Get the Multi-Function AUTO Emergency Start Power for Only £67.20

Get the latest multi-function auto emergency start power for only £67.20 at now. For the people who have a car, this auto mobile power G03 kit seems to be necessary equipment for

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Equipped with a car power bank, several chargers and jump leads, this auto mobile power kit can provide extra energy for your car and other electronics.

Featured at this multi-function auto mobile power kit are:

High capacity of 14000mAh can provide enough energy for mobile phones, laptop, LED light, and other electronics;
Easy to start in cold and emergency situations for about 20 times;
It can support to light continuing for about 40 hours and blasting flashing for 30 hours, even more than 120 times for sending SOS signals;
Stock enough power to charge the mobile for 10 times and 3 hours for the computer to continuing working;
Easy to take, you can just put it in your car when you go out for travelling or outdoor activities.

The advantages of this auto mobile power start kit are including the excellent quality which can be used for a long time of 3-5 years, and several connecters matched with different electronics which are more convenient for people to charge it at anytime. Besides, the price of this device can be affordable for most of the people.

People can choose one from according to the specification they need, the EU says that this device is specially designed for the adapter of European specification; while the UK is also only available for the adapter of UK specification.

Here comes the latest Auto mobile power G03 which is selling for £67.20 at

Auto mobile power G03

Power Bank Size: 147x80x28mm (L x W x D)
Package Size: 253x190x54mm (L x W x D)
Package Weight: 896g
Input Current: 15V/1A
Output Current: 5V/2A (via USB); 12V; 16V; 19V (Charging)
Peak Current: 400A
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 Degree Celsius
Power Source: Built-in Battery or Power Adapter
Battery Type: High Quality Li-Polymer
Battery Capacity: 14000mAh
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Warranty: 1 year

As always, this auto mobile power kit also comes with free shipping worldwide; all shoppers can enjoy this special offer at this online store to get one.

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5 products need to add into your shopping cart this holiday season

You are doing your holiday shopping from now on, and people prefer to buy products online rather than go to the crowd to find the goods what they like. As the holiday is right around the corner, it is time for you to stock up on holiday gifts for the special person in your life. You should check your gift lists carefully and your budget, to buy the good products with high quality and selling on deals that may save some money for us.

Gift for her

Whether you are choosing this gift for your mother or your sister, your girlfriend or your best friend, this large capacity 13200mAh power bank can be a good choice for you. Due to most of us are using the Smartphone during our daily life, and for these people who have busy calls or like to play the mobile, the power will easy to use up. So, at that time, taking a large capacity power bank

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can supply enough power for your mobile everywhere, it is really convenient to put it into our pocket and to avoid losing some important calls and messages. Come with six colors together, this power bank is suitable for sending as a gift to your relatives and friends.





Gift for him

If you are choosing a gift for your boyfriend, your father or someone else, you can take a look at the below products to choose the best item for the right person. For people who active of taking part in outside activities like bicycle racing, climbing, playing RC model airplane, you can choose the right item for them here:

A bike lamp may do a good job for the bicycle hobbyists; this 1400LM bike lamp can have a long distance and super brightness, gathered with the advantages of three modes to change current, you can adjust it according to your needs. The current ranging from 400 to 1400 LM, which can offer different brightness for the people to lead him a safety racing in the dark.





People who like climbing may need a durable and waterproof outdoor Smartphone, the normal Smartphone will always loss signal when stay at a high mountain, so prepare a good Smartphone for outdoor use is essential. This Runbo X3 is good equipment because it has strong features of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and it also has more functions like analog digital intercom and so on.





While for the RC modelers, a good small gas engine can always provide enough power for your model aircraft to fly in the air for a long time, and it can keep good balance with correct adjustments. This AGM 30cc gasoline engine is integrating the most advanced technologies and the low price and other advantages to provide the best performance for the users.





Gift for kids

In my opinion, most of the little boys and some girls are like to own a motorbike as a toy, especially for the boys. Because it is so cool for them to play such a wonderful RC motorbike with super energetic, the anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver make the bike stronger and durable.

Best deals on Christmas gifts: economical and practical

Still wondering about what to buy for your family or friends this Christmas? here has carried out several electronic items which offered the best choice for you: the power bank external battery chargers for mobile are the hottest gift this year and you can get amazing deals of purchasing them on this online store. Watch the lighting deals and choose the best items you like:

The hottest selling power bank external battery chargers so far are the mini portable power bank with USB cable and five connectors, and the multi-functional striking power bank accessories. These items are not so expensive, but they are really useful in our daily life, just a small size and weight, it is convenient for you to bring them everywhere and can supply power for your mobile. As we all know, the biggest problem for our Smartphone is that the power is easy to use up and you need to charge it every now and then. That is too boring for people who have busy calls or go travel, but with this device, you can charge your battery anywhere you are.

While for this power bank man-pack energy store, you can use USB and Micro USB connector to change the power bank from USB adaptor or PC’s USB port or Car charger. When all power indicators light, it means your power bank is fully charged and will stop charging automatically. This power bank charger can be compatible for the iphone, ipod and smartphones, with its big advantage of easy take, it is really a good gift for you to choose for yourself or send it as a gift to your friends. Come with two colors of black and white, and only selling for £12.90.





Choose a large capacity power bank can make sure that your mobile work for a long time, and this device equipped with five different connectors for iphone, Micro-USB, mini-USB, Nokia, PSP. This 13200 mAh capacity power bank has stocked enough power to provide power for your mobile, and you can choose the corresponding input and output ports for them. This series of power bank has six colors for you to do your own choice, and only for £13.99, it is really a good gift with the advantages of economical and practical.