Review: SkyRC GPS Speed Meter Makes Your Driving More Convenient

Are you still wondering about how to measure how fast your RC car, airplane and helicopter runs and how high can they reach? Now it is available for you to know these data easy only with one device – SkyRC GPS speed meter.

SkyRC GPS speed meter

This device is specially designed for the RC hobbyists to use to measure the speed and height of the RC car and airplane run. It can record the speed of the RC airplane or car, and the altitude total mileage/kilometer and longitude/latitude and to show them on the screen clearly and easy to understand. RC hobbyists also can adjust the data by fine-tune the RC gadgets to make it achieve a better performance. released a SkyRC GPS speed meter on its online RC store, this unit is boasting an ultra compact GPS module with hidden antenna design, the high-sensitivity GPS receiver chip can do quick positioning, a robust controller IC to keep recording speed and altitude in real time, so that you can know well about the work of the RC car, airplane or helicopter at the first time.

Frequency 1.023 MHZ
Update frequency 1 Hz
Receiver L1, 1575.42 MHZ
Antenna type Built-in
Operating humidity 5% to 90%
Operating temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Storage temperature -10℃ to +60℃
Satellite signal reception sensitivity -159dBm
Dimensions 65.7×39.6×20.8mm
Weight 41g

* Top altitude
* GPS Coordinator
* 32 parallel satellite searching channels
* Speed meter with top speed memory
* Support both Metric and Imperial system of measurements
* Compact and easy to carry
* UTC timestamp logged for each track point
* PC link for data logging & google map
* Firmware upgradable
* Built-in 4M flash (recording time: 6 hours)
* Built-in rechargeable, LiPo battery 200mAh (Operating time: 150 minutes)

How to mount the GPS speed meter for RC racing or flying?

It is recommended to use VELCRO or other fastening tape to mount the speed meter onto your RC cars, planes or helicopters. The GPS antenna can pick up signals through glass and plastic but will not pick up signals through metal or other conductive surfaces.

To avoid interference with the GPS signal, make sure that the GPS antenna is not covered or shielded by any object containing metal. Due to this fact, please try to mount the meter on top as possible as you can.

This SkyRC GPS speed meter is selling for £47.60 at, and you can add it into your shopping cart to have it work right now, using this item, you can know exactly about how fast and how high your RC airplane flying in the air.