The Best RC Engines under £200

If you are looking for a new RC engine and want to have it at a low price, you’re in luck. More affordable RC engines that cost less than £200 are probably the best they’ve ever been in terms of quality. Fuel efficiency and wonderful design and more showed at

But this leads to some problems for the RCers, which RC engine should

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they buy and which one is the best? After all, they are all of high quality; you can choose the one matches your airplane. published a list of what items are under the price of £200. They are all good items that are stylish, reliable and great value.

1. DLE20 Gasoline Engine: £157.50

Although it was the model published for more than one year, DLE20 is a gasoline engine of 20cc engine and features a muffler and electronic for starting ease and top performance. Translating to a maximum of 13.2 pounds of static thrust, this engine is said to be a chargeable item for RCers to buy in.

DLE20 Gasoline Engine

2. DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine: £149.50

DLE30 Gas engine has the advantage different from other engines, such as the light weight and great power output for its size -3.7 HP@8500rpm. And this item is ideal for you to choose for your RC airplane at such a low price at present.

DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine

3. GP26R 26cc Engine Piston Two Stroke Petrol/Gasoline Engine: £115.00

This engine perhaps is the cheapest engines we’ve seen up to now. It is totally a new product appeared in the market for not a long time. Fuel efficient, affordable and reliable, it is welcomed by most of new beginners to choose. Because it can show you a smooth speed, and also has enough power supporting your airplane and aircraft.
GP26R 26cc Engine Piston Two Stroke Petrol/Gasoline Engine

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