC hobbyists carried with their RC model airplane to go outside, there are some people may said it was just a toy of children, it is easy to play and control, but today, I want to say clearly about the tips you must keep in mind:

1. Read the instruction manual carefully; understand the characteristics of the structure and scope of use.

2. Engine prior to the initial operation, the fuel oil mix or add the fuel oil from the matched label and brand should refer to strictly stipulated, model aircraft oil should choose with normal manufacturer of barrels of oil. Oil filter should be clean before filling, to make the utensils keep clean, avoiding impurities on the piston and cylinder wear. Oil should be changed on a regular basis to ensure good lubrication and cooling.

3. In strict accordance with the calibration plate to form a complete set of power to prohibit overloading, super speed, empty load high speed or long-term operation under low load and low speed.

4. Regularly check all fasteners, to prevent loosening.

5. Clean air filter on a regular basis, if necessary, it should be replaced. Air Filter is the key components to prevent dust and affect the mixture concentration; you cannot take it off to run an air filter.

6. Forced air-cooled petrol engine or RC machine oil radiator, cooling channel, Fan, etc is an important part of a gasoline engine heat dissipation and normal operation; they should keep clean, cleared of debris.

7. Water-cooled engines need to check whether unobstructed water cooling system regularly, to ensure that the cooling effect.

Here we hope all of you will have a fun flight, but we should first make sure that our safety is standing in the most important place.

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How to Choose the Best Materials Suitable for You when Making Model RC Airplanes?

There are a lot of people are fond of playing model RC airplane, some of them like to buy the RTF (ready to fly) airplane from a store, while some people may prefer to make it by themselves. With so many materials for us to choose, how can we know what is the best for us as each of them has some special functions?

Just follow me here to have a good look at these materials:

1. EPO foam plastic, it will not produce fragmentation and detritus when happened with crash, that’s to say, it has an excellent impact resistance, especially for repeated performance of the drop impact.

2. Polypropylene foam material (EPP), the EPP products has excellent anti-seismic energy absorption performance, and after the deformation it will recovery fast, has good heat resistance, oil resistance, insulating and stays with its light weight, which can greatly reduce the goods weight. It is a kind of environmental protection material, not only can be recycled, but also can be natural degradation, will not cause white pollution.

3. Foam polystyrene board (EPS), EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material, has a great performance of heat insulation. It has collected with the functions of Thermal insulation, waterproof, fire prevention and decorative.

4. KT Board, board body wide and light, won’t metamorphism easily and easy to process, you can also print, painting directly.

5. Depron Classic, many people think that depron will be the first choice for the lightweight model RC airplane because it is lightweight and moisture proof.

6. Light Wood
The light wood has the appearance similar to white pine or basswood. The buoyancy is about twice of Cork, has good elasticity and good insulation. This tree is twice lighter than the cork wood, while it’s great in heat and sound insulation, good volume stability, uniform texture, easy to process. Light Wood not only light and with white wood, but also can be insect-resistant ant.

7. Balsa wood
Balsa wood is a light natural wood; it is used only less due to the expensive price. It is a man-made board as similar as the sandwich structure. The honeycomb structure in the balsa has effectively reduced the vibration and noise; what’s more, it also enhances the strength.

8. Air layer board
Air layer plate’s production is mainly made of birch and basswood, which have the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance, small bending angle and good vibration resistance, and it is the optimization of aviation model making.

If you are searching for the right gas model airplane engines, mBuyNow.com will fit all your needs. As we have stocked a wide range of RC model engines and RC airplane engine upgrades. Our superior customer service together with competitive prices will help you have an excellent shopping experience.

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Laser Pointer: Must Read for New Users

Improper use of the laser will hurt to person, so it is necessary for us to learn carefully about the tips of using powerful laser pointer before we use:

Laser safe use instructions:

1. Laser shouldn’t point to your eyes or any other’s eyes at any time, even if the laser was closed, it will also possibility to be opened by accident.

2. Laser cannot illuminate any reflective surface or smooth surface, because laser has a wonderful reflective and will produce reflection when irradiated to the reflective surface. Once the light exposure to people’s eyes, that will lead to damage to us.

3. Laser is not a toy, it cannot use by Children, people who do not have a complete intelligence, and someone who do not know exactly about that, in such a case, it is probably to cause damage for us.

4. You should wear special goggles when you using laser, especially for the invisible laser.

5. Laser cannot irradiate to the transportation tools like vehicle, airplane with someone at.

6. Be attentive to the safety of laser battery, prevent others to remove the battery and lead to burning of short circuit or accidents happened by a battery explosion.

7. Do not use a laser to make fun of the other in

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8. High-power laser, especially for these burning, you must use it safe, do not illuminate others and light these inflammables and explosives items.

The general use of civilian laser:

1: General instructions: such as workshop, warehouse, assembly, construction area, etc. At these cases, we usually use small power laser pointers.

2: Outdoor signal indicator: We can use the laser pointer to act as the laser signal outside in darkness, especially for the bicycle riders to use it working as a signal to communicate with each other when climbing. If you’ve lost, you can ask for help with the laser pointers to make light.

3: Parallel instructions: Laser light is aggregate light, laser straight over short distances; the light can be used as the horizontal guide.

4: General entertainment interests: especially in high power, laser is used for entertainment, be sure to the above tips of security.

mBuyNow Offers Multi-Color Laser Pointer with High Quality Guarantee

With the development of the information, the popularity of multimedia equipment and projector, flip laser pointer has become indispensable electrical products used widely in office and teaching due to it is easy for carrying. In frequent meetings, speech, and teaching demonstrations, laser pointer plays an important role.

mBuyNow has come out with several different modes of multi-color laser pointers to meet the market. Its colored laser pointer has won great praise from the professional persons based on “professional, accurate and high quality”. And it’s forwarded to become the best dazzling star in this industry.

Multi Color Laser Pointer

The overall appearance of this product looks very simple and fashion, some parts of the body are made by aviation aluminum materials, so it has high strength and toughness, good plasticity and resistance to corrosion. This multi-color laser pointer has experienced plenty of working procedures so that to make it a sense of the military and it’s comfortable for you to hold it in your hand. This item has achieved the concept of man-machine interactive, a key to manage all the factors such as when the speaker click one time, then the PPT page will down to the next one; double-click on the PPT page, the page will up to the above one; and long time press is the laser instructions.    Due to it has collected the general functions of PPT control to the teachers, trainers, experts and scholars, so this multi-color laser pointer can get presenters out of the computer, you do not need to talk with your audience or keep close to the projection screen, that can makes the speaker to play a wonderful speech.

It has an electronic pointer function that can make the audiences see clearly all the content of the presentation. Because of the multi-color laser pointer has used a flexible way to supply power by the inner lithium battery, so you do not need to change the battery for this laser pointer. It has made full use of the existing resource to produce a new adapter for the battery, not only save the time, but also saves money for you. What’s more, this multi-color laser pointer also becomes the green fashion product.

The Best Gift for Presenter: Mini Laser Pointer
Mini Party Handheld Laser Light is Available for Order
What Factors need to consider when choosing a Green Laser Pointer?

The Best Gift for Presenter: Mini Laser Pointer

Mini Laser pointers are new products added into the shelves of mBuyNow.com store. It is the smallest and with functions completely laser pointer in the world by far. Whether use it to host a speech in meeting, education training, or home computer entertainment, a mini laser pointer will allow you to remote control your computer easily.

For example, the first mini laser pointer below is a wireless presenter laser pointer, the setting of the USB port is especially being installed into the computer. You may plug the receiver into the USB port on a PC, then the LED indicator will start to blink, push either the down or up button for 1-2 seconds, the LED indicator will turn off, after done the above works, your mini laser pointer is going to begin your presentation now. The laser pointer can work with 10 meters away from your computer, so you may stay as far as possible to protect your eyesight.

Wireless Presenter Red Laser Pointer Flip Pen 1mW

The second mini laser pointer is a laser pointer keychain flashlight. It can be both used as a laser pointer when you giving a presentation or a pet toy. If you have pets like dogs and cats, and they are just moving from one corner to another, then you cannot see clearly at dark night, at that time, a laser pointer will do help for you. Just press the LED button, the light released from the laser pointer will bring you a relatively bright way.

Mini 3 in 1 Red Beam Laser Pointer

This mini laser pointer is convenient for your daily life; you can use it to point any targets out. It has adopted the latest optic and microelectronic technology, saving power and lightweight to put in your pocket or handbags. Different colors offered for you to select.

Two kinds of mini laser pointers are used widely in our life: users can stay far away from the computer to reduce the radiation brings by the computer. You can move your fingers sitting on the sofa to browse the web, film and play television, text input and video chat, etc.

In multimedia education and training, meeting presentation, this mini laser pointer can get the training lecturer or speech teaching staffs away from their computer, and go under the platform to make a friendly communication and interaction with your audiences, which can also create a good atmosphere to make your speech more vivid and full of fun.

The Model RC Power Battery Introduction

What is power battery?

Engine model which uses the electric motor to act as the engine is called electrical model, while the battery used to drive this kind of motor is the power battery. Due to the big difference between the power battery and other batteries, it is important for the performance of the model RC airplane.

The different types of the battery and its development

There are many kinds of batteries which can be used to act as the model airplane, solar cells, silver zinc batteries, lithium batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. Read RC Battery Comparisons and Characteristics. The solar cell output current slants small, and it must been made larger to support the electric model plane fly, and the cost is very expensive, so little people has interests into that. Silver zinc battery has a strong power, and the big stream of the power makes the life of the battery short. At present, mainstream varieties of batteries used in the model aircraft are nickel series (including the nimh batteries and nickel-cadmium battery) and New lithium battery (including lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery).

3.7V 240mAh RC LiPo Battery

Why the electric model airplane was popular in European and American in the 1970s, the main reason is that it can be charged repeatedly and has already produced in a mass production. While the nimh batteries showed an extra advantage in offering power 50%-100% more than nickel cadmium battery. But in the large discharge power, it has been obviously lagged behind the nickel cadmium battery for a long period of time. However, in the early 21st century, nimh batteries have been widely used in model aircraft dynamics and become one of mainstream varieties by its small effect on memory, and little pollution to the environment.

In the early days lithium-ion batteries were used as a disposable batteries, it cannot charge, and with a high power, but the

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internal resistance is very big, so they can’t provide larger electric power to support the electric model plane fly. The use of lithium-ion batteries is for military, but now it was used widely for our daily life such as our mobile, camera, PC ect. And it is forward to become the engine of model RC airplane in a long time in the future.

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Green Helicopter will Become the Next Generation of Civil Helicopters

Helicopter’s special function embodies its advantage in the aircraft, but since the 1970 s, the helicopter did not gain a great breakthrough in flight performance and noise control. Modern helicopter research and development are paying more attentions on the basic performance, and also on its competitiveness which embodied in the low-income, economy, comfort and so on comprehensive performance.

But there are still three unavoidable disadvantages in modern helicopter: one is a large noise; second, the speed is low; third is the big shaking. If these three problems resolved, helicopter aircraft will be the perfect aircraft.

The cause of the three faults is determined by the helicopter configuration, helicopter rotor is the only lifting surface for helicopter and control surfaces, the design is close to the limit of physics, rotor disk asymmetry lift phenomenon are inevitable, that is the helicopter flight on blade and blade aerodynamic status after is not the same, once this happened, the end paddle loss its speed and the front paddle facing resistance, which will lead to the helicopter work out of control and also bring loudly sounds.

For solving this situation, we should make measures step by step. The helicopter will produce some effects on civilizes of the near people like the loudly sound and the air pollutions. It is different from the fixed wing aircraft. In order to avoid these pollutions, the airport can be built around the city for fixed wing aircraft. But the airplane needs to be built in the centre of the city. So down the sound and decrease pollution is called green airplane.

The resource of the outside sound of the helicopters

The main sound resource of the helicopters is coming from the rotor, scull and engine. Among the three kinds, sounds from scull and engine are the high frequency; it can quickly decrease the speed in the air. Rotor noise is the main element of the outside noise. So we are focused on solving the noise of the rotor. Design of the rotor pneumatic, active rotor flap and self-adaptive rotor are all do help for decrease the noise of the helicopters.

The development of the air pollutions

We can take some regular measures of air pollution to solve it, diesel engine helicopters, electric helicopter, mixed motives helicopters and power tail rotor are all come make the environment better.

Model helicopters will become a widely used tool for people in the future, and we can use it to do many things. Yet, having a model RC airplane may also is a good thing for us at present.