Have You Prepared Well before You Playing RC Model Airplane?

Every time I saw some RC hobbyists carried with their RC model airplane to go outside, there are some people may said it was just a toy of children, it is easy to play and control, but today, I want to say clearly about the tips you must keep in mind:

1. Read the instruction manual carefully; understand the characteristics of the structure and scope of use.

2. Engine prior to the initial operation, the fuel oil mix or add the fuel oil from the matched label and brand should refer to strictly stipulated, model aircraft oil should choose with normal manufacturer of barrels of oil. Oil filter should be clean before filling, to make the utensils keep clean, avoiding impurities on the piston and cylinder wear. Oil should be changed on a regular basis to ensure good lubrication and cooling.

3. In strict accordance with the calibration plate to form a complete set of power to prohibit overloading, super speed, empty load high speed or long-term operation under low load and low speed.

4. Regularly check all fasteners, to prevent loosening.

5. Clean air filter on a regular basis, if necessary, it should be replaced. Air Filter is the key components to prevent dust and affect the mixture concentration; you cannot take it off to run an air filter.

6. Forced air-cooled petrol engine or RC machine oil radiator, cooling channel, Fan, etc is an important part of a gasoline engine heat dissipation and normal operation; they should keep clean, cleared of debris.

7. Water-cooled engines need to check whether unobstructed water cooling system regularly, to ensure that the cooling effect.

Here we hope all of you will have a fun flight, but we should first make sure that our safety is standing in the most important place.

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