Introducing the DLE-30 Gas Engine

DLE-30 is one of the most popular DLE gasoline engines. When we search on Google, there are many images, videos and discussions, retailers as well. However, as an exporter of DLE brand engine, mBuyNow is pleased to introduce something that you can hardly find anywhere else on the web.

DLE-30 is also known as DL-30. It boasts the light-weight and fantastic power output for its size – 3.7HP @ 8500rpm. Only 2.4lbs with the main engine, and 3lbs total installed weight with exhaust pipe and Ignition equipment. There are two static thrust, at the state of 8.5kg (18.739 lbs) pulling force, the altitude is 100 meters, and 7.5kg pulling force, its altitude is 1800 meters. For its price class, DLE-30 can’t beat.

DLE 30 DLE 30 engine DLE engine

Why so many RCers prefer to DLE gasoline engine? One reason is that most of DLE engines come with ignition and muffler. So there is no extra cost also the engine is more stable and reliable. Small idle speed can result in very low oil pressure when the engine is hot resulting in faster wear and possible seizure. The default idle speed of DLE-30 is 1600rpm/min, it is a very suited speed for maintain your engine and easily rise to ensure that the engine generates enough power to run smoothly and operate the accessories.

We have learned about many highlights of DLE-30, but you may confuse how to mix gas. Yes, this is difficult to handle for new DLE users. DLE engineers suggested that a 30:1 mix ratio is the best which is same as DL-50, DLE55, DLE110, DLE111 and DLE35RA. Normally gas is in gallons and 2 cycle oil is in ounces so we need to convert one to the other … just convert gallons to ounces.

Following is a calculate volumes. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Gas/mix 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 5.0 10.0
30:1 2.13 4.26 6.39 8.53 10.66 12.80 21.33 42.66
35:1 1.82 3.65 5.48 7.31 9.14 10.97 18.28 36.57
40:1 1.60 3.20 4.80 6.40 8.00 9.60 16.00 32.00
45:1 1.42 2.84 4.27 5.69 7.11 8.53 14.22 28.44
50:1 1.28 2.56 3.84 5.12 6.40 7.68 12.80 25.60
100:1 0.64 1.28 1.92 2.56 3.20 3.84 6.4 12.8

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