Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer

Smartphone has become one of the necessity in our daily life, and we are usually cannot live without it. But no matter how many advanced technologies and new designs on the new mobile, the standby time of the mobile is still a big problem.






Here I’d like to show some tips to make your mobile battery use for a longer time:

1. Open the saving power mode when you not use it, you may just turn the luminance of the screen a little bit dark, that will save some power for you. Even if you have opened the mobile at this mode, you can also receive calls and massages. There will not do a big effect on your normal use of the mobile.

2. Close the mobile signal searching function. If you do not close that function, your mobile will search the signal near you automatically. And that will also consume the power of your mobile.

3. You should charge your mobile battery with full power before you go out, and make sure the battery is full charge and full discharge so that to use it for a long time.

4. Close the unnecessary functions on your mobile including the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared capabilities, because that functions will also use the power of your mobile.

5. Prepare a new cell phone battery for replacement, when we go out for business, travel or something else, we should always bring another mobile battery along with us. That can be used to replace the old one when the power use up.

6. A power bank will stock and supply power anytime and anywhere for you, that is really a way for you to charge your power quickly and convenient.

Note: In order to make your cell phone battery use for a longer time, you should take good care of them. New Lithium-ion battery must be fully charged and fully discharged 2-3 times before being fully conditioned. You should remember that a new Lithium-ion battery’s full performance and longevity are only achieved after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles. collects many Smartphone batteries for series mobile models including the iphone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Sony. Among them, the Samsung batteries and iphone batteries are the most popular in the market. These batteries are welcomed by the users by the great quality and price.

Unique and limited edition Christmas gifts for lovers

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Christmas? And you want the gift be unique or comes with a limited edition, even the goods should be special and different from other products.

For most of the people, we would be happy to receive a gift special and unique. While the special gift has little relationship with how much money you have spent, but also the goodwill of the sender.

This Christmas, I think most of you are still thinking about what gifts you should buy to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ignore the normal things like clothes, shoes and toys, a special and limited edition mobile case may do a difference for you. has carried out three special iphone cases for you to send it to your lovers, if your lover uses the iphone mobile, and that may be a good gift for her or him. Designed for iphone 5 mobile phone, made from hard metal and reliable quality, this iphone 5 gold replacement metal alloy London edition hard case can make you a different feeling, also will protect your phone from scratching or dropping. The gold appearance makes this mobile case luxury and fashionable, no doubt that is a stylish performance.

There are 2 mobile cases for the iphone 5 and one for iphone 5s at, all of them are produced with a limited quantity, so it is impossible for a lot of users to have it for their mobiles.

Featured with the limited edition and special design iphone mobile cases are no doubt the best choice for these people who want to send it to the special person in their life. And the price of these mobile cases also reasonable, only spend less than fifty pounds to get such a wonderful gift, that’s really a bargain.

Want to buy one for your lover, just go there to purchase one or you may also buy two if both of you are using the same model mobile. For orders over £100, you can enjoy an extra 8% off of your total amount during the Christmas sale.

Best deals on the laser pointers – Disco products

Since Christmas holiday is only few days away, there will be several days for Americans to have a rest and stay together with their parents and friends. At this special holiday, some people like to go nuts with the decorating and cooking, while still some young people want to stay with friends to hold a party and sing together.

While in order to get a wonderful atmosphere and have fun, a little” wow-factor” in a small living room may have more feelings. Have one laser star projector and disco laser light sometimes can give us a different experience. has offered that equipment with super deals at its Christmas Sale, the holographic stage light has adopt latest laser technology, which can give green and red laser in various shapes and images like fireworks, stars etc. The most important point, there is a supporting tripod for you to put it in a striking place. And this laser stage light is sound activated and also can play automatically or according to music volume. Take this laser stage projector home, you will be the king holds the whole party. Since it is comes with small size and you can even take it to community squares or parks. A fascinating day begins with this stage light. While for the 3 in 1 party handheld laser light show disco, it is really mini and useful; the green laser beam can change in various patterns.

With these products, there will be livelier for all of you to relax yourselves completely, and they can use for many occasions like the birthday party and other activities.



Best deals on the two items:

Portable Laser Stage Projector Sound Activate Showing System for Entertainment for £44.99
3 in 1 Mini Party Handheld Laser Light Show Disco Hot Dance Lighting for £18.5

Note: While if you want to buy other items together at for your Christmas gift lists, you can go to the main store to see more. Orders over £100 are able to enjoy an extra 8% off and free shipping worldwide.

Mbuynow sales, discounts and activity dates: December15-31

With Christmas only few days away, many stores are prepared all kinds of deals and promotions to celebrate this special holiday. as one of these online stores which also took out several sales and discounts for these shoppers as the holiday draw near.

There are especially good deals on cell phone batteries, laser pointers and RC hobbies at this online store. These products come with an affordable price and excellent quality, which are no doubt to be the wonderful gifts for special people on your holiday gift list. You can enjoy shopping at this store since there has listed three large categories for you: Gifts for RC hobbyists, Gifts for Smartphone enthusiasts, and Gifts for all ages.

Below is a list of many of the sales and specials at available during Dec 15-31, you can click on the links for further information about the gifts, coupon codes and some other discounts. You may need to mark your calendars and save as you plan your shopping for the certain period ahead.

Gifts for RC hobbyists

This category is collected with many RC hobbies including the small gas engines, some engine parts, model airplane tools and accessories, and even some RC toys. Among these products, you can find out that the prices of them are all at the lowest price by comparing with other stores.

Gifts for Smartphone enthusiasts

Smartphone is an ordinary product for us to use to communicate with each other in our daily life, while the accessories attached to the mobile are also become necessary and popular. For most people, having an extra cell phone battery for replacement is essential because only one battery cannot support our mobile to work one day with many calls and uses. Other accessories including the mobile battery charger, LCD screen protector, power bank and battery cover are also playing an important role during they are working.

Gifts for all ages

There are collecting with many products which can be used for all ages like the fold-able table light, the laser pointers and the radio receivers. You may find out the best gift suitable for some people in your gift list.


This activity is holding from Dec 15-31, and during that time, all shoppers can enjoy 8% off when your order is more than £100 by using the coupon HAPPY 8 on checkout. What’s more, all orders less than 15kg will be sent out with free shipping worldwide.

What is NFC and how about the mbuynow NFC Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery?

NFC, which is also known as ” Near Field Communication”, it is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

NFC came out of RFID. RFID, or radio-frequency identification, is the technology used by shipping companies and in superstores to keep track of goods; it uses electromagnetic induction in order to transmit information. NFC is similar technology, but standardized for consumer smartphones. NFC standards are defined by a group called the NFC Forum, which includes Nokia, Sony and Philips. In essence, if your phone has the NFC as a feature it can be used to transfer data to other phones or to NFC readers.

How can we use the NFC?

NFC can also work as a short-range technology; we can transmit files and other contents among several devices when they are staying very close. This feature is useful in the occasions where we need collaboration such as share files or many players playing the games and so on.

Samsung has launched its Samsung Galaxy SIII with the function of NFC, that mobile has a function call Android Beam, while some other new NFC Android mobile phones will also come with this technology. It can finish the data transmission by NFC between several compatible equipments.

What about mbuynow Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NFC battery?

This battery has adopted the short-range wireless communication technology, identification and interconnection, in the short-range wireless communications between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC and intelligent control tools. Provides a simple, touch-based solution allows consumers to exchange information, simple and intuitive access to content and services. This NFC Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery is equipped with a NFC antenna, allowing your handset to communicate with other devices and accessories equipped with NFC technology. It is compatible with several Samsung mobiles in different models including: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005, SM-N9000, and SM-N9002.

Only selling for £10.21 on, this cell phone battery is the latest and most popular replacement for these Samsung mobiles. What’s more, buy it at the Christmas sale, you can win a super low price at that time and enjoy the free shipping.

5 products need to add into your shopping cart this holiday season

You are doing your holiday shopping from now on, and people prefer to buy products online rather than go to the crowd to find the goods what they like. As the holiday is right around the corner, it is time for you to stock up on holiday gifts for the special person in your life. You should check your gift lists carefully and your budget, to buy the good products with high quality and selling on deals that may save some money for us.

Gift for her

Whether you are choosing this gift for your mother or your sister, your girlfriend or your best friend, this large capacity 13200mAh power bank can be a good choice for you. Due to most of us are using the Smartphone during our daily life, and for these people who have busy calls or like to play the mobile, the power will easy to use up. So, at that time, taking a large capacity power bank

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can supply enough power for your mobile everywhere, it is really convenient to put it into our pocket and to avoid losing some important calls and messages. Come with six colors together, this power bank is suitable for sending as a gift to your relatives and friends.





Gift for him

If you are choosing a gift for your boyfriend, your father or someone else, you can take a look at the below products to choose the best item for the right person. For people who active of taking part in outside activities like bicycle racing, climbing, playing RC model airplane, you can choose the right item for them here:

A bike lamp may do a good job for the bicycle hobbyists; this 1400LM bike lamp can have a long distance and super brightness, gathered with the advantages of three modes to change current, you can adjust it according to your needs. The current ranging from 400 to 1400 LM, which can offer different brightness for the people to lead him a safety racing in the dark.





People who like climbing may need a durable and waterproof outdoor Smartphone, the normal Smartphone will always loss signal when stay at a high mountain, so prepare a good Smartphone for outdoor use is essential. This Runbo X3 is good equipment because it has strong features of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and it also has more functions like analog digital intercom and so on.





While for the RC modelers, a good small gas engine can always provide enough power for your model aircraft to fly in the air for a long time, and it can keep good balance with correct adjustments. This AGM 30cc gasoline engine is integrating the most advanced technologies and the low price and other advantages to provide the best performance for the users.





Gift for kids

In my opinion, most of the little boys and some girls are like to own a motorbike as a toy, especially for the boys. Because it is so cool for them to play such a wonderful RC motorbike with super energetic, the anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver make the bike stronger and durable.

Price 30-50% off on laser pointers this Christmas

Selling price up to 30-50% off on the green laser pointer, red laser pointer, multi-color lasers, mini laser pointers, laser pointer modules and laser pointer projectors this Christmas shopping holiday, pushed its products selling on deals. And every people who buy items from this store can enjoy the low price and free shipping. If you are not already a member of this website, just sign up now and start saving on these laser pointers.

Featured on providing the best quality electronic products including cell phone batteries, laser pointers, bicycle lights and RC hobbies, this store now offering 30-50% off on its laser pointers before Christmas Day, and shoppers can find the best items for them to send as a gift to their friends.

If you have some office people or teachers on your Christmas list, this is the time to find amazing gifts at unbeatable prices. Choose a few favorites for them, since these items are really practical and worthy of the money. If you do not like to go to the supermarket to purchase them, then online shop may be a good choice for you since you can receive these products with free shipping and reasonable prices.



More sales on laser pointers at include:

30% off 1mW green presentation laser pointer £9.99
28% off portable laser stage projector £44.99
44% off 5 in 1 green laser pointer 1mW pen with 5 star heads £9.99
46% off laser pointer green beam camouflage coating with star caps £9.99
46% off green laser sight telescopic rifle scope hunting rail mount adjustable £29.99
47% off 1mW 650nm/532nm green laser pen high-tech portable pointer £15.99
52% off 2 in 1 green laser pointer blue ball point pen £4.99
53% off flashlight style 3 in 1 blue red green laser pointer with compass £12.99
56% off 3 LED green laser pointer 1mW 532nm mini laser pen £4.99
63% off dual wavelengths laser torch green and red laser with adjustable head £19.99

One of the best deals at’s laser pointers is the mini laser pointer, which is selling at a low price and with small size and lightweight. Look for hot deals on the green laser pointers, red laser pointers and others; just check the laser pointers page on the website.

2013 Bicycle lights deals: Priced under £60 with free shipping

Searching for the 2013 best sales for a new bicycle lights on a tight budget? The below list has displayed several bicycle lights which are selling a price under $60 on, and these products are all with free shipping to everywhere around the world.

For these bicycle hobbyists, racing at night may be a very interesting thing for them. So having a bike lamp headlight and tail lamp are essential, because it can lead you home with a bright warm way, especially when you riding in a small lane or just crossing the road, this headlamp can make you being seen by others and protect you from been hurt. If you are not picky about brand, the below listed headlights are affordable and have many features:

300 LM CREE Mini flashlight bike light: £12.99

This light is small size, portable for you to carry it doing indoor or outdoor activities, only need two cells 18650 batteries to serve you. You can use it at home garden or country road, compact and with high power; this headlamp can work continuously for 3-4 hours and of great stability.





Super power bicycle headlight SSC P7 headlamp: £29.99

This lamp can be used not only as bicycle lamp but also as headlamp fastened with elastic band, the LED is qualified SSC P7 with super power, the long wave range can clearly show the road ahead and the focus light can make your way more brighter.





1400 LM bike lamp 3 LED 16W bicycle light: £49.99

This 1400LM lamp can have a long distance and super brightness; it is ideal equipment for fashionable cyclists. Three modes to change currents: the first

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mode for one head with 400LM brightness, second mode for two heads lighted and third mode for all the three heads with 1400LM super brightness.





Waterproof bike tail laser rear light: £7.99

This bicycle light is in stylish diamond shape, with smooth line and simple design. It had also equipped with 8 LED chips and 2 laser indicators. It has separated buttons to control laser and LED lights. There are four colors for you to choose. Its accessories include a multi-functional bike mount, a USB cable, and a charger. When soaked into water, it will keep working normally. The simple design is easy for cyclists to maintain and mending.





Want to see more different bicycle lights; you can go to visit the main page of light here since most of them are selling on deals. The goods are under free shipping and enjoy an extra 5% off for the second item.

Best deals on Christmas gifts: economical and practical

Still wondering about what to buy for your family or friends this Christmas? here has carried out several electronic items which offered the best choice for you: the power bank external battery chargers for mobile are the hottest gift this year and you can get amazing deals of purchasing them on this online store. Watch the lighting deals and choose the best items you like:

The hottest selling power bank external battery chargers so far are the mini portable power bank with USB cable and five connectors, and the multi-functional striking power bank accessories. These items are not so expensive, but they are really useful in our daily life, just a small size and weight, it is convenient for you to bring them everywhere and can supply power for your mobile. As we all know, the biggest problem for our Smartphone is that the power is easy to use up and you need to charge it every now and then. That is too boring for people who have busy calls or go travel, but with this device, you can charge your battery anywhere you are.

While for this power bank man-pack energy store, you can use USB and Micro USB connector to change the power bank from USB adaptor or PC’s USB port or Car charger. When all power indicators light, it means your power bank is fully charged and will stop charging automatically. This power bank charger can be compatible for the iphone, ipod and smartphones, with its big advantage of easy take, it is really a good gift for you to choose for yourself or send it as a gift to your friends. Come with two colors of black and white, and only selling for £12.90.





Choose a large capacity power bank can make sure that your mobile work for a long time, and this device equipped with five different connectors for iphone, Micro-USB, mini-USB, Nokia, PSP. This 13200 mAh capacity power bank has stocked enough power to provide power for your mobile, and you can choose the corresponding input and output ports for them. This series of power bank has six colors for you to do your own choice, and only for £13.99, it is really a good gift with the advantages of economical and practical.


Cell phone battery: Give your mobile a longer using time

There are hundreds of cell phone batteries out there, if there’s something you want to choose for your mobile, you should add it into your shopping cart and they will make your mobile using a longer time.

You may find several batteries suitable for your mobile model, while which one is the best for? Here you may take into some factors into consideration: the first is the battery’s capacity and voltage. Normally, large capacity can store more power and can supply enough power to support your mobile using longer. But not the largest capacity for your battery is, the longest time it can support. Using time always cannot leave the mobile itself settings and using ways. Second, the protections are also very important since there were several accidents happened on the batteries, especially for the battery over-heat. So buy a safety battery and charge it in the correct way is also essential. Third, price of the battery no doubt to be one of the elements which will affect the shoppers’ decisions.
 has published several cell phone batteries on this store, these batteries are come with high quality and the most advanced technologies, and also it has done a good job on the safety. These mobile batteries covered with different brands like iphone, Samsung, HTC, LG, BlackBerry and Sony, among them, iphone batteries and Samsung batteries are the most popular items.

Price of these cell phone batteries is sure to be selling reasonable, since there are several discounts for these products available in December. Most of the products selling at a price lower than that on eBay store or other stores, you can find that there are some batteries selling lowest at less than £5 like the iphone 4s battery only for £4.5, and Samsung SII i9100 for £3.8. Collected with the cell phone batteries for the latest models, mbuynow cell phone batteries are sold a good record in the past few months.

But now, in order to thanks for the support of shoppers, these cell phone batteries are all delivery for free shipping all over the world, and for these players who buy more than two items, except for the first items, other items are all available to enjoy the extra 5% off discounts. Sounds great? Just go there to place the best for your mobile and enjoy a happy Christmas!