mBuyNow Offers Multi-Color Laser Pointer with High Quality Guarantee

With the development of the information, the popularity of multimedia equipment and projector, flip laser pointer has become indispensable electrical products used widely in office and teaching due to it is easy for carrying. In frequent meetings, speech, and teaching demonstrations, laser pointer plays an important role.

mBuyNow has come out with several different modes of multi-color laser pointers to meet the market. Its colored laser pointer has won great praise from the professional persons based on “professional, accurate and high quality”. And it’s forwarded to become the best dazzling star in this industry.

Multi Color Laser Pointer

The overall appearance of this product looks very simple and fashion, some parts of the body are made by aviation aluminum materials, so it has high strength and toughness, good plasticity and resistance to corrosion. This multi-color laser pointer has experienced plenty of working procedures so that to make it a sense of the military and it’s comfortable for you to hold it in your hand. This item has achieved the concept of man-machine interactive, a key to manage all the factors such as when the speaker click one time, then the PPT page will down to the next one; double-click on the PPT page, the page will up to the above one; and long time press is the laser instructions.    Due to it has collected the general functions of PPT control to the teachers, trainers, experts and scholars, so this multi-color laser pointer can get presenters out of the computer, you do not need to talk with your audience or keep close to the projection screen, that can makes the speaker to play a wonderful speech.

It has an electronic pointer function that can make the audiences see clearly all the content of the presentation. Because of the multi-color laser pointer has used a flexible way to supply power by the inner lithium battery, so you do not need to change the battery for this laser pointer. It has made full use of the existing resource to produce a new adapter for the battery, not only save the time, but also saves money for you. What’s more, this multi-color laser pointer also becomes the green fashion product.

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