Some Questions Hot Discussed about DLE30 Gasoline Engine

There are some players who have bought DLE30 gasoline engines from, but they do not know how to install it into their RC airplane. Or some of them find that there are some problems happened during the installing the engine. Read about Introducing the DLE-30 Gas Engine

Here let have a look at what they said:


“Sandydr: So, I am putting together my first gas engines plane (Slipstream Beaver) and have a few quite basic questions which I am looking for help with. I use gas Zenoah engines on my boats (Also view 26CC Pull Starter for RC Boat Engines GW26i Zenoah CRRCPRO), but this is the first time using electronic ignition and a DLE 30.”

1. Trying to keep the spark plug cap from the spark plug, but it just falls out. Is there some sort of retaining clip that I am missing, or is it just brute force to push it further in?

2. My choke is really close to the firewall. I was planning to attach it to a servo, but I think the hole required so the clevis moves freely would be too big. Are there any suggestions on how to control the choke?

3. So there is a hole in the firewall which is facing the carb. Is it ok to put the gas line, servo lines through this hole? Or should I make a new one to keep the air flow around the carb clear?

4. I was planning on putting the EI module under the carb. Is this ok?
Sorry for if these questions are basic, but I don’t know anyone locally with a gas engine plane, so I am ‘winging it’… Thanks, Sandy”

Yeah, I think this situation is happened for someone else too. Sometimes, we should keep the ignition away from heat that many are mounted above or to the side of the engine. We can make new holes in the servo rods and fuel lines on our airplane. And we can also buy new carb arms and re-position them, or you could also mod the choke arm yourself as many people always do.

Another way is that you can place the CDI unit inside on your airplane as there wasn’t any place to put it up front. If the CDI module is small enough, you can place it on the firewall above the engine; or to put a little plywood shelf there and use Velcro to attach the CDU module to the firewall and shelf.

There are also some new ways to solve this problem; you may try it by yourself!

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