Tecsun S2000 Air Band Radio Receiver Review

Tecsun S2000 is defined as a desktop radio receiver. Comparison with other Tecsun seria radios, its appearance has made a great change. And the main feature is that you can listen to more stations as it comes with FM, LW, MW, SW, SSB and Aircraft bands.

Although it is available on the market for a long period of time, people seem to comment on Tecsun S2000 than other digital radios. A quick look at four pages of eBay or Amazon reviews revealed that most owners rate it 4 or 5 out of 5 stars while a very small handful rate it a 1 or a 2.

Now, let’s have a glance of S2000. Read more about Tecsun PL-380 Review.

Tecsun S2000

When first see this radio, you cannot imagine that it is a Tecsun serial radio. It breaks down its own style. With 372 x 183 x 153 mm body, moderate sized LCD display, no extra button for easy to use. You can direct tuning with the keypad. A rotating ferrite AM antenna is just like most desktop radios offered. Tuning knob is easy to spin with a fingertip and the dedicated Fast/Slow tuning speed button is easier to use than the auto tuning speed feature on many Tecsun radios.

The Tecsun version offers the same performance but with the addition of in IF output for an outboard DRM or other adapter. What impressed me most is that Tecsun S2000 fairly complete antenna input facilities, SSB, Air Band and a rotating ferrite rod antenna on the top of the unit. ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) for AM and FM, a variable RF Gain control, a squelch control for provide clear sound, dual alarm clocks can be use to wake you up at a specific time , three position input attenuator and the ability to defeat the built-in antennas when using external antennas for all bands except the Air Band. It lacks the sophisticated memory system but still offer 1000 station memories.

Sounds quality
The Tecsun S2000 is great audio quality with separate bass and treble and a beefy speaker. It is a pleasant sounding radio. The Mediumwave of signal to noise ratio is greater than 45db, shortwave is greater than 45db and FM 60db. It was upstaged by the much more powerful and wide-range audio, but really, it’s not bad. I would say it is controlling a higher range of frequencies than a typical bass control…hence the unusual affect. One oddity is the separate bass control…it seems to affect volume more than bass.

Frequency Range
FM: 76-108 MHz
Mediumwave (MW): 522-1620 kHz/520-1710 kHz selectable
Longwave (LW): 100-5139 kHz
Shortwave (SW): 1711-30000 kHz
Aircraft: 118-137 MHz
Tecsun S2000 has a very low noise floor. It is noticeably more sensitive on AM and had a much lower noise on AM as well. It was also better on SW but not by nearly as much…the difference was usually fairly subtle on SW. When you listen SW at night, you may feel a stronger signals fading in and out.

Tecsun S2000 acquitted itself very well on SSB…it was easy to tune for best reception and it seemed rock stable, never drifting noticeably.

To be sure, one can have a lot of fun with the Tecsun S2000 and on its own it can be very pleasing.

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