Mbuynow sales, discounts and activity dates: December15-31

With Christmas only few days away, many stores are prepared all kinds of deals and promotions to celebrate this special holiday. Mbuynow.com as one of these online stores which also took out several sales and discounts for these shoppers as the holiday draw near.

There are especially good deals on cell phone batteries, laser pointers and RC hobbies at this online store. These products come with an affordable price and excellent quality, which are no doubt to be the wonderful gifts for special people on your holiday gift list. You can enjoy shopping at this store since there has listed three large categories for you: Gifts for RC hobbyists, Gifts for Smartphone enthusiasts, and Gifts for all ages.

Below is a list of many of the sales and specials at mbuynow.com available during Dec 15-31, you can click on the links for further information about the gifts, coupon codes and some other discounts. You may need to mark your calendars and save as you plan your shopping for the certain period ahead.

Gifts for RC hobbyists

This category is collected with many RC hobbies including the small gas engines, some engine parts, model airplane tools and accessories, and even some RC toys. Among these products, you can find out that the prices of them are all at the lowest price by comparing with other stores.

Gifts for Smartphone enthusiasts

Smartphone is an ordinary product for us to use to communicate with each other in our daily life, while the accessories attached to the mobile are also become necessary and popular. For most people, having an extra cell phone battery for replacement is essential because only one battery cannot support our mobile to work one day with many calls and uses. Other accessories including the mobile battery charger, LCD screen protector, power bank and battery cover are also playing an important role during they are working.

Gifts for all ages

There are collecting with many products which can be used for all ages like the fold-able table light, the laser pointers and the radio receivers. You may find out the best gift suitable for some people in your gift list.


This activity is holding from Dec 15-31, and during that time, all shoppers can enjoy 8% off when your order is more than £100 by using the coupon HAPPY 8 on checkout. What’s more, all orders less than 15kg will be sent out with free shipping worldwide.

5 products need to add into your shopping cart this holiday season

You are doing your holiday shopping from now on, and people prefer to buy products online rather than go to the crowd to find the goods what they like. As the holiday is right around the corner, it is time for you to stock up on holiday gifts for the special person in your life. You should check your gift lists carefully and your budget, to buy the good products with high quality and selling on deals that may save some money for us.

Gift for her

Whether you are choosing this gift for your mother or your sister, your girlfriend or your best friend, this large capacity 13200mAh power bank can be a good choice for you. Due to most of us are using the Smartphone during our daily life, and for these people who have busy calls or like to play the mobile, the power will easy to use up. So, at that time, taking a large capacity power bank

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can supply enough power for your mobile everywhere, it is really convenient to put it into our pocket and to avoid losing some important calls and messages. Come with six colors together, this power bank is suitable for sending as a gift to your relatives and friends.





Gift for him

If you are choosing a gift for your boyfriend, your father or someone else, you can take a look at the below products to choose the best item for the right person. For people who active of taking part in outside activities like bicycle racing, climbing, playing RC model airplane, you can choose the right item for them here:

A bike lamp may do a good job for the bicycle hobbyists; this 1400LM bike lamp can have a long distance and super brightness, gathered with the advantages of three modes to change current, you can adjust it according to your needs. The current ranging from 400 to 1400 LM, which can offer different brightness for the people to lead him a safety racing in the dark.





People who like climbing may need a durable and waterproof outdoor Smartphone, the normal Smartphone will always loss signal when stay at a high mountain, so prepare a good Smartphone for outdoor use is essential. This Runbo X3 is good equipment because it has strong features of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and it also has more functions like analog digital intercom and so on.





While for the RC modelers, a good small gas engine can always provide enough power for your model aircraft to fly in the air for a long time, and it can keep good balance with correct adjustments. This AGM 30cc gasoline engine is integrating the most advanced technologies and the low price and other advantages to provide the best performance for the users.





Gift for kids

In my opinion, most of the little boys and some girls are like to own a motorbike as a toy, especially for the boys. Because it is so cool for them to play such a wonderful RC motorbike with super energetic, the anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver make the bike stronger and durable.

Price 30-50% off on laser pointers this Christmas

Selling price up to 30-50% off on the green laser pointer, red laser pointer, multi-color lasers, mini laser pointers, laser pointer modules and laser pointer projectors this Christmas shopping holiday, mbuynow.com pushed its products selling on deals. And every people who buy items from this store can enjoy the low price and free shipping. If you are not already a member of this website, just sign up now and start saving on these laser pointers.

Featured on providing the best quality electronic products including cell phone batteries, laser pointers, bicycle lights and RC hobbies, this store now offering 30-50% off on its laser pointers before Christmas Day, and shoppers can find the best items for them to send as a gift to their friends.

If you have some office people or teachers on your Christmas list, this is the time to find amazing gifts at unbeatable prices. Choose a few favorites for them, since these items are really practical and worthy of the money. If you do not like to go to the supermarket to purchase them, then online shop may be a good choice for you since you can receive these products with free shipping and reasonable prices.



More sales on laser pointers at mbuynow.com include:

30% off 1mW green presentation laser pointer £9.99
28% off portable laser stage projector £44.99
44% off 5 in 1 green laser pointer 1mW pen with 5 star heads £9.99
46% off laser pointer green beam camouflage coating with star caps £9.99
46% off green laser sight telescopic rifle scope hunting rail mount adjustable £29.99
47% off 1mW 650nm/532nm green laser pen high-tech portable pointer £15.99
52% off 2 in 1 green laser pointer blue ball point pen £4.99
53% off flashlight style 3 in 1 blue red green laser pointer with compass £12.99
56% off 3 LED green laser pointer 1mW 532nm mini laser pen £4.99
63% off dual wavelengths laser torch green and red laser with adjustable head £19.99

One of the best deals at mbuynow.com’s laser pointers is the mini laser pointer, which is selling at a low price and with small size and lightweight. Look for hot deals on the green laser pointers, red laser pointers and others; just check the laser pointers page on the website.

Best deals on Christmas gifts: economical and practical

Still wondering about what to buy for your family or friends this Christmas? Mbuynow.com here has carried out several electronic items which offered the best choice for you: the power bank external battery chargers for mobile are the hottest gift this year and you can get amazing deals of purchasing them on this online store. Watch the lighting deals and choose the best items you like:

The hottest selling power bank external battery chargers so far are the mini portable power bank with USB cable and five connectors, and the multi-functional striking power bank accessories. These items are not so expensive, but they are really useful in our daily life, just a small size and weight, it is convenient for you to bring them everywhere and can supply power for your mobile. As we all know, the biggest problem for our Smartphone is that the power is easy to use up and you need to charge it every now and then. That is too boring for people who have busy calls or go travel, but with this device, you can charge your battery anywhere you are.

While for this power bank man-pack energy store, you can use USB and Micro USB connector to change the power bank from USB adaptor or PC’s USB port or Car charger. When all power indicators light, it means your power bank is fully charged and will stop charging automatically. This power bank charger can be compatible for the iphone, ipod and smartphones, with its big advantage of easy take, it is really a good gift for you to choose for yourself or send it as a gift to your friends. Come with two colors of black and white, and only selling for £12.90.





Choose a large capacity power bank can make sure that your mobile work for a long time, and this device equipped with five different connectors for iphone, Micro-USB, mini-USB, Nokia, PSP. This 13200 mAh capacity power bank has stocked enough power to provide power for your mobile, and you can choose the corresponding input and output ports for them. This series of power bank has six colors for you to do your own choice, and only for £13.99, it is really a good gift with the advantages of economical and practical.


Mbuynow’s extra 5% off second items plan is still continuing this month

Want to get the cell phone batteries or laser pointers, or even the RC hobbies for yourself or send as a gift to your friends? Most of the people want to buy the goods of high quality and the reasonable price, while how to buy these goods wisely is a very important thing because you can save some money from that.

The online store mbuynow.com has taken out several discounts for shoppers to get the items what they like in super deals. There has listed several hundred products for people to choose from, among them, cell phone batteries and laser pointers are the most popular products at this holiday shopping season. They are also selling with the best discounts like 30-50% off of the cell phone batteries, free gift for order over £100 and all orders less than 15kg are come with free shipping to send it everywhere around the world

Most cell phone batteries, laser pointers, and other RC accessories are selling a price which is lower than other online stores. For these people only buy one item from this store, you can enjoy the free shipping delivery method once you have selected it. While for these people who buy more than two items once, except for the first item, other items will enjoy an extra 5% off at this time.







Note that: the discounts will calculate by the system automatically, you should add the cheapest item as the first one into the shopping cart so that to make sure you can enjoy a bigger discount for your order.

All goods sold from this online store are enjoying the 30 days money back guarantee, the cell phone batteries are under half a year warranty while other products are a year. For these people who want to buy cell phone batteries, laser pointers and other products for wholesale and drop shipping from mbuynow.com, you can contact with the customer service via email or call them directly to get the biggest discounts as more as you can.

Laser pointers sales, discounts and special offers for December

With the holiday season upon us, there are plenty of products selling at special prices. December is the hottest month among the shopping holiday season.

There are especially good deals on all kinds of goods including the clothes, foods, toys and almost everything in the market. While the laser pointers, affordable and on-trend, which are regard as wonderful gifts for special people on your holiday gift list.

Mbuynow.com has collected with several laser pointers for shoppers to buy it for themselves or even send as a gift to friends or clients. These laser pointers have several categories like the green laser pointers, red laser pointers, mini pointers, multi-color lasers, laser pointer modules and projectors. They are suitable for different uses due to their features, and which can be use in various occasions. Some of them are selling for promotions and special deals in December. And you can find the discounts and special offers of them on this online store, buy these laser pointers at this month can also save some money for you.

Below is a list of many of the laser pointers sales, specials and discounts in December. Please check the goods what you like on the whole products’ page:










Mini 3 in 1 LED red laser pointers (with six different colors: Black, Green, Silver, Purple, Red and blue): £1.49
Multi-function Mini laser pointers (with four colors:

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Blue, Green, Black and silver): £1.99
4 in 1 LED teaching presentation red laser pointer: £2.99
4 in 1 Multi-functional red laser LED ball pointer: £2.99
3 LED green laser pointer mini laser pointer: £4.99
5 in 1 Green laser pointer 1mW pen: £9.99
Multi color laser pointer green red blue laser pen: £14.99
5 Lens strong light multi ops LED laser power pointer: £19.99
Dual wavelengths laser torch green and red laser pointer: £19.99
Portable laser stage projector sound activate showing system: £44.99…

For the December, you can buy these laser pointers by using a coupon code get from before, or use some points to redeem for some money. What’s more, for these orders over £100, you can also get the laser pointer for a free gift from this online store. If you purchase more than two items for once, expect for the first item, other items can also enjoy an extra 5% off. All orders less than 15kg are sending to you for free shipping worldwide.

Mbuynow cell phone batteries Cyber Monday Clearance Deals!

For these people who want to save money and like to buy products online store, it’s a good time for them to buy the discount products or purchase the goods what they like wisely. Here mbuynow.com comes with several special offers for the cell phone batteries:

There are cell phone batteries around the price of £5 on this store, these batteries are come with high efficiency and eco-friendly, and they are selling for up to 30-50% off with several popular models on this store: iphone 4s for only £4.5, Samsung S5830/Galaxy Ace Mini cell phone battery for £5.71, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for £5.5 and even Samsung SII i9100 only for £3.8.

Also, mbuynow cell phone batteries are famous for its large capacity and voltage. Mbuynow.com has displayed the latest mobile models batteries at discount prices: Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3/I9200 battery for £9.11, Samsung S4 Zoon SM-C1010 SM-C101 for £7.91, NFC Samsung Galaxy SM-N9005/SM-N900/SM-N9002 battery for £10.21 and more. Some of the cell phone batteries are come with its matched battery case to protect the battery tight. This kind of batteries are compatible for the special mobile model, which some of them are suitable for several mobile models.


Who does not like to buy things on clearance since they are of the same quality and warranty like the new items? Especially at mbuynow.com, you’ll see that there have listed several mobile batteries for you to select from, and they are all selling at a super low price. Even though they are putted into the category of clearance centre, the quality of all these products is ensured to be the same as the new mobile model batteries. And they are with the same warranty of half a year.

All orders are sent for free shipping if it is less than 15kg around the world. And shoppers can enjoy an extra 5% off for the second items once you have selected several goods in the shopping cart. So for these players who have paid attention to the discount policy, you must find that the extra 5% off can be taken to the best use of that. Only the first item you’ve selected on the shopping cart selling the original price, so you should add a cheap product as the first item so that to make sure your next items enjoy the biggest discounts as possible.


Mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals: Cell phone batteries, laser pointers and more

As many shoppers who have bought some goods from Black Friday 2013 sales, some of them may lose that holiday shopping due to some reasons. But you do not need to worry about that, here comes Cyber Monday 2013 deals.

Mbuynow.com has taken some deals today for the Cyber Monday 2013 deals on the cell phone batteries, laser pointers, RC hobbies and more. These deals were continuing selling the same price as on the Black Friday sale, they are offering this promotion for shoppers to get these goods at the super low price. Their deals include a cell phone battery special sale activity and a Thanksgiving sale with several items selling up to 30-50% off.

There are a series of deals on cell phone batteries including the iphone 4s battery for £4.50 and free shipping worldwide, and Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII battery plus black/white case for £6.50. They are also offering a coupon of cell phone batteries with different brands like iphone, Samsung, HTC and so on for 30% off.








Other mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals include a 5mw 532nm green laser pointer for £39.99 and a Tecsun FM stereo digital radio receiver for £36.99. They continue offering a free gift for order over £100, £200 or even £300, for the second item, it is available for the second item to enjoy an extra 5% off if you have ordered more than two items.

Mbuynow.com Cyber Monday 2013 deals means that the shoppers will have the same opportunity to get the best deals as the Thanksgiving Day. And all orders less than 15kg are probably enjoy the free shipping service once the shoppers have selected this option. These deals are sure to deliver within 48 hours once the shoppers have finished their orders, and they will be sent out from the nearest warehouse of this online store so that to make sure those shoppers can get them as soon as possible.

For these people who are in need of a cell phone battery for your mobile, or want to buy a laser pointer to have your speech or even lack of some RC hobbies for your model RC airplane, it is your time to hit the mbuynow’s Cyber Monday 2013 sales this year.

Black Friday 2013 Sales: 70+ of the best deals on mbuynow.com

Mbuynow.com has announced that it is holding its annual Black Friday sale again this year. There has listed more than seventy items with 30-50% off on its retail price.

Discounted pricing is available from Nov.24 to Nov.30 for one week; the online part of the sale kicks off on all orders made during this week, you can find a list of deals at this online store:

These deals are divided into several parts:

More than deals of mobile display, laser pointers, smartphone, cell phone batteries and RC accessories are up to 30% off, up to 45% off and up to 50% off. For orders over £100, £200 and £300, you’ll get the chance to choose a gift free from the listed gift zone.

While for the cell phone batteries, more than thirty deals on batteries and covers are selling at this online store, the batteries are compatible for different mobile models including the iphone,

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Samsung, HTC, LG, BlackBerry and Sony. Mbuynow cell phone batteries collected with the latest mobile models and which is welcomed by many people by its high efficiency and eco-friendly. The batteries are come with large capacity which can support your mobile use a long time, and used the technology as same as the original batteries, but the price is lower than the original items. Has combined the advantages of extra long stand-by time, lightweight, high quality and capacity, mbuynow cell phone batteries are become one of the most popular battery brands in the world.

Mbuynow.com offers free shipping service for order less than 15kg around the world, and for those players who placed the order within the event time, you’ll get the chance to enjoy an extra 5% off for the second item. Except for the first item will need to pay for full price, other items you have added into your shopping cart will also enjoy the extra 5% off.

And, if you see the deal of what you like listed here and want to buy them at this online store, here are the special pages for Black Friday deals of Thanksgiving clearance sale and cell phone batteries , you can go there to choose the best deals.

Best radio receivers for Black Friday

Buy a radio receiver on Black Friday sale, you can get it at a price as cheap as possible, and you’ll never regret buying that from mbuynow.com.

Radio receivers seem to be not so popular among the young people, while it is widely used by the old man and some students. While can use to receive the latest news, and it is convenient for you to bring it anywhere by putting into your pocket. It is a good choice for you to purchase one for your parents or your grandmother and grandfather, this radio receiver is easy to use and that supported by the batteries. For these young people who are busy with working and have enough time to accompany the old man, send them a good radio receiver can help your families not so lonely.

And for the students, I think own such a radio receiver can help you listen to stations from all around the world, as well as those from broadcasters nearer home. While for the Black Friday, these radio receivers are all selling at a special price online:

Tecsun S2000 Air Band Desktop Radio Receiver £225.99

The Tecsun S-2000 has an upmarket look with user-friendly buttons and a LCD display on the front panel that is elegant in its simplicity and impressive in its functionality. It provides 4 tuning methods, includes auto tuning, manual tuning, direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning.

This S-2000 uses the latest technology and comes with FM, LW, MW, SW, SSB and Aircraft bands so you can listen to more stations in clear digital broadcast quality. Alternatively play music through the 4 inches high quality speaker or MP3 socket. This is a perfect desktop radio!

Tecsun PL600 PLL Digital Radio Receiver £58.50

Tecsun, a leading manufacturer of quality radios for over 19 years, brings to customer the PL-600 digital radio receiver. With strong FM reception and superior sound quality, this portable radio will tune you in to your favorite stations in the garden, or away from home while camping, fishing, at the beach, or anywhere that you wish to listen to the radio away from conventional power sources.

The PL-600 is available in three colors – a medium grey, silver, and black. It has an excellent reception with high sensitivity and selectivity. Broadcast listening is a pleasure and Amateur stations can be resolved with judicious use of the BFO. It’s not a communications receiver, but also a very good all band portable radio.

For orders over £100, you’ll be able to get a free gift from mbuynow.com, and if you purchase two items or more than two, then except for the first item, other items will be able to enjoy an extra 5% off of its retail price. To see more radio receivers, just check them here.