Frequently Asked Question of RC Model Aircraft

As the new RC modelers may have a lot of questions when they begin to play radio control hobbies especially RC model aircraft novices, here I have listed some questions which players always asked:

Q: How weight does the RC model aircraft has?

A: The weight of the RC model aircraft depends on the mode of the airplane, and also based on the weight and size of the engine and electrical devices. Generally, 450 level helicopters are about 1000g.

Q: What fuel oil does the oil engine RC helicopter use for? Can we mix the oil by ourselves?

A: Normally, the oil RC model is using the professional oil, if you don’t want to buy it from the model store, you can buy it from the local chemical reagent shop. And then to mix it according to the proportion of 4:1, 4 for methanol fuel and one castor oil to act as the lubricant.

Q: What are the composition and material of the remote control helicopter?

A: The complexity of the RC helicopter is far higher than that of model aircraft fixed wing, rack, remote control, engine, gyroscope, and the steering gear; Material is stainless steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, ABS, nylon, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. While the toy helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft is mainly using the engineering plastics.

Q: Are the metal remote control helicopter more resistant to fall off?

A: There will be a lot of vibration in flight, which requires different material components to cooperate. Once falling, the nylon material can give the impact to minimize, but the metal will fuselage somewhere if variant, that will be repaired.

Q: How long does a new beginner can learn to fly, and will not fall off?

A: This question will vary from person to person, individual power ability and the ability to respond is very important, here I recommend beginners to prepare a practice frame, then the aircraft can play a particularly large blade of protection.

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How to Choose the Best Materials Suitable for You when Making Model RC Airplanes?

There are a lot of people are fond of playing model RC airplane, some of them like to buy the RTF (ready to fly) airplane from a store, while some people may prefer to make it by themselves. With so many materials for us to choose, how can we know what is the best for us as each of them has some special functions?

Just follow me here to have a good look at these materials:

1. EPO foam plastic, it will not produce fragmentation and detritus when happened with crash, that’s to say, it has an excellent impact resistance, especially for repeated performance of the drop impact.

2. Polypropylene foam material (EPP), the EPP products has excellent anti-seismic energy absorption performance, and after the deformation it will recovery fast, has good heat resistance, oil resistance, insulating and stays with its light weight, which can greatly reduce the goods weight. It is a kind of environmental protection material, not only can be recycled, but also can be natural degradation, will not cause white pollution.

3. Foam polystyrene board (EPS), EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material, has a great performance of heat insulation. It has collected with the functions of Thermal insulation, waterproof, fire prevention and decorative.

4. KT Board, board body wide and light, won’t metamorphism easily and easy to process, you can also print, painting directly.

5. Depron Classic, many people think that depron will be the first choice for the lightweight model RC airplane because it is lightweight and moisture proof.

6. Light Wood
The light wood has the appearance similar to white pine or basswood. The buoyancy is about twice of Cork, has good elasticity and good insulation. This tree is twice lighter than the cork wood, while it’s great in heat and sound insulation, good volume stability, uniform texture, easy to process. Light Wood not only light and with white wood, but also can be insect-resistant ant.

7. Balsa wood
Balsa wood is a light natural wood; it is used only less due to the expensive price. It is a man-made board as similar as the sandwich structure. The honeycomb structure in the balsa has effectively reduced the vibration and noise; what’s more, it also enhances the strength.

8. Air layer board
Air layer plate’s production is mainly made of birch and basswood, which have the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance, small bending angle and good vibration resistance, and it is the optimization of aviation model making.

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The Model RC Power Battery Introduction

What is power battery?

Engine model which uses the electric motor to act as the engine is called electrical model, while the battery used to drive this kind of motor is the power battery. Due to the big difference between the power battery and other batteries, it is important for the performance of the model RC airplane.

The different types of the battery and its development

There are many kinds of batteries which can be used to act as the model airplane, solar cells, silver zinc batteries, lithium batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. Read RC Battery Comparisons and Characteristics. The solar cell output current slants small, and it must been made larger to support the electric model plane fly, and the cost is very expensive, so little people has interests into that. Silver zinc battery has a strong power, and the big stream of the power makes the life of the battery short. At present, mainstream varieties of batteries used in the model aircraft are nickel series (including the nimh batteries and nickel-cadmium battery) and New lithium battery (including lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery).

3.7V 240mAh RC LiPo Battery

Why the electric model airplane was popular in European and American in the 1970s, the main reason is that it can be charged repeatedly and has already produced in a mass production. While the nimh batteries showed an extra advantage in offering power 50%-100% more than nickel cadmium battery. But in the large discharge power, it has been obviously lagged behind the nickel cadmium battery for a long period of time. However, in the early 21st century, nimh batteries have been widely used in model aircraft dynamics and become one of mainstream varieties by its small effect on memory, and little pollution to the environment.

In the early days lithium-ion batteries were used as a disposable batteries, it cannot charge, and with a high power, but the

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internal resistance is very big, so they can’t provide larger electric power to support the electric model plane fly. The use of lithium-ion batteries is for military, but now it was used widely for our daily life such as our mobile, camera, PC ect. And it is forward to become the engine of model RC airplane in a long time in the future.

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