Christmas decorations: make this Christmas different

Only one week for the Christmas! Are you prepared well for this special holiday? It is time for you to shop for Christmas decorations at to buy the colorful Mini LED bulb magic ball rotating lights to make a different feeling for you.

The new fashion decorative mini laser lights, stage lights. Mainly used in PARTY, KTV boxes, the goods such as the effect of light in the window can also be placed on the hall or bedroom at home, shop decoration when the background light (which can be hung on the wall in the corner above or below), it can bring you wonderful laser patterns like brilliant stars of light, a meteor shower or other romantic ones. This item is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water, moisture and shake.

Look at this mini laser pointer, you can see that this digital crystal magic ball can be controlled rotation speed, colors and strobe through DMX512 control panel or voice control and it is with red, green and blue three colors light. It is suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party, etc. With a project-light hole, it gives brilliant colorful light beams. Red and Green “stars” twinkle, run, hide-and-seek, and play automatically or according to music volume. Compact and lightweight with high quality aluminum alloy housing.







With several Mini LED laser pointers to decorate your party and room, you can gain more fun from that. And also this laser pointer is cheap on sale at, only for £8.99 for each, while there is also an extra 8% off for orders over £100 by using the Christmas coupon HAPPY8 plus free shipping around the world.

Meanwhile, shoppers can also find that there is a bundle sale on the laser pointers, and these products are selling for super deals during the Christmas promotion of this online store. It is good time for you to own some to decorate your home or somewhere else by input these mini laser pointers on, to make this Christmas holiday different and full of happiness.

The Best Gift for Presenter: Mini Laser Pointer

Mini Laser pointers are new products added into the shelves of store. It is the smallest and with functions completely laser pointer in the world by far. Whether use it to host a speech in meeting, education training, or home computer entertainment, a mini laser pointer will allow you to remote control your computer easily.

For example, the first mini laser pointer below is a wireless presenter laser pointer, the setting of the USB port is especially being installed into the computer. You may plug the receiver into the USB port on a PC, then the LED indicator will start to blink, push either the down or up button for 1-2 seconds, the LED indicator will turn off, after done the above works, your mini laser pointer is going to begin your presentation now. The laser pointer can work with 10 meters away from your computer, so you may stay as far as possible to protect your eyesight.

Wireless Presenter Red Laser Pointer Flip Pen 1mW

The second mini laser pointer is a laser pointer keychain flashlight. It can be both used as a laser pointer when you giving a presentation or a pet toy. If you have pets like dogs and cats, and they are just moving from one corner to another, then you cannot see clearly at dark night, at that time, a laser pointer will do help for you. Just press the LED button, the light released from the laser pointer will bring you a relatively bright way.

Mini 3 in 1 Red Beam Laser Pointer

This mini laser pointer is convenient for your daily life; you can use it to point any targets out. It has adopted the latest optic and microelectronic technology, saving power and lightweight to put in your pocket or handbags. Different colors offered for you to select.

Two kinds of mini laser pointers are used widely in our life: users can stay far away from the computer to reduce the radiation brings by the computer. You can move your fingers sitting on the sofa to browse the web, film and play television, text input and video chat, etc.

In multimedia education and training, meeting presentation, this mini laser pointer can get the training lecturer or speech teaching staffs away from their computer, and go under the platform to make a friendly communication and interaction with your audiences, which can also create a good atmosphere to make your speech more vivid and full of fun.