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To Mbuynow valued customers,
In order to provide you an easy shopping platform and improve your shopping experience, our system will have a big update (from February 25). You can still visit our website and make order normally as well as checking the shipping information. But, Mbuynow points will be temporarily closed while your points are still remain. During the update, you can’t use them to redeem your order amount. We are sorry for the inconvenience brought for you.

If you have any problem for visiting our website, please do not hesitate to report the bug to us. And we will fix it ASAP! Your action will be highly appreciated.

We will notify you advance once we re-open the Mbuynow points and you may also get the announcement from our website, blog or our newsletter.

We are sorry for the inconvenience brought for you.

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Mbuynow Team
Feb 25, 2014

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AGM HID Diving Scuba Light FH-08 Recommendation

Since the AGM HID Torch FH-02 entered into our life, it is a long time to waiting for the innovative HID torch. Now we are proudly introduce the new AGM FH-08 diving scuba light to all users, especially the diving enthusiasts.

AGM HID scuba light FH-08 approves the rigorous test (spectrum tester, EMC tester, ATE tester, ROHS tester, deep-sea diving pressure tester) which is sure to be your reliable partner. It boasts for long-life, reliable, the most professional waterproof piezo swithch, high brightness which up to 5000LM, strong focus refletor design (1200 meters illumination max), high capacity battery (7800mah rechargeable lithium battery max).


In addition to these advantages, let’s have a look

at the design of the cool gadget.



From the picture show above, it is obvious that the AGM HID dive light has very simple components that include: piezo switch, reflector, lamp, handle, ballash and battery.

Fog and Smoke light



Another feature needs to mention is that the light packed with two lenses: fog lens and flood light lens. When you want to take the pictures, you can use flood light lens. When the water is not clear, you can use fog lens. That’s because the light head ranges from a fog and smoke penetrating 3-degree spot beam to a super-wide angle flood beam.

HID diving light FH-08 dimensions



With small size (230mm x 158mm) and light-weight design, it is able to carry it with wherever you go.


AGM HID light FH-08 is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The mainly purpose for this HID light is for diving. High-intensity discharge technology makes it has the superior intensity and tight focus. They are much brighter than current LED configurations and they are much easier to focus.


With this superior scuba torch, you can easily to find your buddy underwater. Heavy duty, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant ensures long time to use, the easy operate design (can be operated with fingers, gloves and through elastomeric overlays) also helps this cool system outstanding of other brand diving light equipment.

Change mode setting

DYH-06 series with different modes (according to customers’ requirements), just pushing piezo switch surface to set different mode



In the package



1 x 65W HID dive light torch

1 x Lithium Ion Battery

1 x Charger

1 x Car Adaptor

1 x Wrist Ring

1 x Filter

1 x Instructions

1 x Precision insurance box

Other parameters of the AGM HID scuba torch

Body Material: Aluminum

Wattage: 65

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Certification: CE, RoHS

Light Source: HID

Waterproof: Yes

Waterproof Standard: IP68, underwater 100m

Application: Diving, Rescue

Battery capacity: 6600mAh

Warranty: 1 Year

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

5 output settings: High/Middle/low (65W/45W/35W.)

BULB LIFE: 3000 hours

Body Color: Black

Comparison with FH-02

Compared with the FH-02 HID light torch, the FH-08 is more suitable for diving and rescue use, while FH-02 has much longer irradiation distance and for daily use. But, both of them are reliable and high power.

Performance FH-02 FH-08
Power 85W 65W
Modes 3 modes (85W/65W/45W) 5 modes (65W/45W/35W)
Irradiation distance 2.75km + 1.2km+
HID Battery 7800mAh 7800mAh
Warranty 6 months 1 year
Bulb work time 3000 hours 3000 hours
Other Features SOS Signal None
Price £79.99 £135.00
Application daily use, diving diving, rescue, daily use

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