Frequently Asked Question of RC Model Aircraft

As the new RC modelers may have a lot of questions when they begin to play radio control hobbies especially RC model aircraft novices, here I have listed some questions which players always asked:

Q: How weight does the RC model aircraft has?

A: The weight of the RC model aircraft depends on the mode of the airplane, and also based on the weight and size of the engine and electrical devices. Generally, 450 level helicopters are about 1000g.

Q: What fuel oil does the oil engine RC helicopter use for? Can we mix the oil by ourselves?

A: Normally, the oil RC model is using the professional oil, if you don’t want to buy it from the model store, you can buy it from the local chemical reagent shop. And then to mix it according to the proportion of 4:1, 4 for methanol fuel and one castor oil to act as the lubricant.

Q: What are the composition and material of the remote control helicopter?

A: The complexity of the RC helicopter is far higher than that of model aircraft fixed wing, rack, remote control, engine, gyroscope, and the steering gear; Material is stainless steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, ABS, nylon, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. While the toy helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft is mainly using the engineering plastics.

Q: Are the metal remote control helicopter more resistant to fall off?

A: There will be a lot of vibration in flight, which requires different material components to cooperate. Once falling, the nylon material can give the impact to minimize, but the metal will fuselage somewhere if variant, that will be repaired.

Q: How long does a new beginner can learn to fly, and will not fall off?

A: This question will vary from person to person, individual power ability and the ability to respond is very important, here I recommend beginners to prepare a practice frame, then the aircraft can play a particularly large blade of protection.

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