What is NFC and how about the mbuynow NFC Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery?

NFC, which is also known as ” Near Field Communication”, it is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

NFC came out of RFID. RFID, or radio-frequency identification, is the technology used by shipping companies and in superstores to keep track of goods; it uses electromagnetic induction in order to transmit information. NFC is similar technology, but standardized for consumer smartphones. NFC standards are defined by a group called the NFC Forum, which includes Nokia, Sony and Philips. In essence, if your phone has the NFC as a feature it can be used to transfer data to other phones or to NFC readers.

How can we use the NFC?

NFC can also work as a short-range technology; we can transmit files and other contents among several devices when they are staying very close. This feature is useful in the occasions where we need collaboration such as share files or many players playing the games and so on.

Samsung has launched its Samsung Galaxy SIII with the function of NFC, that mobile has a function call Android Beam, while some other new NFC Android mobile phones will also come with this technology. It can finish the data transmission by NFC between several compatible equipments.

What about mbuynow Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NFC battery?

This battery has adopted the short-range wireless communication technology, identification and interconnection, in the short-range wireless communications between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. Provides a simple, touch-based solution allows consumers to exchange information, simple and intuitive access to content and services. This NFC Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery is equipped with a NFC antenna, allowing your handset to communicate with other devices and accessories equipped with NFC technology. It is compatible with several Samsung mobiles in different models including: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005, SM-N9000, and SM-N9002.

Only selling for £10.21 on mbuynow.com, this cell phone battery is the latest and most popular replacement for these Samsung mobiles. What’s more, buy it at the Christmas sale, you can win a super low price at that time and enjoy the free shipping.

2013 Bicycle lights deals: Priced under £60 with free shipping

Searching for the 2013 best sales for a new bicycle lights on a tight budget? The below list has displayed several bicycle lights which are selling a price under $60 on mbuynow.com, and these products are all with free shipping to everywhere around the world.

For these bicycle hobbyists, racing at night may be a very interesting thing for them. So having a bike lamp headlight and tail lamp are essential, because it can lead you home with a bright warm way, especially when you riding in a small lane or just crossing the road, this headlamp can make you being seen by others and protect you from been hurt. If you are not picky about brand, the below listed headlights are affordable and have many features:

300 LM CREE Mini flashlight bike light: £12.99

This light is small size, portable for you to carry it doing indoor or outdoor activities, only need two cells 18650 batteries to serve you. You can use it at home garden or country road, compact and with high power; this headlamp can work continuously for 3-4 hours and of great stability.





Super power bicycle headlight SSC P7 headlamp: £29.99

This lamp can be used not only as bicycle lamp but also as headlamp fastened with elastic band, the LED is qualified SSC P7 with super power, the long wave range can clearly show the road ahead and the focus light can make your way more brighter.





1400 LM bike lamp 3 LED 16W bicycle light: £49.99

This 1400LM lamp can have a long distance and super brightness; it is ideal equipment for fashionable cyclists. Three modes to change currents: the first

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mode for one head with 400LM brightness, second mode for two heads lighted and third mode for all the three heads with 1400LM super brightness.





Waterproof bike tail laser rear light: £7.99

This bicycle light is in stylish diamond shape, with smooth line and simple design. It had also equipped with 8 LED chips and 2 laser indicators. It has separated buttons to control laser and LED lights. There are four colors for you to choose. Its accessories include a multi-functional bike mount, a USB cable, and a charger. When soaked into water, it will keep working normally. The simple design is easy for cyclists to maintain and mending.





Want to see more different bicycle lights; you can go to visit the main page of light here since most of them are selling on deals. The goods are under free shipping and enjoy an extra 5% off for the second item.

Cell phone battery: Give your mobile a longer using time

There are hundreds of cell phone batteries out there, if there’s something you want to choose for your mobile, you should add it into your shopping cart and they will make your mobile using a longer time.

You may find several batteries suitable for your mobile model, while which one is the best for? Here you may take into some factors into consideration: the first is the battery’s capacity and voltage. Normally, large capacity can store more power and can supply enough power to support your mobile using longer. But not the largest capacity for your battery is, the longest time it can support. Using time always cannot leave the mobile itself settings and using ways. Second, the protections are also very important since there were several accidents happened on the batteries, especially for the battery over-heat. So buy a safety battery and charge it in the correct way is also essential. Third, price of the battery no doubt to be one of the elements which will affect the shoppers’ decisions.




Mbuynow.com has published several cell phone batteries on this store, these batteries are come with high quality and the most advanced technologies, and also it has done a good job on the safety. These mobile batteries covered with different brands like iphone, Samsung, HTC, LG, BlackBerry and Sony, among them, iphone batteries and Samsung batteries are the most popular items.

Price of these cell phone batteries is sure to be selling reasonable, since there are several discounts for these products available in December. Most of the products selling at a price lower than that on eBay store or other stores, you can find that there are some batteries selling lowest at less than £5 like the iphone 4s battery only for £4.5, and Samsung SII i9100 for £3.8. Collected with the cell phone batteries for the latest models, mbuynow cell phone batteries are sold a good record in the past few months.

But now, in order to thanks for the support of shoppers, these cell phone batteries are all delivery for free shipping all over the world, and for these players who buy more than two items, except for the first items, other items are all available to enjoy the extra 5% off discounts. Sounds great? Just go there to place the best for your mobile and enjoy a happy Christmas!

The 5 best seller RC products of the year, according to mbuynow

Mbuynow.com is well-known for its cell phone batteries and laser pointers in the market. Well, it is not only an online store selling these products, but also supplying the RC products all over the world.

As many giant online store, mbuynow.com displayed thousands of products with different brands to meet the demand of customers. And its RC products have collected with different styles and models; they are welcomed by many players by its excellent quality and competitive price. Now mbuynow.com is back with an updated list of the best seller RC products of 2013. Here are the top 10 best seller RC products this year of mbuynow.com:

1. AGM 30cc gasoline engine. This gasoline engine has won great praise in the professional RC forums due to its wonderful performance and also the low price. Most of the players who choose to purchase the AGM 30cc gasoline engine at this online store is that due to this online store has a 30 days warranty and free shipping service, once they have bought the engine not what they want, they can send it back to this online store and also this item is under one year warranty.

2. SkyRC Quattro B6 four-channel multi charger. Quattro B6 is easy to use and it allows you to plug 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously. You can connect different chemistry(Ni-MH/Ni-CD/LiPo/LiFe)batteries into any of the charging ports as it doesn’t need the same configuration when charge batteries. This item is sold well by is great work, which can bring more convenient for the RC players.

3. SkyRC eFuel 1200W Power Supply with EU plug. This unit comes with two DC power outputs, smart cooling fan and large LCD display. Made of high-tech material, it features over temperature protection, over loading protection and short circuit protection. With its long time service life and so many functions, this item has won the top 3 best seller product of this year.

4. SkyRC GPS Speed Meter GSM-010. This unit is inspired by GPS devices, it is boasting an ultra compact GPS module with hidden antenna design, the high-sensitivity GPS receiver chip can do quick positioning, a robust controller IC to keep recording speed and altitude in real time.

5. Exhaust Muffler for 100cc-111cc Engine. This smoke muffler exhaust pipe set for DLE111/DL100/DA100 engines include two mufflers, it is very practical while flying your RC models. And which is a must have component for the RC hobbyists.

To see additional lists of the RC hobbies on mbuynow.com, you can just go to their online store and to find the best goods you like.

Thanksgiving special sale makes mbuynow.com the most popular cell phone batteries supplier

From the latest news of mbuynow.com, this online store has sold out a total number of more than 3,000 cell phone batteries and mobile phone covers in November. Samsung and iphone cell batteries and its covers may be the best welcomed items during this Thanksgiving sale.

Mbuynow.com has released its own brand batteries with large capacity and high quality; these cell phone batteries are compatible with mobile phones in different models. This online store has carried out a special sale for some cell phone batteries, the batteries listed on this special page are divided into three parts: batteries around 5 pounds, best seller and clearance center.

Among them, the most welcomed cell phone batteries are the Samsung and iphone, which come with the latest mobile in the market. And mbuynow cell phone batteries are popular for its perfect designs and long time power supplying. They are matched well with the mobile and even can use for a time longer than the original battery, but the price of these mbuynow batteries is much cheaper than that.

Mbuynow cell phone batteries are under half a year warranty and free shipping for all orders worldwide. There are also 30 days money back and 100% quality guarantees for you to make your order of purchasing the cell phone battery for your mobile for replacement. Collected with the newest generation of cell phone batteries and its battery covers, this online store offers all the products at a super price that is lower than any other stores.

And during the shopping holiday season, you can buy these them to enjoy the extra 5% off for the second item once you have selected more than two items in your shopping cart. Meanwhile, all orders over one hundred pounds can get a free gift from this online store. Some special couple codes and points are also available for you to use to buy the gifts which can save some money for you.

The cell phone special sale, extra discounts for the second item, and free shipping worldwide service etc, all that makes mbuynow.com to become the most popular store for people to choose the goods what they like for the Thanksgiving Day.

Rechargeable Batteries to Ensure Your Mobile Phone an Ultra-Long Standby Time

I guess most of the people who have bought a new mobile phone would also add another cell phone battery for replacement, an online store that has introduced several large capacity cell phone batteries for mobiles with different brands like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and BlackBerry.

These cell phone batteries made of great quality materials and have used the latest technology, they are the best replacement batteries for the original ones with comparable standby and talk time, which can be use to replace your exhausted internal battery on your mobile of iphone, Samsung and so on, it works to provide enough power for your busy calls and long time using. The integrated microchip in the cell phone batteries can prevent overcharging well and lengthen the battery’s life.

There are several batteries popular on mbuynow.com, not only for its low price, but also for quality insurance and customer service.

Hot 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for iphone 5   £5.20

Take this lithium-ion battery for example, it is a new extends battery for your iphone 5, lightweight, high capacity and low impedance, which is perfect condition and ensure 100% working. And only selling for £5.20, such an excellent iPhone 5 battery, why not just choose one for you mobile now?

1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for iphone 5


Cell type: Li-ion battery
Voltage: 3.7V DC
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Color: Black
Size (L x W x H): 93*32*3mm
Weight (g):45
Compatible with: iphone 5

NFC Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005/SM-N9000/SM-N9002 £8.60

While for this Samsung battery which compatible for several models mobile, this battery is equipped with a NFC antenna, allowing your handset to communicate with other devices and accessories equipped with NFC technology. Spend only £8.60 for owning this cell phone battery replacement for your original, that’s really a bargain for you!

3900mAh battery for  Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Cell type: Li-ion battery
Voltage: 3.8V DC
Battery Capacity: 3900mAh
Color: White
Size (L x W x H): 80*55*8mm
Weight (g):55
Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005, SM-N9000, SM-N9002 phone

There are also many different cell phone batteries for your mobile, not only for iphone, HTC, LG and Samsung batteries and battery covers are all listed at the best price on mbuynow.com!

Save £10 on purchasing the newest 30cc Gasoline Engine for RC Airplane

mBuyNow.com mixes the best of both worlds, offering high quality gasoline engines at affordable prices. The popular products include AGM 30cc gasoline engine, airplane accessories, and other electrical products. With mBuyNow coupons, you can get some money off or receive free shipping offers for extra saving for your purchasing.

Top-rated coupons

£10 off + free shipping on select orders of £100, register an account at mBuyNow.com, and click to activate

Promo code: AGM 30 save £10

Save £10 on purchasing AGM-30 gas engine

Save £ 10 off AGM 30cc gasoline engine + free shipping. Look for the free shipping gasoline engine at mBuyNow.com. Discount will be applied in your cart at check out; you can use it to buy the brand new AGM 30cc gas engine for RC aircraft models. This engine is specially designed for RC model aircrafts exhausting at 30cc. With exquisite design and qualified accessories, it is reliable and durable for you to use.

Get our best mBuyNow coupon

Up to 48% price off on RC brushless motors

Brushless motor up to 48% off

These brushless motors are used to give your electric RC sheer power, and they do not need to clean frequently. Price up to 48% off is affordable for you to choose one to match your radio control model.

Free shipping on all orders dispatched from Hong Kong

All orders dispatched from Hong Kong are offering free shipping; you do not need to pay for any money for them once you select the dispatch place at Hong Kong.

£5 off on all orders exceed £50 (not including shipping fee)
mBuyNow save money program

The £5 will send to you once you upload videos of products at mBuyNow.com on YouTube. This coupon can be deducted for the order over £50. While at that time, you cannot use other coupons at the same time, and this coupon can be used only for once.

Playing Model RC Airplane is a “Noble” Activity

Just press some buttons by your fingers, the model RC airplane has crashed into the sky. Sometimes it flies turning a somersault while sometimes it drops in direct. That looks like a special show in the sky. When on holiday, we can see many RC enthusiasts at different ages that are focused on their model RC performance outside. Yeah, that is called model aircraft sports.

As we all know, since the birth of the first plane in the world, any kinds of aircraft are starts with the production and test of the model of the design and manufacture. Since the appearance of the plane, countries such as America, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union were raising a sport of playing model RC airplane. These countries are using the model airplane to teach the knowledge to their students in the early education.

RC model airplane is famous for its free flight, easy to control or made by self. While it is also an airplane activity full of science, and was called to be the best noble outside activity.

Although, the model aircraft is far more from the real plane in appearance, but essentially, they are like most manned aircraft which are composed of six parts including wing, tail, body, landing gear, and engine and control system. Therefore, model airplane has also become the world’s most advanced aviation technology. Due to this technology has been involved in aerodynamics, materials science, mechanical, manufacturing process, engine principle, mechanical structure combustion chemistry, woodworking, fitter technology and radio technology, etc.

Modern model aircraft can be divided into five big classes: free flight, line control, wireless remote control, simulation and electric etc. According to the blank time, flying speed, flight distance, stunts, and fighting to adjust the winner. Why model aircraft is so popular and welcomed by different age’s player to play is because it is a fashion, health, educational activities combined with science, exercise, to check the ability of response, practice and psychological quality.

Of course, like manned aircraft there also will be some accidents happen

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during flying. Such as crashing, in order to repair and adjust the aircraft, we should always take some days or even several months. Even in normal operating, we should also check carefully on the model aircraft.

Feel free to leave your comment and share what you think with us.


Survey: DLE 30cc and DLE 55cc Engine, Which One Do You Prefer?

From the latest survey of users’ satisfaction of the United Kingdom, DEL 30cc RC airplane engine has gained higher votes than DLE 55cc, and become the best engine in mBuyNow.com.
The inner UK Customer Satisfaction Index of mBuyNow shows that in a full mark of 100 points satisfaction scales, DLE 30cc has won a mark of 82 points which is higher than the DLE 55cc that with 78 points.

DLE30 gas engine
DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine

DLE55 Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine
DLE55 Engine Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine

This survey is made not a long time later with the release of DLE30cc engine; it seems that there is a bit unfair for the DLE 55 cc RC engine. The result also shows that DLE 30cc can get such a high mark is due to two main reasons. One is that due to the price of DLE 30cc is lower than DLE 55cc, and another reason is that there are more people who like to play the airplane with the 30cc gas engine because it is lightweight and with strong power.

Performance Comparision
RC Engine DLE30 DLE55
Performance 3.7HP/8500rpm 5.5HP/7500rpm
Idle Speed 1600rpm/min 1350rpm/min
Static Thrust 8.5Kg@100 meters Altitude
7.5Kg@1800 meters Altitude
14.2Kg@100 meters Altitude
12.50Kg@1800 meters Altitude
Aircraft Propeller 18×8; 18×10; 19×8; 20×8 22 x 8, 22 x 10, 23 x 8, and 23 x 10
Parameter Comparision
Exhaust Amount 30.5 cm³ 55 cm³
Diameter x stroke 30.5mm x 30mm 45mm x 35mm
Ratio of Compression 7.6:1 7.6:1
Ratio of lubricating capacity 30:1 1:30 to 1:45
Engine type  N/A single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled

But in fact that there are also a lot of RC enthusiasts choose to buy the DLE 55cc engines with higher prices; it did not make a big effect on the sales of this engine. And mBuyNow.com continues to release new engines to attract more customers.

As for me, I like DLE30cc Gas engine more. Because its output for size -3.7HP@ 8500rpm can satisfy for me and the light weight is also a very important element for me to take into consideration. This item with high quality and has won great praise from the RC hobbyists, made for flight design can ensure the best power to weight ratio on the performance of our RC aircraft.

While what do you think about them? Which one do you like better? Share your opinion in the follow comment box.

New Bike can Charge for Mobile Phone and Bike Light

According to the daily mail, a new innovation bicycle made by kitchen countertop materials can charge for iPhone, camera, or even to recharge electric cars.

This new bicycle is a pro-environment products which coming from Dezien Company, and it can store the kinetic energy into the built-in battery and then to charge for the mobile phone and electric cars.

This new suspension bike can connect with other devices through the USB port hiding in the bike torch, and it will stock the energy produced by the footstep. Besides, there is a touch screen display in the bicycle showing how much electric power does the bicycle has produced. And it is also can be regarded as a monitor to judge the heart rate of the rider. What’s more, a Wi-Fi installation set for the bike.

This transcendental masterpiece is produced by three designers of Dezien Company. Their inner battery can charge during the bike working, and then collect the energy from the footstep into battery, after that you can connect to your mobile phone, camera, and other electric products to charge from the bike via the USB port.

With that set, you do not need to wrong about lacking in power of your mobile phones, your camera, or even your bike light. Guess that, when you go a long distance by bike, and your bike light was lack of power now, what will you do? Normally, we can do nothing but to wait for someone else to help us. But if you’re driving this new suspension bike, you can charge the bike light at any time once it is lacking in power. This battery can in stock energy for you from your footstep, that’s to say, your bicycle light will always be light.

With such a bike, we do not need to take many things when we go out, like the mobile charger, camera charger, and others. Only a USB line will satisfy all your needs. Is that sounding great? Do you want to have such a multi-function bike for yourself? Just take it now!

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