Best radio receivers for Black Friday

Buy a radio receiver on Black Friday sale, you can get it at a price as cheap as possible, and you’ll never regret buying that from

Radio receivers seem to be not so popular among the young people, while it is widely used by the old man and some students. While can use to receive the latest news, and it is convenient for you to bring it anywhere by putting into your pocket. It is a good choice for you to purchase one for your parents or your grandmother and grandfather, this radio receiver is easy to use and that supported by the batteries. For these young people who are busy with working and have enough time to accompany the old man, send them a good radio receiver can help your families not so lonely.

And for the students, I think own such a radio receiver can help you listen to stations from all around the world, as well as those from broadcasters nearer home. While for the Black Friday, these radio receivers are all selling at a special price online:

Tecsun S2000 Air Band Desktop Radio Receiver £225.99

The Tecsun S-2000 has an upmarket look with user-friendly buttons and a LCD display on the front panel that is elegant in its simplicity and impressive in its functionality. It provides 4 tuning methods, includes auto tuning, manual tuning, direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning.

This S-2000 uses the latest technology and comes with FM, LW, MW, SW, SSB and Aircraft bands so you can listen to more stations in clear digital broadcast quality. Alternatively play music through the 4 inches high quality speaker or MP3 socket. This is a perfect desktop radio!

Tecsun PL600 PLL Digital Radio Receiver £58.50

Tecsun, a leading manufacturer of quality radios for over 19 years, brings to customer the PL-600 digital radio receiver. With strong FM reception and superior sound quality, this portable radio will tune you in to your favorite stations in the garden, or away from home while camping, fishing, at the beach, or anywhere that you wish to listen to the radio away from conventional power sources.

The PL-600 is available in three colors – a medium grey, silver, and black. It has an excellent reception with high sensitivity and selectivity. Broadcast listening is a pleasure and Amateur stations can be resolved with judicious use of the BFO. It’s not a communications receiver, but also a very good all band portable radio.

For orders over £100, you’ll be able to get a free gift from, and if you purchase two items or more than two, then except for the first item, other items will be able to enjoy an extra 5% off of its retail price. To see more radio receivers, just check them here.

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