HID Light VS LED Light, Which one is much better?

Many of us must be familiar with LED light now. They now can be found everywhere in our daily life. LED flashlight torch, LED diving light, LED bicycle light and other outdoor lighting system such as the camping hand-free light, headlight, waterproof LED flood light and much more.

LED high technology has changed our life a lot, one of the advantages referring to the most by people is energy saving.

What is LED lighting technology?

LED bicycle front light
LED is short for Light-Emitting Diodes, it is the most important part for lighting system. In other words, LED is the source of lighting. By utilizing small diodes and connecting to a circuit, it releases a large number of photons outward.

The theory of emitting light is the two regions of semi-conductor chip named p and n. The p region is dominated by positive electric charges and the n region is dominated by negative electric charges. Between the two part, there is a barrier that is used to control the flow of electrons. Once the sufficient voltage is applied to the semi-conductor chip, the electrons are able to cross the junction into the p region. And then the p and n combine and emitting light.

What are the applications of LED technology?

There is no doubt that LED has changed our life a lot. We can see them at home and outside. They are also widely used on channel letters, signboards, logos, advertising boxes, landscapes and stage decorations etc.

When saying LEDs, many people may think about the incandescent. But, LEDs have so much more advantages than incandescent. They are much more energy saving, no filament, smaller, brighter, more reliable, longer life-span, even can display with different colors.

So what about the HID lighting?

With the development of high technology, the HID light appears in the market. Many of us are looking forward it can bright us more like the LED lighting. However, some of us may have heard of HID, but not very clearly about the difference between the two technologies. Here, we’d like to provide a quick look for it.

HID means High Intensity Discharge. HID lights require ballast which is used to regulate the voltage supplied to the capsule of gas. This looks a little similar to light bulb, right? In all High Intensity Discharge lamps, light is produced by passing a current through a metal vapor.

What are the applications?

HID diving light AGM
Just like the LEDs, HID is become one part of our life. We can find them in flashlight torch, diving light and industry.

What are the differences of LED light and HID light?

There is no denying that LED seems have successfully gained a larger market. LED lighting system is very durable and tends to last many thousands of hours. While for HID, the most application is diving as they are much brighter than current LED configurations and they are much easier to focus. Superior intensity and tight focus are very important for diver when they are diving underwater and finding their buddy quickly.

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