Guest Post Blogging Guidelines

We are now accepting pitches for guest posts on the mBuyNow – RC hobbies and electronics blog. We will continue to post, but we want to give others the chance to share their expertise as well.

What topics and subjects are preferred?

Here is what we’re interested in posting for our readers:

Choosing guides, uses, interesting features, installation or maintaining tips for: Radio control hobbies, RC airplane, boat, car, truck, helicopter, RC hobby engine, motor, RC battery, charger, measurement, and more RC related. Or other electronics include LED flashlight, diving light, bicycle light, laser pointer, smart cell phone, radio receiver, and more.

These are the subjects our audience is most interested in, because we mainly deal in those kinds of RC hobby and electronics. That’s said, there are so many topics you can choose from. The fact that we don’t deal in something at a particular time doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested in it, so if we get a really interesting guest post on one of those other topics; we certainly won’t give it the automatic reject.

If you’re interested and good at other topics, then when you have an idea, contact me at You should wait to write the piece until we have approved the topic. It’s not that we want to control everything with a tight fist, but this is a new thing for us, and we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, you see.

Quality Requirements
1. The post must be original, and not taken from somewhere else on the internet.
2. You post must be useful to this blog’s audience.
3. Post must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
4. Once we publish it, you can’t republish again elsewhere on the internet.
5. Our posts range from 400 to 700 words. Fewer or more is acceptable, as we really value clarity.
6. As much as you can, please try to use commonplace language. One way we do this is by saying what the word means rather than using the word itself.

Link Requirements and Policies
Of course, do feel free to include a link back to your site, or some other site, in your post content or author bio. Usually, you may include a 3-5 sentence author bio, which will be published at the end of the guest post. In additional to that, 1-2 links to branded online destination are allowed in content, your personal website, blog or other social profile may be included in the bio. We hope to rarely take out links, for a 400+ words post, the maximum link is 3. And a post less than 400 words, 2 links are allowed.

Also, in some cases we may be required to approve a piece only if a content exchange is made. For example, you post on my blog, and we post on yours. It’s not a hard rule (yet?), but please considers it to be a strong possibility.

Editing and Posting
Generally, we should rarely make many changes, but we will edit your post for grammatical errors and facts. Before we publish it, we will send the complete text of the post to you.

What would we reject?
We will skip it if either your idea pitch or the final post is nothing more than an advertisement for your own blog or products.

Once you have an idea and are interested, please contact me at Once we finalize the post, we will communicate with you about when it will publish.

I’m excited about seeing what people come up with!

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