What Factors Need to Consider when Choosing a Green Laser Pointer?

As we all known, the first lasers ever designed to be used as a suitable hand held laser pointer device were red laser. But nowadays, green laser pointers become the most popular as they are superior to the red ones.

There are so many cheap laser pointers and brand manufactures in the market, choosing the best green laser pointer become a hard task. After all, a laser is never safe if you use it in wrong ways and if you use the ‘wrong’ ones. Thus, you may choose the best one based on what you need, knowing how to test for defects, as well as get a warranty or guarantee on the product.

So what factors you need to consider of green laser pointer? Are style, power, functions, battery, warranty, and price?

First, you need to consider about the laser power. For example: star gazing with a pointer takes a lot more power than pointing at a presentation board in the same room. Thus, if you just need to get them for your presentation, a maximum output less than 5mW is power enough. Also the classified as class 2 or 3R is safe for use according to the label. Do not use Class 3b or 4 products.

Quality and defects
For low power (below 20mw) lasers, if the light turns from dark color to brightened color, then there may be something wrong with the circuit or LD of this laser pointer. The quality for a laser pointer is very important. When testing a laser pointer, keep track of its color and watch for changes, because fluctuations can indicate a problem with the light-emitting diode.

Appearance and material
What appearance the green laser pointer do you want to get? Small and light-weight green laser pointer pens are common on the market, most of them are comes with a clip to secure to a shirt pocket. Other shorter and thicker laser pointers feature a keychain. A green laser pointer that resembles a fancy pen might even come with a case to further fool other people.

Material related to the price of laser pointer. The plastic is the cheapest, metal and aluminum are a little bit expensive. If you want to use for a long time, then keep away the plastic ones.

Some low power laser pointers are cheap, others can be expensive. So warranty should be a part of factors for choosing laser pointers. Make sure to get a warranty or at least a money-back guarantee to easily solve this problem.

Most retailers provide warranty guaranteed, such as mBuyNow, they provide six months limited product warranted even for a ten pounds laser pointer.

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