The Difference between Bike Light and Flashlight

Bike light is a very important tool for the bike riders to ride at night. A few years ago, bike light was developed as a professional product. While before the professional bike come out, many people use the flashlight to make strong brightness.

However, the function of flashlight is limit and they are mainly designed using for climbing, hiking, emergency lighting at home and others. Strong LED light flashlight has its unique characteristics. It concentrates the light by smooth focusing cup, and to make the brightness with strong light shot from the center. Even some light can reach to a distance of 20 meters. For example, if you are riding on a small road, and there is a strong light shoot into the eyes of the driver, so that he cannot see clearly about your position, that may be leading to some bad accidents.

While for the night riders, they need the bicycle light with high anti-seismic property and strong enough power to guide them. Even in the rainy day, the bicycle light requires a high anti-seismic property and good waterproof to ride in the night so that to make sure you can get a safe ride.

Another main feature of bicycle light is its free hand design. As all we can see, a bicycle light is very easy to install on a bike and you can adjust its direction and position effortlessly. Thus, it insures one can ride more safely in the darkness.

Most of the strong light flashlights are use the 18650 batteries, due to it do not have a high require on the seismic performance, and used the spring to fix the battery, once there has something happened on the battery, then the light will suddenly get dark. All the above have shown that the strong light flashlights are not the best choice for night riding.

For a smart bicycle light, it should have some features of waterproof and long time power supply. Most of the bicycle lights in the market are designed to continue working for four to five hours. And they are made of some special materials so that it can be durable for a long time.