Set up New Google Analytics for Your Website

Recently, Google has released new tracking code analytics.js. It is an evolution of Google Analytics. Most website owners will be excited to this big change. The analytics is more flexible than the old one, users can custom parameters easily. Not only tracking your website, but also mobile apps, almost any other device as well.

As Google said, “The analytics.js snippet is part of Universal Analytics, which is currently in public beta. New users should use analytics.js. Existing ga.js users should create a new web property for analytics.js and dual tag their site. It is perfectly safe to include both ga.js and analytics.js snippets on the same page”.

A few minutes ago, I just copy this tracking code to my site:

I am looking forward to seeing the new version of data analysis. Unfortunately, Google will take few hours to get the real data. So don’t worry about that if you’re told “not install the tracking code”. That is normal. For the last version of Google analytics, I faced the same problem and waited for almost three days. But it solved at last. Thanks god.

From the Google development center, we can get the following information:

Once you’ve added the tag to your site you should start to see data in the Real Time reports. Google Analytics processes data about every 4 hours. So the standard reports will be populated about 4 hours after the code is installed. But it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for data to appear.
Using the basic tag you’ll get a lot of data including:

  • Page Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Social Interaction
  • User Timings
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • Domains & Cookies

If you do decide to use the new tracking code, don’t forget to copy analytics.js snippets on your page.

For more information, please visit Google develops center.