Cell Phone Extended Battery VS Power Bank

Have you ever faced the problem: do I need a battery or a power bank to keep my phone last much longer? Or which is much more budget?

The answers are based on your needs. If your old battery drain the power quickly and can’t last as long as you expect, you’d better replace a new one. It is nightmares for using a mobile phone that always runs out suddenly. As we know, it will make things more convenient if we have both of them. However, sometimes you may just be able to choose one, such as you don’t have enough budgets, or want to make use of everything. So here are some comparisons of the two gadgets for your reference.

Generally, power bank will have a higher capacity than an extended battery. Nowadays, the highest capacity for sell in the market is 300000mAh. However, the capacity of an extended battery is lower than 8000mAh. In other words, you can power your phone for several times when using a power bank.

Size and weight
There is no doubt that replacement battery is lighter and smaller than a power bank. And we can put it into our pocket and carry whatever you want. While there is still some power banks are designed as small as extended batteries.

The prices are based on your phone’s model and the capacity of a battery. In general, an extended battery will cost you a few pounds to dozens of pounds; while the prices of power banks are more than ten pounds to dozens of pounds.

A universal power bank is multi-function device, they always come with several connectors for powering up different devices; include different cell phone brands as well as different models of mobile phones, PSPs, digital cameras and much more. Therefore, the all in 1 power bank is well worth the money you pay.

While for urgent use, an extended battery plays an important role. You just need to spend few seconds to replace the full charger battery into your phone, even no waiting then it can keep working for you. In other words, battery is more convenient.

How to make use of them?
If you are going to a long business trip or go camping with your friends, the power bank become very useful. All of you can awake your

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phones since it is applicable for any models. However, as it mentioned above, a new extended battery will help you get rid from the troubles of frequent charging and it is the best choice for carry it everywhere.

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