mBuyNow Launch 120A ESC Speed Controller with Bluetooth Module

Toro TS 120A ESC speed controller is designed for 1/10 scale RC cars, It can be programmed by program box, PC or smart phone via Bluetooth module. And firmware can be updated by connecting the ESC with PC or smart phone, says mBuyNow.

mBuyNow has launched the brand new Toro 120A ESC speed controller. Users can set the turbo and boosting timing to improve the motor RPM to get its best performance.

Toro 120A ESC features low voltage protection, motor and ESC overheat protection and signal lost protection. The internal resistance can be reduced by laminated copper stack control technology and cooling fan design (8V 0.2A 20000RPM) so that the dynamic thermal equilibrium can be got. In this case, the aluminum heat sinks can works effectively.

Well-performed throttle and brake control function could control the punch/brake rate by point and the point can be set by user. The precision of the punch/brake rate is 1%. And the user could also custom the throttle/brake curve.

Toro 120A speed controller

This unit is also capable of programmed by PC or mobile phone via Bluetooth module. Users could modify the setting, monitor the ESC and motor status at any time by smart phone.

There is nothing out there quite like this speed controller. The users could set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These data could be called out at any time without any special program setting. All the setting can be exported or imported so that the user could compare and analyze.

Technology and RC enthusiast don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds for an ESC or even close to a hundred pounds. The Toro Ts 120A brushless motor speed controller provides them with bleeding edge technology for the fraction of the cost.