New Bike can Charge for Mobile Phone and Bike Light

According to the daily mail, a new innovation bicycle made by kitchen countertop materials can charge for iPhone, camera, or even to recharge electric cars.

This new bicycle is a pro-environment products which coming from Dezien Company, and it can store the kinetic energy into the built-in battery and then to charge for the mobile phone and electric cars.

This new suspension bike can connect with other devices through the USB port hiding in the bike torch, and it will stock the energy produced by the footstep. Besides, there is a touch screen display in the bicycle showing how much electric power does the bicycle has produced. And it is also can be regarded as a monitor to judge the heart rate of the rider. What’s more, a Wi-Fi installation set for the bike.

This transcendental masterpiece is produced by three designers of Dezien Company. Their inner battery can charge during the bike working, and then collect the energy from the footstep into battery, after that you can connect to your mobile phone, camera, and other electric products to charge from the bike via the USB port.

With that set, you do not need to wrong about lacking in power of your mobile phones, your camera, or even your bike light. Guess that, when you go a long distance by bike, and your bike light was lack of power now, what will you do? Normally, we can do nothing but to wait for someone else to help us. But if you’re driving this new suspension bike, you can charge the bike light at any time once it is lacking in power. This battery can in stock energy for you from your footstep, that’s to say, your bicycle light will always be light.

With such a bike, we do not need to take many things when we go out, like the mobile charger, camera charger, and others. Only a USB line will satisfy all your needs. Is that sounding great? Do you want to have such a multi-function bike for yourself? Just take it now!

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