Laser Pointer: Must Read for New Users

Improper use of the laser will hurt to person, so it is necessary for us to learn carefully about the tips of using powerful laser pointer before we use:

Laser safe use instructions:

1. Laser shouldn’t point to your eyes or any other’s eyes at any time, even if the laser was closed, it will also possibility to be opened by accident.

2. Laser cannot illuminate any reflective surface or smooth surface, because laser has a wonderful reflective and will produce reflection when irradiated to the reflective surface. Once the light exposure to people’s eyes, that will lead to damage to us.

3. Laser is not a toy, it cannot use by Children, people who do not have a complete intelligence, and someone who do not know exactly about that, in such a case, it is probably to cause damage for us.

4. You should wear special goggles when you using laser, especially for the invisible laser.

5. Laser cannot irradiate to the transportation tools like vehicle, airplane with someone at.

6. Be attentive to the safety of laser battery, prevent others to remove the battery and lead to burning of short circuit or accidents happened by a battery explosion.

7. Do not use a laser to make fun of the other in

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8. High-power laser, especially for these burning, you must use it safe, do not illuminate others and light these inflammables and explosives items.

The general use of civilian laser:

1: General instructions: such as workshop, warehouse, assembly, construction area, etc. At these cases, we usually use small power laser pointers.

2: Outdoor signal indicator: We can use the laser pointer to act as the laser signal outside in darkness, especially for the bicycle riders to use it working as a signal to communicate with each other when climbing. If you’ve lost, you can ask for help with the laser pointers to make light.

3: Parallel instructions: Laser light is aggregate light, laser straight over short distances; the light can be used as the horizontal guide.

4: General entertainment interests: especially in high power, laser is used for entertainment, be sure to the above tips of security.