2013 Bicycle lights deals: Priced under £60 with free shipping

Searching for the 2013 best sales for a new bicycle lights on a tight budget? The below list has displayed several bicycle lights which are selling a price under $60 on mbuynow.com, and these products are all with free shipping to everywhere around the world.

For these bicycle hobbyists, racing at night may be a very interesting thing for them. So having a bike lamp headlight and tail lamp are essential, because it can lead you home with a bright warm way, especially when you riding in a small lane or just crossing the road, this headlamp can make you being seen by others and protect you from been hurt. If you are not picky about brand, the below listed headlights are affordable and have many features:

300 LM CREE Mini flashlight bike light: £12.99

This light is small size, portable for you to carry it doing indoor or outdoor activities, only need two cells 18650 batteries to serve you. You can use it at home garden or country road, compact and with high power; this headlamp can work continuously for 3-4 hours and of great stability.





Super power bicycle headlight SSC P7 headlamp: £29.99

This lamp can be used not only as bicycle lamp but also as headlamp fastened with elastic band, the LED is qualified SSC P7 with super power, the long wave range can clearly show the road ahead and the focus light can make your way more brighter.





1400 LM bike lamp 3 LED 16W bicycle light: £49.99

This 1400LM lamp can have a long distance and super brightness; it is ideal equipment for fashionable cyclists. Three modes to change currents: the first

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mode for one head with 400LM brightness, second mode for two heads lighted and third mode for all the three heads with 1400LM super brightness.





Waterproof bike tail laser rear light: £7.99

This bicycle light is in stylish diamond shape, with smooth line and simple design. It had also equipped with 8 LED chips and 2 laser indicators. It has separated buttons to control laser and LED lights. There are four colors for you to choose. Its accessories include a multi-functional bike mount, a USB cable, and a charger. When soaked into water, it will keep working normally. The simple design is easy for cyclists to maintain and mending.





Want to see more different bicycle lights; you can go to visit the main page of light here since most of them are selling on deals. The goods are under free shipping and enjoy an extra 5% off for the second item.

A Good Bicycle Light will Do More Helpful for You

Just in case that some people do not know exactly about how to adjust a bicycle light, I would like to share my own experience to all of you, hope that can help you anyway.

Measure a flashlight, we may take these elements into consideration such as: the luminance, luminous flux, long shots, scattering, range, stability, water-repellency, portability, versatility, calorific value, etc. You can do your own choice according to your needs to choose the right flashlight.

1. LED
The higher level of led, luminous efficiency is higher, the greater electric current of the same led, then the effect of the brightness, so it is not enough to increase the light of the power at the same level.

2. Luminous flux and brightness
Luminous flux and brightness do not have a relation between them. The lights are decided by the luminous flux and area. So we cannot judge the flashlight only by the brightness.

3. Drive
Drive is the core of the LED flashlight to work, and some special functions are also controlled by it like brightness, shift and so on.

4. Heat and Lumens depreciation
If the LED lamps have worked for a long time under high heat, then it will increase the speed of lumens for depreciation. The brightness will become weaker than before, so in order to get a long time operating time, we should choose these materials with good heat dissipation.

5. Light cup and light spot
Generally, the bigger of the light cup, the deeper of the light cup the smaller of the light spot, then it can shot for a longer distance.

6. Range, batteries, light quantity, calorific value
What we used most common is the 18650 battery, that with the diameter of 18mm and length 65mm. Some lights are powered by AAA battery. The main reason why you need to take the battery into consideration is that once your light power off, which type of batteries will much easier to get.

300LM CREE Q5 Mini Flashlight Bike Light

7. Waterproof and durability
Nowadays, most bicycle lights feature waterproof function, while some may not. A water-resistant lighting system allows you riding in the rain and also gives out enough light.

8. Color temperature
Color temperature is another important when choosing LED units and usually expressed with k. Most riders prefer to 4000K-6000K. The color temperature directly affects the way your eyes will perceive light at night. So, for some riders, they think 6000K is too high.

9. Control modes
Either the front bike light or the back side light, the most satisfyingly is they have different modes of working. For example, you switch to a lower light mode when it’s not too dark. Availability of multiple modes means that you can easily manage the battery power and choose whether you’d have a focused beam with wider reach in a straight line or a wider beam that lets you keep a check on the surrounding areas on deserted roads.

All in all, there are so many factors affect a good bicycle light. While a compact, durable and high-intensity road bike light is a must gadget for anyone cycling on the road in dim-light conditions.

New Bike can Charge for Mobile Phone and Bike Light

According to the daily mail, a new innovation bicycle made by kitchen countertop materials can charge for iPhone, camera, or even to recharge electric cars.

This new bicycle is a pro-environment products which coming from Dezien Company, and it can store the kinetic energy into the built-in battery and then to charge for the mobile phone and electric cars.

This new suspension bike can connect with other devices through the USB port hiding in the bike torch, and it will stock the energy produced by the footstep. Besides, there is a touch screen display in the bicycle showing how much electric power does the bicycle has produced. And it is also can be regarded as a monitor to judge the heart rate of the rider. What’s more, a Wi-Fi installation set for the bike.

This transcendental masterpiece is produced by three designers of Dezien Company. Their inner battery can charge during the bike working, and then collect the energy from the footstep into battery, after that you can connect to your mobile phone, camera, and other electric products to charge from the bike via the USB port.

With that set, you do not need to wrong about lacking in power of your mobile phones, your camera, or even your bike light. Guess that, when you go a long distance by bike, and your bike light was lack of power now, what will you do? Normally, we can do nothing but to wait for someone else to help us. But if you’re driving this new suspension bike, you can charge the bike light at any time once it is lacking in power. This battery can in stock energy for you from your footstep, that’s to say, your bicycle light will always be light.

With such a bike, we do not need to take many things when we go out, like the mobile charger, camera charger, and others. Only a USB line will satisfy all your needs. Is that sounding great? Do you want to have such a multi-function bike for yourself? Just take it now!

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Our 10 Best Lights

When the sun goes down, there is nothing can prevent us explore in the dark if we have a light. For cyclist, a bicycle light can help you see and been seen and safety your ride. If you are walking alone in the wild, a super bright light will help you see your road and scare away small dangerous animals. A light can be used at home or outdoor, it is essential equipment in our daily life. They range from 10 pounds to 300 pounds; you may choose the practical and smart option!

We aim to keep on top of the exploding range of light devices, stocking the latest design models as well as the newest versions. Whether you’re looking for bicycle front light, laser lane light, rear light, diving light and flashlight or desk lamp, we’ve got it! Here is our Top 10 for 2013.

1) AGM Long Irradiation Flashlight
AGM 85W flashlight has no gaudy appearance, only simple design and reliable features, which accompany you though tough times. Long irradiation distance, makes you see far and clear during dark. It is suitable in many situations. You can use it at home garden or go night fishing with friends, even doing outdoor sports like hiking, exploring, searching. So that’s why it lands number one.

2) SSC P7 Bicycle Headlamp
This bicycle headlamp adopts SSC P7 LED which is qualified and has a long life for 100,000hours. It boasts energy-saving and eco-friendly. Comes with three modes, you can adjust the brightness base on your need. Its work time is 3-6hours, when there is lack of voltage; the indicator red light would flash. Waterproof degree is IP65 so you don’t need to worry about using it in rainy day. Sale under 42.90 pounds on mbuynow.com.

3) 3-LED 1400LM Bike Lamp
You may be attracted by its appearance when first saw it. This 3 heads lamp has a long distance (Irradiation distance is wider than 800M) and super brightness. If you are riding in a country road, this one will light your way in a broad distance and offer a proper brightness according to your like.

4) 300LM Cree Q5 Headlight
Its appearance seems very professional. It is zoomable and you can change focus according to your needs. Compact design and high power output, this headlamp can work continuously for 3-4h, it’s of great stability. You can use it use it at home garden or country road. Also, it is a very good tool for night fishing and exploring.

5) 35W HID Diving Scuba Light
This diving scuba light can work under 120m depth water, and help you to do works like taking photograph, film, lighting and so on. Its surface had been treating with waterproof material, and work continuously for 3hours. There is also a SOS mode for emergency assistant. In short, this one is a professional diving light. Under £165.90 on mBuyNow.

AGM Flashlight SSC P7 Bicycle Light 3-LED 1400LM Bike Light
AGM Flashlight SSC P7 Bicycle Light 3-LED 1400LM Bike Light
Cree Q5 Headlight Underwater Light Cree T6 Dive Light
Cree Q5 Headlight Underwater Light Cree T6 Dive Light
Folding Desk Lamp Laser Lane Light Bicycle Tail light
Folding Desk Lamp Laser Lane Light Bicycle Tail light

6) 1600 lumens Cree XML T6 Diving Light
This one is not as good as the 35W scuba light, but it is much cheaper and features most of characteristics of diving lights. Its diving depth is 50M. Use CREE XM-L T6 LED, this diving flashlight will give you super brightness in 1600 lumens and won’t let you down. The strict waterproof surface provides you a stable safety underwater. Additional, there are 5 modes switch which can help you from normal to emergency use. So it is a practical and affordable light.

7) Folding Desk Lamp with 31 LEDs
This one comes with 31LEDs, it is energy saving and environmental friendly. There are two modes: weak light and strong light, so you can choose one mode as you need. On the full charge state, this desk light can last up to 15 hours. Some children may be afraid of the dark when they sleep alone, and then this one will be a great gift for them.

8) 8-LED Laser Lane Light
It comes with 8 LEDs and the diamond design is very attractive. Use a laser to project a red illuminated bike lane on the street or road behind a bicycle. With it, you can see or be seen when you ride home on your bike after dark and through a section of the urban trail system with little or no lighting. Only 9.20 pounds, you can use it to decorate your bike and safety your ride

9) Laser Beam Bicycle Tail Light
This is a very small bicycle tail light, it comes with an ultra-thin adjustable buckle, which appropriate for many sizes of handlebars in different diameters (usually 20-36mm). Three modes with normal and flash effects cater to your needs. The main feature is the little guy can last up to 9 hours.

10) Dynamic 9W Stage Light E27 Blub
Don’t underestimate this little bulb. The crystal shape and colorful light will bring the excited feelings to crazy night. It can be controlled rotation speed, colors and strobe through control panel or voice control. Mainly used in PARTY, KTV boxes, the goods such as the effect of light in the window can also be placed on the hall or bedroom at home, shop decoration etc.

More information can be found online at http://www.mbuynow.com.