Buying the Correct RC Measurements on

When play with your RC model it is important to get accurate measurements before you start to enjoy your playing. Getting the correct numbers for the current (Amps), peak current, voltage (volts), power (watts), energy (watt-hours), charger, and more to use to safety your playing or do several calculations.

Today, we will recommend you the SKYRC digital pitch gauge that is designed for model helicopters and serves to measure the rotor blade pitch value. When we want to get the dimensions and detect the pitch angle, we had to take out a tape measure, find someone to hold the other end, write down the numbers and then work out the calculations for the area. The draw back to that method was that it takes time and can be quite a bit off in accuracy.

Now there is a far better way to get measurements within seconds and with accuracy within 1/16 if an inch. SkyRC digital pitch gauge has taken the hassle and guesswork out of measuring. Instead of rolling out a tape, you simply aim at the big display screen, or a target you set up and press a button to get the measurement. Because it can measure the rotor blade pitch value for RC model helicopters in as little as 4 seconds.

Aside from the assurance of a true measurement and the benefit of saved time, measuring with a digital pitch gauge eliminates a great deal of inconvenience. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to read the instruction and operated all by yourself without other’s help as it is very simple to use.

SkyRC Digital Pitch Gauge

You don’t have to write down the results because the device records it for you. You also don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off power as it will auto power-off after 20 minutes without any movement. You will be very pleased with its fast and accurate measurement.

Whether new construction or renovation, professionals depend on quick and accurate measurements, so choose a reliable digital pitch gauge will be benefit your RC hobby.

In additional, there are a number of different RC measurements to choose from. Which one you want to pick depends on your needs. If you have any question, feel free to contact

Tecsun PL-380 Review

Serial#: 369-2010-0202-752 03/2010
Price: £38.10 Plus FREE shipping on

Tecsun PL-380 radio

TECSUN PL-380 is one of the most popular TECSUN serial digital radios. It is designed the high-performance, low power, multi-functional, easy-to-wide-band digital tuning radio. Uses the Silicon Labs si4734 digital signal processing chip which is the industry’s first fully integrate. Digitalize the analog AM/FM broadcasting signal base on the modern software technology and radio principles. Read Tecsun S2000 Air Band Radio Receiver Review.

It provides an outstanding choice of filter selectivity of 6 KHz, 4 KHz, 3 KHz, 2 KHz, and 1 KHz, minimizing interference, and tunes the long wave, medium wave, shortwave and FM bands. This little receiver is truly a quantum leap in technology.

There are 550 memory presets total. Two sets of automatically stored memories mean you can have one set at home and one set to use each time you visit a new location.

FM 87 ~ 108MHz (Russia 64 ~ 108MHz, Japan 76 ~ 108MHz, USA 87.5 ~ 108MHz)
Mediumwave: 522 ~ 1620 kHz (USA 520 ~ 1710 kHz) with 9 kHz/ 10kHz tuning step selectable
Longwave: 153 KHz to 513 KHz
Shortwave: 2300 KHz to 21950 KHz

Features include 12/24 clock with alarm, control lock, signal strength and S/N display, sleep timer, lighted dial, 7 tuning modes, temperature reading, stereo FM reception through the earphones, 5 bandwidth settings and (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 kHz). If you are a fan of Tescun DSP radios, you can’t miss this Tecsun PL-380 radio.

It uses 3 AA batteries, and can recharge them through an external USB cable. The radio comes with zipper carrying case, ear buds, manual and a clip-on external antenna.

Unit size: 135 x 86 x 26 mm (W x H x D)

Pro: DSP chip really does clean up noisy signals on all receive bands. Include five bandwidth settings. Work near-miracles on marginal FM. It is a slim and compact pocket machine, suited to go out, travel use in the morning.

Con: Poor internal AM antenna. No antenna inputs (but clip-on & inductive coupling work OK). LW is nearly non-functional (who cares). No SSB, and 22 MHz tuner limit doesn’t reach up to CB and 10m ham frequencies (but at £38.10, that’s too much to ask).


PL-505 PL-380 PL-360
shortwave automatic search
SW search time 2:42 3:13 4:46
ETM units 35 units (without antenna) 33 units 28 units
Receiver performance
MW S/N is slightly better Weak signal units
FM better than PL-380 with Antenna good
SW S/N is slightly better with Antenna good
Sound thin thick thick

Visit Tecsun PL-380 for more detail.

Amazing Android 4.1 ThL W8 MTK6589 Quad Core Smart Phone

A flexible smart phone for your flexible life. Just released in the mBuyNow android smart phones category, check out this awesome phone now!

ThL W8 is new in the market, this ultra-sleek, incredibly slim (only 190*105*60mm) phone isn’t just a phone, you can use it to work with your favorite office programs, shot beautiful photos, listen to music, watch movies (5.5 inch screen is big enough), connect to other devices, and more.

mBuyNow ThL W8 android phone

The “ThL W8” model is the cream of the crop; it is a high-end Android phone combining a fast MTK6589 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU with 1GB of RAM for optimal performance and can easily run several apps at the same time. In the previous models, ThL use MTK6577 1.0GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core CPU, so the new MTK6589 quad core makes ThL W8 become a high-end phone.

The IPS 5.5 Inch screen of the W8 has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and performs great displaying high quality images. Features dual camera: 8MP rear camera + 3MP front camera with flashlight. Snap a picture with the 8MP camera, save it on a TF card of up to 32GB and enjoy the great picture quality on the ISP screen.

Running Android 4.1.2 operate system, the ThL W8 runs much faster than ever, but it also gives you a high level of customization options and a big app store with more than 600.000 Apps to choose from. Install any app, from YouTube over Facebook and Twitter, the ThL W8 will run it with ease.

If you want to get a new high-end android smart phone, go fast! ThL W8 is available on mBuyNow. Take advantage and order yours today. You may also find ThL series model at the same time. They all run Android OS and have the latest specs to keep anyone satisfied and entertained. Compare and get your high cost-effective smart phone now!

Our 10 Best Lights

When the sun goes down, there is nothing can prevent us explore in the dark if we have a light. For cyclist, a bicycle light can help you see and been seen and safety your ride. If you are walking alone in the wild, a super bright light will help you see your road and scare away small dangerous animals. A light can be used at home or outdoor, it is essential equipment in our daily life. They range from 10 pounds to 300 pounds; you may choose the practical and smart option!

We aim to keep on top of the exploding range of light devices, stocking the latest design models as well as the newest versions. Whether you’re looking for bicycle front light, laser lane light, rear light, diving light and flashlight or desk lamp, we’ve got it! Here is our Top 10 for 2013.

1) AGM Long Irradiation Flashlight
AGM 85W flashlight has no gaudy appearance, only simple design and reliable features, which accompany you though tough times. Long irradiation distance, makes you see far and clear during dark. It is suitable in many situations. You can use it at home garden or go night fishing with friends, even doing outdoor sports like hiking, exploring, searching. So that’s why it lands number one.

2) SSC P7 Bicycle Headlamp
This bicycle headlamp adopts SSC P7 LED which is qualified and has a long life for 100,000hours. It boasts energy-saving and eco-friendly. Comes with three modes, you can adjust the brightness base on your need. Its work time is 3-6hours, when there is lack of voltage; the indicator red light would flash. Waterproof degree is IP65 so you don’t need to worry about using it in rainy day. Sale under 42.90 pounds on

3) 3-LED 1400LM Bike Lamp
You may be attracted by its appearance when first saw it. This 3 heads lamp has a long distance (Irradiation distance is wider than 800M) and super brightness. If you are riding in a country road, this one will light your way in a broad distance and offer a proper brightness according to your like.

4) 300LM Cree Q5 Headlight
Its appearance seems very professional. It is zoomable and you can change focus according to your needs. Compact design and high power output, this headlamp can work continuously for 3-4h, it’s of great stability. You can use it use it at home garden or country road. Also, it is a very good tool for night fishing and exploring.

5) 35W HID Diving Scuba Light
This diving scuba light can work under 120m depth water, and help you to do works like taking photograph, film, lighting and so on. Its surface had been treating with waterproof material, and work continuously for 3hours. There is also a SOS mode for emergency assistant. In short, this one is a professional diving light. Under £165.90 on mBuyNow.

AGM Flashlight SSC P7 Bicycle Light 3-LED 1400LM Bike Light
AGM Flashlight SSC P7 Bicycle Light 3-LED 1400LM Bike Light
Cree Q5 Headlight Underwater Light Cree T6 Dive Light
Cree Q5 Headlight Underwater Light Cree T6 Dive Light
Folding Desk Lamp Laser Lane Light Bicycle Tail light
Folding Desk Lamp Laser Lane Light Bicycle Tail light

6) 1600 lumens Cree XML T6 Diving Light
This one is not as good as the 35W scuba light, but it is much cheaper and features most of characteristics of diving lights. Its diving depth is 50M. Use CREE XM-L T6 LED, this diving flashlight will give you super brightness in 1600 lumens and won’t let you down. The strict waterproof surface provides you a stable safety underwater. Additional, there are 5 modes switch which can help you from normal to emergency use. So it is a practical and affordable light.

7) Folding Desk Lamp with 31 LEDs
This one comes with 31LEDs, it is energy saving and environmental friendly. There are two modes: weak light and strong light, so you can choose one mode as you need. On the full charge state, this desk light can last up to 15 hours. Some children may be afraid of the dark when they sleep alone, and then this one will be a great gift for them.

8) 8-LED Laser Lane Light
It comes with 8 LEDs and the diamond design is very attractive. Use a laser to project a red illuminated bike lane on the street or road behind a bicycle. With it, you can see or be seen when you ride home on your bike after dark and through a section of the urban trail system with little or no lighting. Only 9.20 pounds, you can use it to decorate your bike and safety your ride

9) Laser Beam Bicycle Tail Light
This is a very small bicycle tail light, it comes with an ultra-thin adjustable buckle, which appropriate for many sizes of handlebars in different diameters (usually 20-36mm). Three modes with normal and flash effects cater to your needs. The main feature is the little guy can last up to 9 hours.

10) Dynamic 9W Stage Light E27 Blub
Don’t underestimate this little bulb. The crystal shape and colorful light will bring the excited feelings to crazy night. It can be controlled rotation speed, colors and strobe through control panel or voice control. Mainly used in PARTY, KTV boxes, the goods such as the effect of light in the window can also be placed on the hall or bedroom at home, shop decoration etc.

More information can be found online at

Introducing the DLE-30 Gas Engine

DLE-30 is one of the most popular DLE gasoline engines. When we search on Google, there are many images, videos and discussions, retailers as well. However, as an exporter of DLE brand engine, mBuyNow is pleased to introduce something that you can hardly find anywhere else on the web.

DLE-30 is also known as DL-30. It boasts the light-weight and fantastic power output for its size – 3.7HP @ 8500rpm. Only 2.4lbs with the main engine, and 3lbs total installed weight with exhaust pipe and Ignition equipment. There are two static thrust, at the state of 8.5kg (18.739 lbs) pulling force, the altitude is 100 meters, and 7.5kg pulling force, its altitude is 1800 meters. For its price class, DLE-30 can’t beat.

DLE 30 DLE 30 engine DLE engine

Why so many RCers prefer to DLE gasoline engine? One reason is that most of DLE engines come with ignition and muffler. So there is no extra cost also the engine is more stable and reliable. Small idle speed can result in very low oil pressure when the engine is hot resulting in faster wear and possible seizure. The default idle speed of DLE-30 is 1600rpm/min, it is a very suited speed for maintain your engine and easily rise to ensure that the engine generates enough power to run smoothly and operate the accessories.

We have learned about many highlights of DLE-30, but you may confuse how to mix gas. Yes, this is difficult to handle for new DLE users. DLE engineers suggested that a 30:1 mix ratio is the best which is same as DL-50, DLE55, DLE110, DLE111 and DLE35RA. Normally gas is in gallons and 2 cycle oil is in ounces so we need to convert one to the other … just convert gallons to ounces.

Following is a calculate volumes. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Gas/mix 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 5.0 10.0
30:1 2.13 4.26 6.39 8.53 10.66 12.80 21.33 42.66
35:1 1.82 3.65 5.48 7.31 9.14 10.97 18.28 36.57
40:1 1.60 3.20 4.80 6.40 8.00 9.60 16.00 32.00
45:1 1.42 2.84 4.27 5.69 7.11 8.53 14.22 28.44
50:1 1.28 2.56 3.84 5.12 6.40 7.68 12.80 25.60
100:1 0.64 1.28 1.92 2.56 3.20 3.84 6.4 12.8