New products: Dress up your mobile for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Want to make your mobile phone special and looks cute for this Thanksgiving Day? Maybe you can look for a beautiful mobile cover to dress up your mobile and makes it different.

Look at the below iphone 5/ 5S mobile cover, you can choose any one of them. The first is the gold and black luxury back cover London edition for iphone5/5s, this back cover is made of hard metal to protect your phone from scratching and dropping. Of course, the unique design and reliable quality that have made this cell phone shell stand out of the normal covers. This limited edition cell phone shell is selling for £54.00 now, while it is worth your money to have such a luxury cell phone shell for your iphone 5s.

Another lovely iphone 5c mobile shell which comes with five different colors, this item is inspired by the original Scandinavian aesthetes and culture; it stands for fashion, novelty and quality. We understand that fashionable design is as important as protection. Each product is designed and crafted in order to protect your everyday gadgets while also maintain a stylish appearance. We are dedicated to re-fashioning your protection by our commitment to quality and innovation.

The second mobile phone shell seems to be more suitable for young people to buy it to dress up their iphone 5c. And this item is selling for only £6.00 due to it is made of the plastic material. It is acceptable widely by people who like to change for new shells all the time.

The third mobile phone shell is also an edition version in the market, it uses the same material like the first one, and the only difference is that this mobile phone shell is combined with the color of gold and white. The white color makes this cover look more bright, and can always bring you a good mood. Selling for £49.99, this mobile phone shell is more suitable for girls to use while the black and gold one is welcomed by most of the boys.