Green Helicopter will Become the Next Generation of Civil Helicopters

Helicopter’s special function embodies its advantage in the aircraft, but since the 1970 s, the helicopter did not gain a great breakthrough in flight performance and noise control. Modern helicopter research and development are paying more attentions on the basic performance, and also on its competitiveness which embodied in the low-income, economy, comfort and so on comprehensive performance.

But there are still three unavoidable disadvantages in modern helicopter: one is a large noise; second, the speed is low; third is the big shaking. If these three problems resolved, helicopter aircraft will be the perfect aircraft.

The cause of the three faults is determined by the helicopter configuration, helicopter rotor is the only lifting surface for helicopter and control surfaces, the design is close to the limit of physics, rotor disk asymmetry lift phenomenon are inevitable, that is the helicopter flight on blade and blade aerodynamic status after is not the same, once this happened, the end paddle loss its speed and the front paddle facing resistance, which will lead to the helicopter work out of control and also bring loudly sounds.

For solving this situation, we should make measures step by step. The helicopter will produce some effects on civilizes of the near people like the loudly sound and the air pollutions. It is different from the fixed wing aircraft. In order to avoid these pollutions, the airport can be built around the city for fixed wing aircraft. But the airplane needs to be built in the centre of the city. So down the sound and decrease pollution is called green airplane.

The resource of the outside sound of the helicopters

The main sound resource of the helicopters is coming from the rotor, scull and engine. Among the three kinds, sounds from scull and engine are the high frequency; it can quickly decrease the speed in the air. Rotor noise is the main element of the outside noise. So we are focused on solving the noise of the rotor. Design of the rotor pneumatic, active rotor flap and self-adaptive rotor are all do help for decrease the noise of the helicopters.

The development of the air pollutions

We can take some regular measures of air pollution to solve it, diesel engine helicopters, electric helicopter, mixed motives helicopters and power tail rotor are all come make the environment better.

Model helicopters will become a widely used tool for people in the future, and we can use it to do many things. Yet, having a model RC airplane may also is a good thing for us at present.