High Capacity Power Bank Release for £35.50

New mBuyNow brand universal power bank releases today, the retail price is £35.50, equivalent to $56.88 USD. It is available in six colors: red, pink, coffee, blue, white and black. With so many colors to choose from and its multi-function, we believe that the 13200mAh power bank will be favoring all users.

portable power bank 13200mAh

High capacity power bank is a rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery designed to be portable and convenient, and can be used with most popular devices. Comes with 5 connectors, it can charge your iPhone, smartphone, Nokia, PSP, Micro-USB and mini-USB devices, all in one hand. Feature 3.7V 13200mAh 48.84Wh high capacity which makes the multi-function power bank become your good companion in business trip.

Made of ABS material and uses linear controller chips, this external battery power bank has an exquisite design. It is light-weight and small, therefore, you can put it in your pocket, your bag and carry it with you anytime. And don’t worry about your phone or mini-USB devices run out battery suddenly on the go.

Usually, the first charge takes 24 hours, after that you can fully charge the power bank within just 20 hours. Charging your devices with this POWER BANK is easy. Simply connect your device with the supplied tips to the input port of the POWER BANK. Press the power switch once then you can see the blue power indicator light flashing alternately, means your power bank is working.

As with most electronic products, this high capacity power bank built-in intellectual protection chip, once your electric device is full of electricity, it will stop working intelligently. What is worth mentioning is this cool gadget is electricity-saving which will save you money and decrease pollution.

high capacity power bank 13200mAh

Whether you are looking for the best backup external battery power bank, long trips power for smart phone device, PSP or other mini USB device, this universal 13200mAh high capacity power bank will be your best choice.

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