Best prices for iphone 5s/5c, Samsung Note III display models

Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are always meant the shopping season for the Americans; it is the best time for people to get the deals on most of the products like electronics and smartphones. Most of the products are selling a price lower than anytime of the year, and there will be many discounts and coupon codes for you to save money during the shopping season. Not only online stores offered best price for the holiday, the physical stores like Walmart and Target are always selling their products with best prices.

For these mobile retailers, a mobile display model is necessary to have it listed on the table for customers. The mobile display models are made of the same appearances and similar shape of the real items and which is high quality and makes your shop more high-end. If you displaying this model in your exhibition counter, you can introduce the real mobiles to your customer more conveniently.

Here are the latest iphone 5s/5c and Samsung Note III display models:

Iphone 5s model: This display model comes with two colors: white and black, which can be displayed on the counter or put in a bumper case, they are with high quality and also a wonderful toy for your kids, only selling for £9.99 at this holiday season.







Iphone 5c: the colorful version with the same technology at last year’s iphone 5, this display model of this mobile has four colors including the yellow, pink, green and blue. They are also selling for £9.99 at this week.









Except for the iphone display models, Samsung mobile also is a large giant brand in the smartphone market which has released several models with different specifications and prices.

Samsung Note III: Among these products of Samsung, this mobile comes with a large screen and a thin body, and there are three different colors for the display models: white, black and pink. The prices of them are the same as the above products.








Tips: Buy more than two products at the Black Friday sale; you can enjoy the extra 5% off for the second item.