Model Airplane Will Give Your Kids a Good Summer

In addition to homework, go outside and play games at home. Summer has offered a lot of choice for students to spend their holidays. Some of them may choose to go out to look for a part-time job to make money. That’s a good thing for them, because they are beginning to access the society and learn about how to communicate with others. And some kids may just stay at home, they are playing the online games, watch TV, or doing other things in the house, for these students, they may have not enough thing to do, so they may playing the online games for a whole day, that’s really a boring thing.

So how can you make your kids enjoy a good summer holiday with fewer cost? Meanwhile, they can also learn something useful for them (How to Get Start in Radio Control Model Airplane?). One good suggestion is that to buy a model airplane for your kids to play with. Whether they are skilled in practice or not, playing a model RC airplane will bring a lots fun for your kids and they are always like to play a model airplane. They can buy the components and then rebuild the airplane for a finished one, or build the airplane from designing, making, printing and so on by them. That’s a good thing for them because they can learn something from the practice, since they do not know exactly the principle of the battery in a model airplane; they will do their best to find the answers and to solve the problems. Also, they can do the things from theory to practice.

Here are some advantages for the students to play model RC airplanes:

First, it is a good start for them to access to the airplane science. Due to the model airplane is just like the real plane, and it has the constructions with the real one. So students will see clearly about the construction of the airplane and will know the working principle of how do an airplane works.

Second, they can make and play the model RC airplane with several friends, and they can discuss together about any problems happened during making and flying. That’s good for the kids to change their thought with others. The good communicates among them can give your kids have a good skill when talking and changing their minds with any other people.

Third, as it is an affordable activity, every family has the ability to offer your kids. Then why not bought one for your kids to build the interest of the airplane science of them?

The Best RC Engines under £200

If you are looking for a new RC engine and want to have it at a low price, you’re in luck. More affordable RC engines that cost less than £200 are probably the best they’ve ever been in terms of quality. Fuel efficiency and wonderful design and more showed at

But this leads to some problems for the RCers, which RC engine should

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they buy and which one is the best? After all, they are all of high quality; you can choose the one matches your airplane. published a list of what items are under the price of £200. They are all good items that are stylish, reliable and great value.

1. DLE20 Gasoline Engine: £157.50

Although it was the model published for more than one year, DLE20 is a gasoline engine of 20cc engine and features a muffler and electronic for starting ease and top performance. Translating to a maximum of 13.2 pounds of static thrust, this engine is said to be a chargeable item for RCers to buy in.

DLE20 Gasoline Engine

2. DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine: £149.50

DLE30 Gas engine has the advantage different from other engines, such as the light weight and great power output for its size -3.7 HP@8500rpm. And this item is ideal for you to choose for your RC airplane at such a low price at present.

DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine

3. GP26R 26cc Engine Piston Two Stroke Petrol/Gasoline Engine: £115.00

This engine perhaps is the cheapest engines we’ve seen up to now. It is totally a new product appeared in the market for not a long time. Fuel efficient, affordable and reliable, it is welcomed by most of new beginners to choose. Because it can show you a smooth speed, and also has enough power supporting your airplane and aircraft.
GP26R 26cc Engine Piston Two Stroke Petrol/Gasoline Engine

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Oh, thank This month is a month full of coupons and promotions which are free sent to you.

This July is the promotion season for because this store has listed a large number of new items into the shelves. has restructured its inner departments and hired some new employees skilled in the business of managing the electrical products and marketing. has changed the customer service team to work by turns, so that to ensure offering the quick response to any questions for our customers. Still, the delivery time should be no delay after 24 hours later. They have also made three warehouses in Hong Kong, UK and Germany to send the items as soon as possible once the order made success.

And they have offered many discounts and coupons to catch the eyes of RCers and bicycle enthusiasts. Up to now, there are almost 30,000 customers who have got discounts and coupons from yet. During this month, everyone can get a free coupon from this store once you register an account from there. And mbuynow points are sending if you added our site to your favorites for Facebook, twitter and so on. They are also offer shipping for free once you ordered and select to deliver your items from Hong Kong. So for all the RC hobbies, just go there early, and consider buying the RC engine, bicycle lights and laser pointers at a low price to make sure that can save you some money.

And incidentally, free coupons are not the only discounts in this month. has held all kinds of activities at any time, and their workers are sending promotion emails to your mail box, please make sure that you have added this site into your inbox. Once they have some new items arrived at this store, the customer service will also give you a message or email at the first time.

Overall, this is a good month for all RC hobbies to buy the cheapest items from Click here to grasp this opportunity right now!

5 RC Engines Designed for RC Hobbies from

Feeling too lazy for playing an airplane model? Try to use the gas engines here now.

We are huge fans of the plane technology that makes our lives more variety and learns more knowledge about the aviation and aerospace fields. Hello, RC airplane engines

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and RC Marine engines. Although, once in a while, we’ll find someone who playing the airplane outside seemed to be like a foolish, or thinks it is a boring thing to spend so much on purchasing these equipment. While it is popular for these RCers who like to spend their time and money on playing airplane and marine model.

Scroll through our list and to see what you may interest in.

1. DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engine

Yep, you can see this DLE30 gas engine with lightweight and fantastic power output, and it is a professional model airplane of a CDI ignition system. Which has a special design for timing automatically adjusts for peak power throughout the rpm range.

DLE30 gas engine

2. GF26i 26cc Gasoline Engine 2 Stroke RC Airplane Engine

This is, well, exactly what it sounds like. 2.4ps/9000rmp large horsepower and excellent stabilization make this item suitable for the RCers to have a good flying. And the special material, low-maintenance and unique design is all the advantages of this RC engine.

3. RCGF 15cc Gas Engine

Why most players want to find an engine with the strongest and most powerful for supporting their giant scale aircraft pilot? Because a high efficiency motor can makes it easy to fly. RCGF 15cc Gas Engine combines both the strongest and powerful airplane.

RCGF 15cc Gas Engine

4. GW26i Gasoline Boat/Marine Engine

This gasoline engine will give you another feeling during driving your model marine and boat. There is no need to look for a long time to find a 26cc engine suitable for your RC boat and marine. GW26i engine is what you want.

5. Diesel Boat Engine

There’s nothing better than having a diesel boat engine for your model, combined with easy starting, light weight, low noise, low fuel consumption, low emission characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running, it is no doubt that 21R engine is

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the best choice for RCers.

Today is the Day to Buy the Cheapest DLE 170 Engine at

If you’ve been holding off on buying that pricey DLE170 engine for your airplane model, today is your lucky day.

As is holding a promotion on the new products released this month, many of airplane engines are limited for sale with a low price. As what they have pointed out, most of their products are highly discounted this week to thanks for the supports from customers. This promotion is price off in RC engine and bicycle light.

In the normally case, DLE 170 engines are sold for £560.00 in, but now it has a price down off to 18% which had never sold a such low price before. As we know, the DLE-170 gas engine has three crank bearings and two horizontally opposed twin cylinders for low vibration, which called the best power equipment for the airplane model.

With the specification as below:

Displacement: 170 cc
Output: 17.5 hp 9,000 rpm
Idle Speed: 110rpm/min
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Gas/Oil Mix: 30:1
RPM Range: 1,100-9,000
Static Thrust: 35KG/100 meters Altitude
Static Thrust: 31KG/180 meters altitude
Suggested Propellers: 30 x 12 & 32 x 10
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 (DLEG5510) or equivalent
Ignition Battery: 4.8-6.0V NiCd or NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 7.4V LiPo pack (LiPo use requires voltage regulators)
Requires: unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propeller
Bore: 52 mm
Stroke: 1.57 40 mm
Main engine weight: 3.55kg
Exhaust pipe weight: 0.2kgx2
Ignition weight: 0.16kg

Since this item is offered with such low a price, DEL-170 engines have sold out for about 5000 so far. With a perfect customer service and quality insurance, is given a great reputation for a reliable supplier.

Except for this item, other Gas engines and items here are also

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price down this week. You can see all the discount items that are currently with the lowest price offered at had tried to expand their products enter into the Asian market, and it is still in the process. Though there is still a small crowd who plays the airplane model, believes that airplane model will bring them a new view to the airplane field.

10W LED Flood Light Energy Saving Light

The 10W LED flood light is mBuyNow’s latest lighting system with 900 lumens output. We were impressed how much the energy saving light when lit by the bright light and collapsible design.

10W LED Rechargeable Flood Light

The 10W LED flood light is design to citizen park, square, rooftop or other lighting places since they bathe a large area in light. In this case, the light is white, and we preferred this one because we thought it most sharply illuminated the subject.

It’s not a bad looking light and the overall build is good and durable. All external fasteners are made of stainless steel and the main body is made of metal material. The units that are built properly handle any weather condition. However, please do not put it in water.

The emitter is held in place by pressure from the reflector. It also has adequate thermal compound and should be conducting heat away nicely. Since this driver is designed for 85-265V AC input power, you should check if this mod is necessary by measuring emitter current before attempting any mods.

Energy-efficient lighting has come a long way, with better quality at lower prices. 900LM waterproof LED flood light now sells for as low as £55.59. See another Flood Light with IR Remote Control.

* Type: flood
* Watts: 10W
* Lumens (amount of light produced): 900LM
* Beam angle: 120 Degree
* Color temperature: 3,000 K (bright white)
* Ingress Protection: IP65 (but could not be put in water)
* Lifespan: 30,000 hours
* Warranty: 6 months
* Cost: £55.59
* Optional color: yellow, red

LED flood light mbuynow

Frequently questions
1. How bright are they really?
The LED floodlight is rated at 900 lumens and I think it would be enough to replace a 1200 lumen incandescent. What’s more, it will provide excellent coverage of the area you want to light with.

2. What is the color of light like?
The light color is white, and it is pleasing to eyes.

3. Are they worth the money?
Yes, certainly. They are well worth the sale price. The high lumen output line of LED lamps feature LEDs and metal body for greater heat dissipation. And it comes with energy saving design; very low power consumption and has a long serving time.

LED lights have a variety of advantages over other light sources, such as high-levels of brightness and intensity, low-voltage & current requirements, and No UV Rays.

4. Where can it use for?
10W LED flood light is great for outdoor uses; used in citizen park, square, rooftop, shopping mall, guesthouse, hotel, museums, art galleries, meeting room, exhibition, etc.

For more LED lighting system, feel free to visit our lighting category at

High Capacity Power Bank Release for £35.50

New mBuyNow brand universal power bank releases today, the retail price is £35.50, equivalent to $56.88 USD. It is available in six colors: red, pink, coffee, blue, white and black. With so many colors to choose from and its multi-function, we believe that the 13200mAh power bank will be favoring all users.

portable power bank 13200mAh

High capacity power bank is a rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery designed to be portable and convenient, and can be used with most popular devices. Comes with 5 connectors, it can charge your iPhone, smartphone, Nokia, PSP, Micro-USB and mini-USB devices, all in one hand. Feature 3.7V 13200mAh 48.84Wh high capacity which makes the multi-function power bank become your good companion in business trip.

Made of ABS material and uses linear controller chips, this external battery power bank has an exquisite design. It is light-weight and small, therefore, you can put it in your pocket, your bag and carry it with you anytime. And don’t worry about your phone or mini-USB devices run out battery suddenly on the go.

Usually, the first charge takes 24 hours, after that you can fully charge the power bank within just 20 hours. Charging your devices with this POWER BANK is easy. Simply connect your device with the supplied tips to the input port of the POWER BANK. Press the power switch once then you can see the blue power indicator light flashing alternately, means your power bank is working.

As with most electronic products, this high capacity power bank built-in intellectual protection chip, once your electric device is full of electricity, it will stop working intelligently. What is worth mentioning is this cool gadget is electricity-saving which will save you money and decrease pollution.

high capacity power bank 13200mAh

Whether you are looking for the best backup external battery power bank, long trips power for smart phone device, PSP or other mini USB device, this universal 13200mAh high capacity power bank will be your best choice.

Check this out if you want to reduce troubles and enjoy additional happiness, it is for sale at the lowest price plus free shipping:

Mini Party Handheld Laser Light is Available for Order

mBuyNow, the leading of radio control hobbies and electronics supplier has release a 3 in 1 mini party handheld laser light at its website.

Handheld Laser Light

The mini handheld light is disco laser playing fun you can take anywhere any time. Comes with ultra portable design and durable body, every step of development has been refined and reworked to the finest detail. Even the manufacturing process has been orchestrated to yield the beautiful quality that this product deserves.

Build with Disco laser II model, this mini handheld laser light has been certified or complies with RoHS/CE/CDRH/FDA.

This portable disco laser is very powerful laser pointer and can create the most different dynamic circles/curves which are different function from other pointers and projectors. Additional, it has long distance operation range for drawing attention and amusement which make it become a super cool romance environment creator for party/bar/disco etc.

Power by 2 x AAA batteries, it produces really impressive patterns, and the best part, you just need to rotate button to change them: changeable laser beams and patterns. They do really produce interesting effects.

Disco Laser Light

All laser beams should be treated as potentially dangerous. For this reason, do not look into the laser beam directly nor see it for long time with bare eyes. And furthermore, please storage the laser in dry environment and keep it away from children.

RC Battery Comparisons and Characteristics

As we all know any new battery breakthrough will most likely makes its way down to the RC and give us improved hobby time. Most popular RC batteries such as lithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel metal hydride batteries offer far better performance than their predecessors. Which one will be better? Let’s have a glance at their pros, cons and characteristics. And read more about How to Choose RC Battery Charger?

RC NiCad battery
NiCad is short for Nickel Cadmium. It uses nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium as electrodes. A Ni-Cd battery has a terminal voltage during discharge of around 1.2 volts which decreases little until nearly the end of discharge.

It is cheap and isn’t too sensitive to overcharging. Compared with other types of rechargeable cells they offer good cycle life and capacity, good performance at low temperatures, and work well at high discharge rates.

To lithium ion batteries, NiCad batteries are more difficult to damage; it can tolerate deep discharge for long periods. Additional, it is the best for fast charging.

Comes with a heavy body which prevent you carry it with you anywhere. Low capacity, have a higher self-discharge rates than some other types batteries and memory problems are its biggest flaw. NiCad batteries suffer from a “memory effect” if they are discharged and recharged to the same state of charge hundreds of times. Further, the environmental impact of the disposal of the heavy metal cadmium has contributed considerably to the reduction in their use.

RC NiMh battery
NiMh or nickel–metal hydride, it is very different from NiCad. For example, NiMH batteries cannot handle the high rate of charges or discharges (typically over 1.5-2 amps), however, NiCAD batteries can. And the most common sizes are AAA and AA.

Compared to Ni–Cd batteries, NiMH batteries have a higher capacity and are less toxic, and are now more cost effective. If handled correctly, NIMH batteries will have a much longer run times than the same sized and weighted NiCAD batteries. So it is always be used for applications that call for long duration but not a high amp load. For large servos that pull a lot of amps or more than 8 standard servos aircraft, it is suggest using the NiCAD batteries. The other feature for NIMh is it has no memory effect and compared to other types battery, Ni–Cd sale at mid priced.

NiMH batteries can’t perform well in high rate discharge applications, and it can only provide a small fraction of the rated capacity in these instances.

RC Li-Po batteries
Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) is the most popular battery in the world of radio-controlled aircraft, radio-controlled cars and large scale model trains.

The advantages of Li-Po are lower weight; increased capacity and power delivery justify the price. Moreover, it does best with a balancing charger.

Compare to other types batteries, it sales at the highest priced. Needs special care to avoid flat Performance must NOT be overcharged, and it is 3.7 volts per cell.

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