Get the Multi-Function AUTO Emergency Start Power for Only £67.20

Get the latest multi-function auto emergency start power for only £67.20 at now. For the people who have a car, this auto mobile power G03 kit seems to be necessary equipment for

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Equipped with a car power bank, several chargers and jump leads, this auto mobile power kit can provide extra energy for your car and other electronics.

Featured at this multi-function auto mobile power kit are:

High capacity of 14000mAh can provide enough energy for mobile phones, laptop, LED light, and other electronics;
Easy to start in cold and emergency situations for about 20 times;
It can support to light continuing for about 40 hours and blasting flashing for 30 hours, even more than 120 times for sending SOS signals;
Stock enough power to charge the mobile for 10 times and 3 hours for the computer to continuing working;
Easy to take, you can just put it in your car when you go out for travelling or outdoor activities.

The advantages of this auto mobile power start kit are including the excellent quality which can be used for a long time of 3-5 years, and several connecters matched with different electronics which are more convenient for people to charge it at anytime. Besides, the price of this device can be affordable for most of the people.

People can choose one from according to the specification they need, the EU says that this device is specially designed for the adapter of European specification; while the UK is also only available for the adapter of UK specification.

Here comes the latest Auto mobile power G03 which is selling for £67.20 at

Auto mobile power G03

Power Bank Size: 147x80x28mm (L x W x D)
Package Size: 253x190x54mm (L x W x D)
Package Weight: 896g
Input Current: 15V/1A
Output Current: 5V/2A (via USB); 12V; 16V; 19V (Charging)
Peak Current: 400A
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 Degree Celsius
Power Source: Built-in Battery or Power Adapter
Battery Type: High Quality Li-Polymer
Battery Capacity: 14000mAh
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Warranty: 1 year

As always, this auto mobile power kit also comes with free shipping worldwide; all shoppers can enjoy this special offer at this online store to get one.

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AGM HID dive light shows you a different job underwater

A good dive light will definitely be able to make sure you can enjoy a safe and pleasant dive, while since there are so many dive lights come in various brands, shapes, sizes, designs and functions, how to select a good dive light which can do good job for us is very important. carries out with a new AGM HID dive light underwater LED Torch FH-08, featured with the most professional waterproof piezo switch, high brightness of 5000 lumen max and strong focus reflector design, max illumination 1200 meters, this product is considered to be the best dive light among thousands lights. It can show a good shadow during working in the sea, and attached with one fog lens and one flood light lens, you can translate from one to another for different uses. For example, if you want to take the pictures, you can use flood light lens, while you can also use fog lens when the water is not so clear.

Taking advanced technology and special designs, this AGM FH-08 dive light can work in harsh conditions -40oC~+70oC (-40oF~+158oF) and its long-life expectancy reaches as long as over a million cycles, and there is no need to add any external power source to power the switch. We can use this dive light for any dives and especially for night diving, in addition, due to this light is rechargeable, you can charge it to provide more power and more environmentally. Using this AGM dive light, you can be easy to look anything under the water clearly with powerful flashlights and underwater high to 100m.

But using this dive light, you may also need to pay attention to the safe, you must make sure that this LED flashlight is fully charged and which can support to work continuing for several hours, or you may also need to bring at least two diving lights to avoid any accident happened.

Owning such a wonderful dive light which can help you do a good job to dive, and it is only selling for £135.00 at with a super deal.

New products: Dress up your mobile for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Want to make your mobile phone special and looks cute for this Thanksgiving Day? Maybe you can look for a beautiful mobile cover to dress up your mobile and makes it different.

Look at the below iphone 5/ 5S mobile cover, you can choose any one of them. The first is the gold and black luxury back cover London edition for iphone5/5s, this back cover is made of hard metal to protect your phone from scratching and dropping. Of course, the unique design and reliable quality that have made this cell phone shell stand out of the normal covers. This limited edition cell phone shell is selling for £54.00 now, while it is worth your money to have such a luxury cell phone shell for your iphone 5s.

Another lovely iphone 5c mobile shell which comes with five different colors, this item is inspired by the original Scandinavian aesthetes and culture; it stands for fashion, novelty and quality. We understand that fashionable design is as important as protection. Each product is designed and crafted in order to protect your everyday gadgets while also maintain a stylish appearance. We are dedicated to re-fashioning your protection by our commitment to quality and innovation.

The second mobile phone shell seems to be more suitable for young people to buy it to dress up their iphone 5c. And this item is selling for only £6.00 due to it is made of the plastic material. It is acceptable widely by people who like to change for new shells all the time.

The third mobile phone shell is also an edition version in the market, it uses the same material like the first one, and the only difference is that this mobile phone shell is combined with the color of gold and white. The white color makes this cover look more bright, and can always bring you a good mood. Selling for £49.99, this mobile phone shell is more suitable for girls to use while the black and gold one is welcomed by most of the boys.